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  1. memeing? or deadass
  2. tell your doc your symptoms, test other medications, my dude. a lot of people who try SSRI's tend to have an uptick in symptoms. let your doc know what you're experiencing and get a medication that makes your symptoms not so distressful. It's a process and you'll make it.
  3. stay sober man, I know exactly how you're feeling. Been sober for 9 coming onto 10 months now. It'll feel like forever because it has for me. Just stay focused and you'll feel better, i can promise you that much.
  4. I still have every single symptom you have, they're just to a lesser extent now, except for starbursts, they're still bad. I've been in school, ap classes have been keeping me busy, so I don't have time to be doing drugs or fucking around. I just found a self-intrinsic motivation to want to get better as a person and psychologically better. I used to do DXM, LSD, Smoke weed all the time, And Xans. So when I went off them, it was hard to not want to smoke or want to do shit. The thing that really made me want to stop was a trip I had when I tried dabs for the first time, I started tripping super hard, strong ass visuals and was auditorily hallucinating. I was also having like a panic attack and I never wanted to feel that again, so I stopped. Invest time, keep busy. I'm kinda regurgitating everything that has been said to me on this forum, but it helps. Keep Busy is the best way to stay sober Much Love, Andrew G
  5. I haven't been taking any, just staying sober and sleeping well.
  6. Hey everyone, my first post around 9 months ago had me completely in shambles, wondering how I'm gonna be and what's gonna happen.Looking at how I'm feeling and what I see, I feel fine. I do get some bad DP, other than that, I feel fine and my visuals are getting better. My CEV's are almost completely gone. Thanks for reading and let me know how you guys are doing! Love you guys, helped me a lot when I needed it Originally
  7. Have you made something of yourself or did you succumb to this God awful disorder?
  8. Same friend, I have trouble retaining information while I'm reading, I can read it, if I'm not paying attention I won't know what I read. I have to really close read to get a full understanding of what I read.
  9. Hey all, 6 months ago I came to the forum in need of guidance and reassurance that my life wasn't over, it happened in the summer. Now I'm recovering very well, I see floaters, imprints, small dp, halos, cevs are gone and night visuals are gone by like 50%. Everything I was dealing with 6 months ago are slowly going away. Only thing that was never really relevant in my life before hppd was anxiety. I get anxiety over small things, trivial things. Life has been okay, just a big routine of wake up, school, home and games, go to sleep and repeat. Went on a date with a girl and Friday and it was super refreshing, was genuinely happy the entire time on the date, the feeling I was yearning for. Thank you all for reading. Much love, Originally
  10. i don't want to give you medical advice because i'm just a 16 year old who knows nothing about anything, so consult with a doctor?
  11. try an indica strain with low thc content to start, you don't want to be put into a full blown trip while smoking, you just want to not have spasms right?
  12. in general people mainly see visuals when they smoke with hppd, i myself felt like the visuals i had was stronger than any dose of acid i have taken, i was smoking O.G kush so. did the cbd strain did anything for you or na?
  13. @Jay1 i feel like it's more than scanning your visual field, i feel like a pathway in the brain was opened, the brain is no longer filtering out the floaters. because before hppd i didn't get any floaters, zip, nada. after i wouldn't be scanning my field at all and they're just there. i'm past the point of freaking out about hppd, i don't scan my field anymore, everything is just there always.
  14. jeez, i don't know cole. have you tried a purely cbd strain?
  15. My dude, you're gonna be fine. Give yourself some time and try not to think about it. For me I thought the same way, how am I gonna perform in school, an I gonna be able to live a happy life, I contemplated it all. I've been getting better and so can you, give yourself some time man