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  1. Thinker

    My first acid trip

    Yes, they can be relaxing, even fun! But after having them for a long time it could get frustrating, hey I loved them tracers back when I was all up in that psychedelic scene. Just be careful, use your head with this stuff because these things can cause damage, but anyways good luck bro!
  2. Thinker

    My first acid trip

    Sometimes after doing acid and the same with many psychedelics, these sort of visual disturbances can happen for some time after usage, but it sounds like HPPD. I also have these disturbances in my vision after doing a lot of acid, something I now wish I would never had done. Going 1 year since I last used acid, the only thing you can really do is to be patient. Good luck!
  3. Thinker

    Got some questions

    Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I'm a student and I also work alot alongside school. I have experimented with a lot of drugs in the past and have developed considerably difficult anxiety and what I think could be HPPD. This has an effect on my life, work and school. I never had any problems with my drug usage until after I saw one of my best friend leap over a balcony during a mushroom trip. My visual symptoms are tracers, after-images, halos, also got tinnitus (although that was caused by a fireworks accident) but has been excacerbated by what I think is HPPD. My eyes are very sensitive to bright lights and I see bright flashes when staring at something bright, like the sky or my computer screen. I really want some answers because this is pretty frightening for me. I'm pretty much always anxious from day to day, and I was wondering if anxiety could make HPPD symptoms worse. I have researched a lot about these disorders but there isnt alot about HPPD anywhere. So I ask you, anxiety and HPPD = worse symptoms? Thanks in advance, any help is immensely appreciated!

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