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  1. I think Tinnitus from noise and Tinnitus from HPPD or drugs is different...the latter being a lack of signaling of some sort I imagine, the first being due to damage to the inner ear
  2. I constantly feel "amped up" and shaky and restless..... Like a bundle of nerves but I'm not nervous about anything
  3. This thread should probably be moved to medications bad
  4. Never had more than 2..... not risking it.
  5. I'm 1.5 years in, and even after 2 beers I get increased twitching and brain zaps when following asleep later that night
  6. Good luck! Not all have bad reactions to SSRIs.
  7. This is a major issue of mine... Waking up early. Takes me a while to fall asleep as well. Meditation before bed helps.... Body scanning.... Melatonin... The occasional sleeping pill. Still a daily struggle though and I never used to have sleeping issues.
  8. Anyone tried it? I have mild HPPD...tons of floaters of all kinds, enhanced BFEP, Tinnitus, muscle twitching, bundle of nerves feeling that won't go away..... Anyway I've tried mirtazapine over a year ago..helped me sleep but first day after taking it I saw waving walls and BFEP....kept taking it and only occasional saw those things.... clonidine didn't do much but make me thirsty..... valium is ok but I don't take it often.... I only took amitriptyline for a week 10 months ago and didn't seem to do anything negative.....I'm thinking of starting up a small low dose regiment and see if it helps with the VS and Tinnitus...... Anyone else tried it?
  9. The whole black worm thing sounds like drug induced psychosis to me
  10. I've had floaters for 15 months now since my bad Adderall and MDMA OD..... Haven't subsided in the least... In fact I kept seeing more and more as the months went by but they seem to have stabilized now