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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to start this thread as I've started taking a generic form of levetiracetam (keppra) just over a month ago. We started dosing at 250mg twice daily, then moved up to 500mg twice daily, and are now at 750mg taken BID, once at 8 am and once at 8 pm. I should note that with my hppd I experienced quite allot of effects that would be considered schizzoaffective; unusual and uncontrollable thoughts which I had no ability to regulate, involuntary body and eye movements etc. I've been through the ringer with different meds that I've been on in the past, ultimately it took allot of convincing for my psychiatrist to finally be willing to let me try levetiracetam. However after showing him the case study that was done on keppra, he was willing to let me give it a go. The first month that I was on it, I initially felt an increase in psychotic symptoms, and irritability etc. However about 3 weeks in, and after my dosage increase to 1000 mg these symptoms began to stabilize, and I started getting used to the medication. Now we are about a month and a week into treatment, and are at 1500 mg a day. I no longer have uncontrollable schizzoaffective symptoms, and am now pretty much in complete control of my thoughts. Depersonalization and derealization have improved by 70-80%, and visual symptoms are improved by an easy 50%. I sometimes supplement with either Klonopin, alprazolam, or zopiclone, however this is never done at a frequency of more than once or twice per week. Moreover I've completely ceased the use of any other drugs or medications, sticking to a clean regimen of strictly levetiracetam and minor spaced out use of benzos. Il keep this thread updated, fingers crossed that my symptoms continue to improve over the course of the next year, as they have been steadily 😊 Don't give up guys, my life has become easily livable with the regimen that im on now, which is something I could not say about the last 2 years of my life that I've been affected by hppd.
  2. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    @Onemorestep am just on keppra now. Im going to hold off on posting any threads, and stay on keppra for a full year. So far after 1 month and 1000mg split twice daily I've noticed a drastic decrease in DP/DR and about a 30% improvement in visual snow and visual symptoms. Increasing to 1500mg daily tomorrow. Im going to stay on just keppra for a full year, fingers crossed a year of this can cure my hppd, as my symptoms are already hugely improved. 😊
  3. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Stopped taking it, worked good for the first few weeks , then started to have negative reactions. Sigh :( Trying out sertraline and clonidine now.
  4. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    It is beyond me, One thing I can say is that Mirtazapine is continuing to have a profound effect on my pathology. Its now day 4 on my initial dose and I feel like the old me, the me that existed before I ever had HPPD. Don't get me wrong the visual snow is still there but it's just become a fact of life. A simple visual phenomenon that has only a minimal effect on who I am. My depersonalization and derealization no longer exists. I guess I'm just lucky in terms of my pathology in that my visual symptoms have remained exactly as would if I wasn't on the mirtazapine. Perhaps worth a try if one was really looking for relief. My 2 cents
  5. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Hmm that's weird, goes to show how everybodies neurology is a bit different, as it's day 4 and mirtazapine has absolutely no effect on my HPPD. wha medications are you currently taking?
  6. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Yeah that's really interesting. I'm on day 4 mom mirtazapine, no worsening on visuals to report. But As far as the way I feel, I feel fantastic. To each their own I guess. @dayum_son how long where you on it for, and at what dosage?
  7. jbalsa2

    Mirtazapine and HPPD

    Its actually an antagonist at 5ht2a, although some people have reported worsening of visual symptoms on mirtazapine. So far my visuals are exactly as I would perceive them when I wasn't taking an antidepressant. This medication seems to differ in side effects from person to person, as for me, I'm well immersed in its antidepressant activity, and my hppd symptonology has been left untouched. This could prove useful for people who are depressed and can't take SSRI's due to their hppd.
  8. Hey guys, Just thought I would add a quick post for anyone who's interested. I saw my psych doctor a few days ago, and he's decided to start me on an antidepressant called Mirtazapine. Mirtazapine is a tetracyclic antidepressant, one that is relatively new to the market compared to most tricyclic and SSRI anti depressants. It's day 3 now, and so far I am absolutely loving this medication. I had let my psych doc know that most SSRI's that I have tried have exacerbated my symptoms by a fair margin, and that I had to stop taking them. He gave me this one to try out. As with all anti depressants and HPPD, it does affect the way you perceive the HPPD a little bit, but what separates Mirtazapine from other SSRI's is that Mirtazapine plays nicely with my HPPD. My visual symptoms have not gotten any worse, although the way that my body perceives the HPPD is a little bit different. What i'm loving about this med is that it's pretty much completely taken care of depersonalization and derealization, while also working wonders for my depression and anxiety. I think once you've found a med that tackles DP/DR and anxiety and depression all at the same time, it makes dealing with the visual symptoms a very minor disturbance. Not everyone has had luck with mirtazapine, but I guess im one of the lucky ones here, as it is easily the best medication if taken for my HPPD by a long shot. Just thought I would start a topic as I really believe that this medication is worth a try if you find yourself struggling with DP/DR and anxiety+depression all at the same time. If any of you guys have questions feel free to ask! I'm on 15mg once daily, and il be staying at this dosage for a full month before I titrate. The maximum dosage of this medication is 45mg daily.
  9. jbalsa2


    @TheMythos my psych doctor is likely going to put me back on benzos for a while, and I think il use that opportunity to test out Keppra. I've also heard success stories of people using Naltrexone, so i might also give that one a go as well.
  10. jbalsa2


    Its been 5 days now since I stopped taking all 3 meds, buspar, topomax, and lamotrigine. I would say by far buspar had the worst side effects - but after being on doses of these meds for 3 weeks, and stopping all of them at the same time, I'm more or less back to baseline. Topomax I would say is definitely not a cure on its own, but can be useful at aiding in dp/dr symptoms. What's nice is that the lowest dosage (25mg) has an immediate effect, and I don't believe topomax on its own had a tremendously negative impact on my hppd or baseline as the buspar did. I'm seeing my outpatient psych next tuesday to see what my options are. Might give keppra a go.
  11. jbalsa2


    Funny, I had to stop taking Lamotrigine as it was giving me ataxia. Loss of coordination in body movements, involuntary body movements etc. I'm wondering what the risk of developing Ataxia is with Depakote or Keppra?
  12. jbalsa2


    @Onemorestep although I can't find any information that directly mention Topomax's dopaminergic activity, I can only mention how my experience went, and can confirm among the various other people at the inpatient centre who were on Topomax had felt the same effect initially. It does stabilize after a while though. From what i've read about Keppra, Topomax and Keppra seem to have a similar initial onset, where one feels alert, full of energy etc, but similar to Keppra, Topomax's rush stabilizes over time. @TheMythos definitely not a placebo effect, topomax's effects can be felt immediately after you take your first dose, and at the smallest dose available. (25mg) It just aids your brain in the hear and now moment to sort of snap out of DP/DR. Visual acuity is improved, without having an effect on visual snow, and you feel clear headed for a while. Unfortunately in my case, it didn't take long for me to recognize the negative effects that Buspar was having on my visual snow, and at that point my doctor was really trying to push my dosage of Topomax, far too fast for me to handle in such a short time frame. This is inevitably what caused me to have to stop taking these meds and reset for a while. Does depakote carry a risk for Ataxia? I'm just getting myself back to baseline state before I start trying out some new medications, although keppra is definitely on my to do list at the moment.
  13. jbalsa2


    Perhaps maybe why some people have reported that taking more LSD with meditation has cured them etcetera etcetera.
  14. jbalsa2


    @Onemorestep any thoughts on this theory? If anything it would have been the buspar that actually caused the chain reaction to happen due to its excitation of the already neurotoxic 5ht2a. Its only after I've completely discontinued buspar that I've noticed lamotrigine have any effect on my hppd. It had never helped prior to me having taken the buspar or topomax. Sigh. I wish I could spend a whole life doing research on the subject. And help people in the same boat. But, it's almost serendipitous, that this would work.
  15. jbalsa2

    Recently prescribed Verapmil.

    @justhere In hindsight maybe I wouldn't recommend taking buspar. I had negative side effects due to the fact that it excites the 5-ht2a receptor. Interestingly enough I've been on lamotrigine for a month prior to taking buspar, and have only noticed the lamotrigine starting to work after I took the buspar for about 3 weeks. After discontinuing buspar the lamotrigine started to work. It has taken about 4 or 5 days to recover from the effects of the buspar, and now my visual snow is starting to go away while I'm on lamotrigine.

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