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  1. jbalsa2

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Sigh... I read through them too. Either a troll or a music festival vagrant. Can't live without doing drugs 5 days a week I guess.
  2. jbalsa2

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Actually Jay I personally know people who continue to go to raves and music festivals despite having HPPD. It's they're own choice... I feel for their futures. 😕
  3. jbalsa2

    Treatment Questions

    Stop using any drugs whatsoever and eat healthy, live healthy, and ignore the fact that it's there. Perhaps in 6 months to a year if the symptoms are still very prevalent you can try the keppra or lamotrigine method, but it's certainly not guaranteed. If you need some immediate and temporary relief for the moment, a benzodiazepine can help. But definitely not something you want to use on a daily basis as it'll likely make the problem worse.
  4. jbalsa2

    Treatment Questions

    I did mushrooms after developing hppd, my visual symptoms became three dimensional for several months after. 0/10 would not recommend. EDIT: by three dimensional, I mean I'd look at cracks in a sidewalk or cement patterns and what not and they would have 'depth' to them that was not previously there before my mushroom trip. Fighting fire with fire will only result in a bigger fire. This should be common sense.
  5. It can temporarily make it better. It will not permanently erase it.
  6. Hey guys, so im just trying to gather some information on some meds supplements, as my psychiatrist is unwilling to prescribe any amount of any benzodiazepine. Does anybody have any experience using phenibut? Thinking of buying some and using maybe once a week. Also does anybody have any experience using research chemical benzodiazepines such as Etizolam which are still unscheduled? I know effects would probably be identical to other benzodiazepines but maybe someone here has tried Etizolam personally. thanks jason
  7. jbalsa2


    Hey there, yeah there are definitely differences between manufacturers. Next time you go to the pharmacy, specifically ask for either Roche or Rivotril brand clonazepam, as I've heard they are better brands, although likely more expensive. EDIT: Or just talk to your pharmacist at the pharmacy you normally refill at, and ask them who manufactured your prescription BEFORE your last refill, and then request that brand again for future refills.
  8. jbalsa2

    Feeling much better.

    I've found SSRI's have always made my visuals significantly worse, as well as potentiating the feeling of having HPPD in your body. Just take it easy on the benzos, eventually the day will come that they stop working, or that you'll have to stop taking them which will trigger a relapse that's worse then when you first ever got HPPD.
  9. jbalsa2


    Lmao what I read "My dad might be my sisters uncle but I have some swedish and scandinavian in there" hahaha. Just kidding of course. Yeah my dad has it in a much more noticeable way, but his doesn't cause him the social impairment that mine causes me. For what it's worth a tiny bit of cocaine makes me much more socially functional, to a point, but if I exceed a certain amount it has the opposite effect. Sadly my doctor just tells me that like any other illness, borderline personality disorder exists on a spectrum and I just happen to be on the more affected side of that spectrum. It was like pulling teeth getting him to prescribe me keppra, and he downright refuses to let me try naltrexone. Yeah i'm on keppra 1000mg/day, and it makes me extremely somnolent, like so tired I struggle to lift my limbs out of my seat if I have to get up. But as time goes on my body gets more accustomed to it and i'm not as tired. Keep in mind that process has taken many months. What toxin were you 'exposed' to if you don't mind my asking? Under what circumstance?
  10. jbalsa2


    Wow thats actually really funny. I've said that exact thing too... kind of like a little autistic but not really. Don't mean to derail the topic but I read that little bit, and in my head im thinking wow I thought I was the only one. I got it from my dad as well. Like a little tiny neurological blip in the way my brain functions that causes me to be extremely highly functional but also completely cognitively ignorant of social cues, and behaviours - or hints. I just don't respond and carry on as if it hadn't happened. (Mine became 10x worse when I got HPPD versus before I had it)
  11. jbalsa2

    I think I have HPPD of some sort and need help

    Oh christ no, you'll learn to adapt. For me i've certainly had to make some changes to my life - but I have used this as an experience to redirect my life in a slightly different direction. For what it's worth, I take 1000mg of Keppra a day, which really helps me with my depersonalization and derealization. Give yourself time - it could take years, but youl get better. Just keep your nose clean, if you know what I mean.
  12. jbalsa2


    @VisualDude no experience using neurosteroids - I was on enough of them as a baby having been born 3 months premature. 😂 On an unrelated but related note - has HPPD destroyed your ability to read and respond to subtle social cues? Mine certainly has, however my doc has diagnosed it as borderline personality disorder or a complication from being born premature.
  13. jbalsa2

    I think I have HPPD of some sort and need help

    They'll become much less of a burden on your mental state as time goes on - let me put it this way, i've had HPPD for 3 years now and I drink every weekend, among other things. At the very onset of my HPPD I couldn't leave my room. So - yes things will improve over time.
  14. jbalsa2

    I think I have HPPD of some sort and need help

    I like this stuff, plus you can order it online. https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/tea/organic-mothers-little-helper/10233DT01VAR004072.html Otherwise, melatonin works well, and if you really need the help you can always talk to your family doc about the occasional ativan.
  15. jbalsa2

    I think I have HPPD of some sort and need help

    Melatonin won't have any negative effect on your HPPD. You should go to one of those fancy tea places and get yourself a nice calming herbal tea perhaps.

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