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  1. P.S. - It has been a tough project to work on given that many of the answers I seem to be getting are as paradoxically annoying as the disorder itself. There is I am sure a valid and proper answer to my project. But that will take time for me to process, come to grips with, work around, and implement into the model I am working on, nevertheless to fully publish in an appropriate manner. And for that all I have to say is that time and applied research will likely be my only way of determining some of these answers. Nevertheless it's rewarding to contribute to the forum. -Jason
  2. Hey guys, It's been a long while since i've posted on this forum; I've been extremely busy with myself and my own research and study. Lately I've really put the pedal to the floor in researching LSD induced HPPD, with some surprising success believe it or not. So far I've managed to develop several hypothetical methods for curing the pathology - but the problem I'm working on in my research is that the mechanisms of action of each regimen I've experimented with and have demonstrated by myself to be effective all seem to rely on a "piggy-back" like pathology pharmacologically. For that rea
  3. I tried CBD oil for a while, it helped calm my senses to a degree, but wasn't a significant enough product that would warrant its continued use in my opinion. But I can confirm it doesn't have the effect that smoking weed has. (Thank god)
  4. Your absolutely right, That's been my absolute largest struggle is finding a single psychiatrist out there who actually listens to what most of us HPPD'ers have to say without brushing us off with seroquel or olanzapine. My original intention with this thread was to be a quick go to reference for something that most doctors or psychiatrists would easily prescribe in a bind for those experiencing a struggle with HPPD as I most certainly have. I suppose that goes in line with the nature of an ever evolving forum and userbase. Proper moderation is more than welcome.
  5. It's more along the lines of if you had Parkinson's disease, and someone gave you a medication that made your Parkinson's disease better. That being said, there's also a chance that over time it can cure you completely with sustained use. For example a year ago when I started keppra versus now, my cognitive and functional state is significantly better, and continues to improve. For that reason im not discontinuing keppra. There are also others who have cured their hppd by combining keppra with a responsible regimen of benzodiazepine use. The way I see it, is if you've had pers
  6. Honestly I would say that keppra is your best option for that aspect specifically. You can always start slow - even 250 mg per day to guage the effects. Bear in mind it'll take a week or two for you to get used to the effect. If it's tolerable you can increase to 250 mg twice daily, so on and so forth. Keppra is the better of the meds for treating the depersonalization and brain fog that comes with hppd. Il put it this way - I've been on 1000mg of keppra daily for about a year now, and I don't even feel any side effects when I take it anymore. It's just become a part of my daily rou
  7. Sigh... I read through them too. Either a troll or a music festival vagrant. Can't live without doing drugs 5 days a week I guess.
  8. Actually Jay I personally know people who continue to go to raves and music festivals despite having HPPD. It's they're own choice... I feel for their futures. 😕
  9. Stop using any drugs whatsoever and eat healthy, live healthy, and ignore the fact that it's there. Perhaps in 6 months to a year if the symptoms are still very prevalent you can try the keppra or lamotrigine method, but it's certainly not guaranteed. If you need some immediate and temporary relief for the moment, a benzodiazepine can help. But definitely not something you want to use on a daily basis as it'll likely make the problem worse.
  10. I did mushrooms after developing hppd, my visual symptoms became three dimensional for several months after. 0/10 would not recommend. EDIT: by three dimensional, I mean I'd look at cracks in a sidewalk or cement patterns and what not and they would have 'depth' to them that was not previously there before my mushroom trip. Fighting fire with fire will only result in a bigger fire. This should be common sense.
  11. It can temporarily make it better. It will not permanently erase it.
  12. Hey guys, so im just trying to gather some information on some meds supplements, as my psychiatrist is unwilling to prescribe any amount of any benzodiazepine. Does anybody have any experience using phenibut? Thinking of buying some and using maybe once a week. Also does anybody have any experience using research chemical benzodiazepines such as Etizolam which are still unscheduled? I know effects would probably be identical to other benzodiazepines but maybe someone here has tried Etizolam personally. thanks jason
  13. Hey there, yeah there are definitely differences between manufacturers. Next time you go to the pharmacy, specifically ask for either Roche or Rivotril brand clonazepam, as I've heard they are better brands, although likely more expensive. EDIT: Or just talk to your pharmacist at the pharmacy you normally refill at, and ask them who manufactured your prescription BEFORE your last refill, and then request that brand again for future refills.
  14. I've found SSRI's have always made my visuals significantly worse, as well as potentiating the feeling of having HPPD in your body. Just take it easy on the benzos, eventually the day will come that they stop working, or that you'll have to stop taking them which will trigger a relapse that's worse then when you first ever got HPPD.
  15. Lmao what I read "My dad might be my sisters uncle but I have some swedish and scandinavian in there" hahaha. Just kidding of course. Yeah my dad has it in a much more noticeable way, but his doesn't cause him the social impairment that mine causes me. For what it's worth a tiny bit of cocaine makes me much more socially functional, to a point, but if I exceed a certain amount it has the opposite effect. Sadly my doctor just tells me that like any other illness, borderline personality disorder exists on a spectrum and I just happen to be on the more affected side of that spectrum. It was
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