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  1. How many of you right before falling asleep you'll move in a motion that'll be related to a dream.? For me I box, and I think about my jab. Then I'm in a dream like state and ill throw I jab, like a small move of my hand.
  2. i haven't changed my diet, just doing exercise. my symptoms have been the same since june 2nd. maybe a little worse idk.
  3. not near, i think maddoc is though. i'm in maryland, silverspring.
  4. I know, it's not probable. But it's possible. @TheMythos
  5. I've noticed an uptick in my symptoms from summer to school, it's really apparent. More symptoms I've noticed. Starburst are bad, lines on light come down to me. On text I have like double vision above the text. High contrast of text leaves lines in my vision. In white paper I see white dots moving all over the paper. It's enough that I'll notice it but it doesn't interfere in my life. With dp I have a brain fog, hard to articulate my self more. School is super stressful with 2 ap classes and constant work. It's fun and sucks simultaneously.
  6. Same, I'm school time feels like it goes 2 times as slow
  7. @K.B.Fante I decided to have a beer at a small get together. I'm trying to sleep right now and I'm having the thing where I imagine words, noises, laughing etc. It's annoying. It went away for a good bit, and I brought it back because of the people I was around. Sucks I can't sit and not be asked if I want some weed or a drink. I'm super tired so I'll force my mind to blank.
  8. Jesus wtf, almost sounds like an experiment on who can ruin themselves faster lol. I mean my dude, wHY? Drugs are fun but meth? Eh whatever I won't judge, but that's wild dude. If you've had hppd before why continue drug use? Is there a reason to sully your mind more?
  9. Yeah I used to meditate before bed, not so much anymore. If I'm feeling off I will though. I consume a little caffeine, I try to eat around a 1300-1500 calorie diet so I avoid soda and what not. But I'll indulge myself sometimes and have a coke. I don't notice any notable uptick in symptoms. I stopped drinking coffee, love coffee but I can't. If anything it might just be me waking up just cause. I wake up a lot once or twice between 1-3 am. I'll see what might it might be. Also on weird thing that happened to me was I ate like a plate of mashed potatoes, after eating it my body felt heavy. I felt like I was drunk and high. It was such a weird experience. @K.B.Fante
  10. Shit did you smoked some laced weed? Did your friend smoke the same shit as you? @Cjb007
  11. @K.B.Fante at night in the dark I full on trip, swirls in my vision, static and other things. It keeps me up, I keep my tv on when I sleep. It turns off by itself in 2 hours so when I wake up it's pitch black. I repeat the cycle of getting up turning my tv on, laying down and falling asleep. The visuals keep me up, they're really distracting in the dark. I think that's why but I'm not 100%. Last night I came home super tired and fell asleep, didn't wake up once. So idk.
  12. People who've suffered child abuse or seen war get dpdr and have it for the rest of their lives. It's a form of ptsd I feel as if. They're connected but have different circumstances. I felt dpish like a week or two after smoking some bud. But afterwards I feel like me.
  13. I have trouble staying asleep if I'm not exhausted, if I am I sleep a long time. But if I'm just tired I'll sleep a few hours then can't fall back to sleep. Shit sucks >,<. Example: right now, awake at 2am on a school night.
  14. Many people find therapy doesn't help until they find the right person. Boogie2988 has had dp the majority of his life after a near death experience from child abuse. He has a good therapist after going through many therapists. It's patience, or so I'm told.
  15. For me after I smoked some bud I had wild visuals, literally stronger than lsd I've ever taken. Felt like I was straight on a fuck ton of lsd. My visuals were circles all in my vision covering everything. Essentially pokka dots. After that day I had bad anxiety and more vss for like a week. Afterwards I went to baseline and the anxiety went away. Now I feel better but my symptoms are the same.