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  1. Hey all, 6 months ago I came to the forum in need of guidance and reassurance that my life wasn't over, it happened in the summer. Now I'm recovering very well, I see floaters, imprints, small dp, halos, cevs are gone and night visuals are gone by like 50%. Everything I was dealing with 6 months ago are slowly going away. Only thing that was never really relevant in my life before hppd was anxiety. I get anxiety over small things, trivial things. Life has been okay, just a big routine of wake up, school, home and games, go to sleep and repeat. Went on a date with a girl and Friday and it was super refreshing, was genuinely happy the entire time on the date, the feeling I was yearning for. Thank you all for reading. Much love, Originally
  2. i don't want to give you medical advice because i'm just a 16 year old who knows nothing about anything, so consult with a doctor?
  3. try an indica strain with low thc content to start, you don't want to be put into a full blown trip while smoking, you just want to not have spasms right?
  4. in general people mainly see visuals when they smoke with hppd, i myself felt like the visuals i had was stronger than any dose of acid i have taken, i was smoking O.G kush so. did the cbd strain did anything for you or na?
  5. @Jay1 i feel like it's more than scanning your visual field, i feel like a pathway in the brain was opened, the brain is no longer filtering out the floaters. because before hppd i didn't get any floaters, zip, nada. after i wouldn't be scanning my field at all and they're just there. i'm past the point of freaking out about hppd, i don't scan my field anymore, everything is just there always.
  6. jeez, i don't know cole. have you tried a purely cbd strain?
  7. My dude, you're gonna be fine. Give yourself some time and try not to think about it. For me I thought the same way, how am I gonna perform in school, an I gonna be able to live a happy life, I contemplated it all. I've been getting better and so can you, give yourself some time man
  8. hey, i'm in possession of hydromorphone and oxycodone, i was wondering what would be the after effect, friend is over this weekend, he downed 2 perqs and i haven't at all yet, wanted advice before i decide to
  9. Must be nice to have someone knowledgeable on hppd, it's rare. I hope you recover full and well my dude.
  10. i have a lot of the same symptoms you do, it sucks. i get the blue dots that vanish, i get the static that forms into shapes at night, i get the words in my head when i try to sleep, i get bad starbursts, i get the numb feeling in my hands all the time. light sensitivity and after images. i have everything, just not too bad, so it's manageable. i've been managing in my junior year pretty fine so far, i don't notice it too much in school, at night and at home is when i notice it the most
  11. You're gonna end up fucked dude, god speed to you
  12. Hey I've been reading a bit on Reddit about people taking lions mane, fasting and exercising. And it gets rid of your hppd, sounds like an interesting thing to try. I shouldn't say get rid of but helping and some making it go away. Need advice/ guidance
  13. First stop all psychedelic use, next see your results. Go from there
  14. Am I the only one that has really bad static when they wake up? I'll wake up from sleeping, walk out my room to a lit kitchen and everything be grey white and black for a like 30 seconds. It's really bad, in a dark room it's just all static.
  15. VSS

    For me when I wake up my static is awful, it's almost like actual static on a tv. Only when I wake up though, in the day my symptoms aren't bad. Just static, imprints and a bit of dp. Nothing too bad, been sober for 3 months and 3 weeks now. It feels good but its overwhelming to never have a moment of no mental chatter. Just wanted to ask how bad people's vss is