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  1. Thank you Maddoc. This has helped. As you probably know it's the tough times when the visuals seem like that's all you know when I really struggle but fortunanlty today I was level enough to take in what you had to say. Thank you and all the best.
  2. Hey guys. I've had HPPD for 3 years now and I've only seen things get worse and am running out of options. I'll go through a list of things I've given up aswell as a list of good habits I've taken up. By doing this I thought maybe I could get some help from one of you lot as I said this is a selfish cry for help. 16 months ago I gave up drink and drugs and have been 100% T total since. I've also cut back heavily on smoking cigarettes. Since then I've taken up daily meditation and religiously practiced mindfulness and many other spiritual practices. I go to intense hypnotherapy once a weak. I've tried SSRI's and benzodiazepines. Both of which made me worse. I eat incredibly healthily and exercise regularly. I make sure I do not focus on it and I practice acceptance of the horrible thing daily. HOWEVER, I am still getting worse and my visuals are roughly 20 X worse then when they started 3 years ago. If anyone could let me know of anything else I should know or if anything I might be doing wrong then please let me know. I'd be infinitely grateful. ~~~ I have learned some valuable skills through intensive therapy and meditation so I may be able to return the favour if I hear from you. Sadly 3 years of hardcore commitment is unfortunately not enough in my case and I'm at about breaking point. Much Love out to all you HPPDers Thank you, Charlie