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  1. Just came to say that that is my theory, which seems to be helping people all around. Anyway, 1 week has passed, she is still doing great! My last post will be me doing shrooms, this summer or next summer. Good luck!
  2. It's the chicken or the egg. Brain chemistry influencing mental conditions and vice versa. Same shit, basically.
  3. Were Your visuals gone during the glow?
  4. Doesnt matter if you believe in enough ego dissolution or ego death. It is still experienced through resistance by thought loops i.e. not letting go of specific fears ( of insanity, losing one's self, identity, touch with reality, fear of death, basically the big fears ) is the only correlation I've found with HPPD. Not particularly bad = so there was some resistance in your psyche. Imo You're in denial. Id love to see that girl's trip report, I guess she freaked out again and kroz clinging to smth. These drug experiences reset Your brain ( hard or soft reset ), no shit You get HPPD when You start resisting and messing with process in the middle of the activity. That's why You don't come down fully.
  5. It was induced by the same trip on LSD that induced mine, however I had a 2 hour long panic attack, whereas she played with the concept of ego death, but the same as me, didn't go through with it. Hers was less severe because she didn't freak out and just went with it, but as I stated, didn't finalize it. Again "my" theory is confirmed that this is about psychological trauma. 300+ ug LSD caused, 90+ ug resolved it. Her trip was going great until she started looping like crazy. I realized what was going on and that the only way out is 'letting go'. I pumped her full of xanax and told her to lie down and not fight it. Of course she/her ego fought it with numerous questions about reality, identity, the whole shebang of fears that comes with ego death. I drilled her into accepting and letting go. She meditated for 30+ mins and then finally went to sleep. 2 days going strong now: no visuals at all, no dissociation, etc... Of course she's changed, but in a good way. She later told me that the old trip that caused all this came back during this trip. It makes me sad to listen to all Your theories how You've damaged your brains, etc... When the fact is that if you were a normal person before, your brain should reach homeostasis after quitting drugs in 6-12 months tops. Whatever happened to You guys during Your trip, I think you're lying to yourself about the psychological impact it has had, basically sticking to Your old ego which is stuck in the ego-dissolving or ego-death experience trip that messed You up. To sum this up, I basically agree with the theory from that guy on YT. I'll be going the same way, but with mushrooms when I gather the balls and advance in my meditational practice. Hopefully that report will be my last visit to this website.
  6. I had similar theories in mind, although less developed. Can You contact me through PMs because I have a few questions?
  7. pdo

    The end of the road

    Oh, I thought You were honestly ending it, so why not throw a hail Mary and if it doesn't work, You leave guns blazing. I wish You the best either way. <3 Edit: to clarify my beliefs about HPPD, I think it is 95% psychological ( as someone already claimed it here ) especially if it was induced by a bad or weird trip. The visuals aren't a problem, I had them before and I didn't care. The problems need to be sorted out on a subconscious level. I mean isn't it weird that the psychological problems resemble PTSD?
  8. pdo

    The end of the road

    This is my last resort:
  9. pdo


    Same benefits for me wtf? Visuals more or less the same, however 90% reduction in dissociation. O.o
  10. pdo

    Weird experience

    Yep. I've had that all these 9 months. Totally normal. Was scared at first ( schizo whatever ), also. Check out Jung - Active Imagination, it reminds me of it.
  11. I'm doing a bit of research and would like to know. Also, if you'd be willing to share Your story.
  12. ooh, thank god it isn't OCD... what troubles me the most, since it was a horrible last trip and this whole shit started 1 month after it, is it like PTSD which I have to resolve, or is it because of the HPPD that I have dissociation and these thoughts sometimes... :/ What do you think?
  13. My visuals are barely noticable, except when I'm excercising, then I get a lot of electricity in my peripheral. But the non-stop philosophical rumination is killing me. Is that a part of HPPD?
  14. Wow... You've been on the HPPD train since You were 16? How long has it been?
  15. Throughout these 8-9 months I've been through all schools of thought, from the Greeks to postmodernism and back 100 times. Soooo much philosophical rumination about the nature of reality, existence... Religion... Anyone else?

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