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  1. Hi everyone, Please take a few minute to read this. I have been suffering from HPPD symptoms for about a year now. Mostly visual problems with dp/dr. It was been extremely tough as you guys know. I recently received a large medical bill and I am looking for assistance. 2 weeks ago I entered the hospital because I was having suicidal thoughts. I realized later that I did not have health insurance at the time. I received a 9,000 dollar bill in the mail yesterday. Obviously, this is causing me a lot of stress. I really need help to pay this. I have started a go fund me account in an attempt to raise the funds. The url is https://www.gofundme.com/pats-medical-expense .. There is a video posted there with a little more information. Please help me out with this situation. Thank you and I appreciate any help !!!
  2. I'm so glad I read this. I feel exactly the same way. I have head pressure all the time, especially in the middle of the day when I come home from work. I have severe tinnitus and I see after images and trails all day long. My dream job is suppose to start in January but I'm suicidal right now because of this so I think I'm going to have to turn the job offer down. Everyday I feel like I'm being tortured, no one deserves this. The only reason I haven't killed myself is because of my mom. I can't do that to her. It would be like killing her too. I hope one day God will give me answers when I ask him why he did this to me. I hope you feel better soon
  3. I cant take these fucking afterimages and trails anymore. Im sorry I cant do it. I fucking dont deserve this. I smoked weed one time in 2008 and had HPPD for about 3 months. Then I was completely normal. I never touched a drug after that. Recently I worked out a little and all the symptoms came back but the visuals are terrible. I see afterimages after 1 second and trails of everything moving. Also floaters and light sensitivity. I have been seeing these for 7 months. I feel fucking hopeless and do not deserve this, smoking weed must have dont something to my nervous system. I do not want to die but I cant live my life like this. Im sorry. My plan is to get completely over this is to go on a 14 day water fast at a medical facility. Doing this cleans your nervous system as well as your entire body.
  4. Patthebat88

    HPPD from weed alone (Rare experience)

    I am actually seeing a neurologist next week. I will post here how it goes. And yes they just create lines-so disturbing
  5. Patthebat88

    HPPD from weed alone (Rare experience)

    Also forgot to mention that I have tinnitus that comes and goes. My symptoms in high school were what I am feeling now but it was a little worse then. Thank you for the input. If it is anxiety and depression, why do I think it is HPPD? I definitely have a depression problem but I think that something is wrong with my nervous system which is causing the tingly feeling. I am seeing a neurologists in about a week. I also forgot to say that I am quitting a personal bad habit right now which I think is giving me some anxiety. I was addicted to looking at porn for about a decade and now I don't at all which is making me feel not good. I think that is causing me to have anxiety as well. My brain is rewiring itself without porn. Another symptom I have is when I look at patterns on walls, I see lines that are not there. It is hard to explain, my brain creates lines in an odd way. Anyone else have that? I know they are not actually there. Thank you for the feedback.
  6. Patthebat88

    Maybe hppd....

    I strongly advise telling your mom. She is your mom she wants to know how you are feeling and she will always forgive you. I waited so long to tell my mom and it felt really good to get it off my chest.
  7. Patthebat88

    HPPD from weed alone (Rare experience)

    Forgot to mention this: I get very bad headaches where it feels like my brain is being pushed against my skull, it feel awful. Those have been getting better from now working out though.
  8. I hope people take the time to read this and believe what I am saying because everyone I talk to about this problem does not believe me. I am writing this now because I have had suicidal thoughts recently and need to make a change in my life. My suicidal thoughts are pretty bad. I plan on seeing a therapist this week. When I first started high school in 2008 (9 years ago) I smoked weed once. Just one time. My friends who smoked the same weed were stoners and they recovered the next day like 99% of people do. But I smoked a lot and I had HPPD for about 4 months. I had tingly feeling in my feet and panic attacks everyday. This is when I just started high school where I knew no one and I am a shy introvert. It was absolute hell. I felt alone and scared everyday. But I got through it!!!! And all the symptoms went away like I said in about 4 months. I felt 100% fine. So over a year later I am working out one day and I sit down and my HPPD symptoms came back. ALL of them !!!! But they quickly went away in a few hours. And since then every time I work out (lift weights especially) my HPPD symptoms come back. Please believe me when I say this!!! My mom does not believe me and no one else does. What the fuck is wrong with me. I smoked weed once and now every time I work out I feel HPPD all over again. I have not heard anyone else have this experience before and I have obviously done a lot of research into this. Okay so I lived with the fact that I cant work out for years. I just quit working out-whatever I felt 100% fine just kinda pissed that I could not do it. But this past December I was very upset over things in my life.(Could not get a good job, girl I like a lot has a boyfriend, feel like I have zero friends, lonely) I was so mad that I just started working out. I would wake up and work out and work out some more. I knew that HPPD could come back but I was so sad and wanted my depressed feelings to go away. So now My life is terrible. It is June now and I have not worked out like that for 6 months. But Since that time I have extremly bad visual symptoms of HPPD. They include: -afterimages (These are the worst, get them after looking at something for a second.) -trails, I can see trail when things are moving. For example, if I move my hand across my face. -anixiety, can feel my heart beating at times, feel like I have no personality, feel alone and depressed -tingily feeling in my feet (This feeling gets worse if I work out at all) I love to run but I cant now, makes it worse -floaters all the time, especially outside. -vision makes a huge adjustment from going to light to dark places I seriously can not even go on a 15 minute run right now? If I do , my feet become tingily. What the fuck is wrong with me? No one else with hppd from what I have read has this? I smoked weed once and now I can not work out for the rest of life? What the fuck? This has caused me to have a terrible relationship with GOD. Why would he put this on this earth for me to use? Why would he make me this way? I love working out and want to have a great body but I cant because I smoked weed one. I want a six pack. I am a motivated and focused person. How does this happen when I smoke weed once. I can understand if you take LSD a ton of times, maybe this would happen. One thing that i keep thinking about is the time before I smoked weed once (in 2008) I want to go back to that time and not smoke obviously. I think about that sometimes, makes me feel very regretful. How do i deserve this? I literally smoked weed one time and this is my life. These visual problems are ruining my life. I accepted a job that begins in January and I am considering turning it down now because the job will require me to work 60 hours a week staring at a computer. This a dream job at one of the best companies in the USA to work for. I worked my ass off in college (Magna Cum Laude, graduated in top 15% of my class, made dean or presidents list every semester) And now I get this dream offer and I am afraid to take it because of anxiety I have from HPPD? From smoking weed one fucking time? God What do you want from me? I feel so sad and upset all the time because I have this disorder. I feel so alone. I wish I had cancer instead of this, that would be a piece of cake to deal with compared to this. No one I know can fucking relate to how I feel. That is why I am thinking about suicide. I know that neither of my parents had this disorder or my sister. They have all done drugs and been fine. I must say though that depression runs in my family. My dad has tried to commit suicide multiple times and so have my cousin and uncle. I just found out this information recently. I have seen that fasting can have some affect on the disorder. I have been considering fasting for a couple weeks to see what it does but I have a full time job now, no way I can function without eating food for days on end. I dont know what to do?? Can someone please help me, Make me feel better? I DONT DESERVE THIS. I literally smoked weed one time. God I feel so alone. Will appreciate any feedback. I hope you guys can believe me. Want to make this absolutely clear: I have not done any other drugs besides smoking weed once. I dont even drink alcohol now, (not that it makes my hppd worse but it is just not my thing) I have not done acid or shrooms or anything like that. Nothing.
  9. Patthebat88

    Can you get hppd if you only smoked weed 10 times

    Stop doing any kind of drug immediately and do not do them again...why the heck would you want to anyway? You will feel normal again, I guarantee it. You only smoked weed. I bet it will go away in a few months.
  10. Patthebat88

    HPPD 2.5 year, feeling pretty bad

    Did it go away???

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