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  1. I got really bad HPPD after doing a few hits of acid probably 3 times within a week span. During my last trip I had a super immense trip which involved my brain sort of playing back a movie (Kind of like an interactive dream if you will) for my own perception to watch. It was really similar to what you are describing in the sense that it made me think that I was in a simulation, or that there was another acting force beneath the surface that drove life. Although I thought it was really cool at the time, I woke up the next morning with severe hppd - saw colours and static everywhere, and could never sleep at night because my hppd would cause body parts to move (Ie my fingers twitching or acting out thoughts, hppd works in mysterious ways) and I could never stop focusing on it, which drove me pretty much insane. However a year later, (Which is now, this all happened last july) I am recovering really well. I went almost a full year without having a job due to my hppd, which made things tough, but hang in there and you will notice your symptoms start to get better. You could be much healthier than I am and recover allot faster, but i've done MDMA and smoked weed almost daily since the onset of my hppd. In terms of my recovery id say my hppd has almost receded around 50%, and let me tell you, when you start to feel yourself recover, its a huge and unmistakable sigh of relief. TL;DR: You've only ever done one or two hits of the drug, give your head some time to heal, and I think you'll be fine. I have hppd after doing easily 250+ tabs of LSD in my time, and I am noticing significant an unmistakable improvement within a year of getting my symptoms in the first place. A psychiatrist will only give you psychiatric meds, such as seroquel or clonazepam, which usually do not work, in my opinion its better to stay of them than on them.
  2. Not sure I understand your question fully, moreover the answers are posted in the blurb I posted above. It took me just over a year to get to where I am now, yes I still have very prominent hppd, but the DP/DR aspect of the condition (Feeling like my head is always permanently stuck inside the trip) has faded away enough that, if I ever notice that I have some DP/DR, I can quickly snap myself back into the ability to just move around it, which has become much easier to do. The feeling of being able to literally shrug off DP/DR gives you a sort of brain confidence boost that tends to exponentially affect the way you feel about and view the HPPD in the first place.
  3. Hey guys! Just thought I would post an update here. When I started this thread I was pretty disappointed with the fact that nobody had reported any instances of their hppd improving, or going away, while there was allot of info on tips and tricks about how to simply deal with hppd. Given some good news on my end i'd like to change that, and keep an ongoing log of what happens over the next year or two to come. I'l start with the good news, and that is that after getting moderate to severe hppd just over a year ago, I am starting to notice major improvement in allot of my symptoms. My hppd came in really strong, as in when I woke up the next day after my trip I still had full on visuals, colours, distortions etc that simply didn't go away. Prior to getting hppd I had done acid numerous times, easily 20-30 times, with some nights being very high dosages whilst mixing the substance with mdma. For a full year leading up to this point my hppd was a nightmare, giving me certain schizophrenia like symptoms, as well as delusions and ideas that I believe stemmed from the DP/DR side of the condition and its associated paranoia and stress levels. It's only just now, over a full year later that my DP/DR symptoms are starting to completely fade away. What was interesting is that this transition of improvement only actually took about two weeks for the full onset of the improvement to take place. My visual symptoms, although still just as visually acute and prevalent, are beginning to fade ever so slightly into the background. And by that I don't mean that I am noticing them less, but that their presence of consciousness in my own head is starting to become more distant. I just thought id share this information with you folks, as for the past year I have gone through some serious turmoil, at times worrying for my own life. What I would like to do is to post here periodically and document the progression of my symptoms to keep you guys, as well as those who are curious as to what the timeline of this condition is like, updated and perhaps to give people insight and hope. Given the amount that my condition has improved, I don't think it would be farfetched for me to say that another year will bring another vast reduction in symptoms, and in 2 years give or take I might see complete regression of all symptoms. Over the past year I didn't take any supplements or any form of pharmaceuticals, and did occasionally smoke weed and do mdma, however I would strongly urge against this, as everyones physiology is different. I'm currently 22 years of age, with symptoms having started just before I turned 21. Heres to the future, and I hopefully look forward to being able to post back here at some point in the future being able to say that I made a complete recovery from hppd, and so can you! Thanks Jason
  4. Would you describe your symptoms as being gone entirely? Or do you still notice some form of visual snow? I'm totally past any form of DP/DR or anxiety, but I still notice static. Its not bothersome but I long for the day I can look at a blank white wall and see it for what it is; a blank white wall, haha.
  5. Hey guys, Used to take LSD lots a couple of years back, but never noticed any recurring symptoms until last year when I did LSD 2 or 3 times. Went to bed after the last trip and woke up the next day with HPPD that has stuck ever since. Over the past year I think I've noticed perhaps a 10% improvement in my symptoms. Anyways my question to you guys is how many of you guys have fully recovered from HPPD to the point where all of your visual symptoms have gone away? My symptoms are manageable during the day, but its after I get tired in the evening and when I close my eyes to go to sleep that my symptoms come into play. (IE; when I get tired I start to 'feel' the HPPD in my body, and the static becomes difficult to stop focusing on when I close my eyes to sleep) Thanks for the replies guys, it really means allot to me to be able to hear of other people who have fully recovered and given a time frame on that as it allows me to plan and base my recovery off of.