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  1. Rye

    Hppd or normal visual disturbance?

    Even before I had HPPD I was able to see patterned surfaces morph and swirl just by staring at them for a few seconds. I don't think the power of the mind can be understated -- if you're consciously looking for visuals, you'll often end up finding them (or synthesizing them subconsciously). My advice to you would be to try to break the habit of "testing" your vision and to stay away from HPPD forums. Reading about other people's symptoms and over-analyzing is a vicious cycle.
  2. Rye


    I think the threshold for hearing damage is about 85 dB, so as long as you keep the volume at a reasonable level you should be fine. I have tinnitus too and listen to music while I work (and have for the past several years), and my audiologist said my hearing is completely normal.
  3. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    A little bit, yeah, but I distinctly remember having it for many years before this. If I stared at carpet or any uniformly patterned surface it would ripple and morph. Whether or not HPPD has made it worse, I couldn't say. I also remember reading somewhere that another guy with HPPD was able to make his therapist see the same thing just by describing it to him. Unless yours is really bad, it seems to be pretty normal.
  4. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    When my symptoms started, the flickering was so distracting that I didn't notice any visual snow. As of right now it's very mild and, like the flickering, I only notice it if I actively search for it. Before all of this, I never thought to inspect my visual field for snow or other abnormalities, so I don't know whether the visual snow I have now is natural or not.
  5. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    Hi guys, just thought I'd post a quick update. I had my eyes and optic nerves checked and they're completely fine. My brain MRI came back normal as well. I'm currently waiting on a referral to an ophthalmologist, so we'll see how that goes. As for symptoms, I'm noticing the flickering I described in my first post less and less. I've gone full days without it even crossing my mind, so I think my brain is healing rather well. My anxiety levels are almost back to normal, no doubt helped by getting checked out by doctors and ruling out more serious causes. Right now I have mild tinnitus (which I've had for a few years) and a single dark-colored floater in my left eye which is rather annoying. Things are slowly getting better, and I wish everyone who comes across this the best of luck on their journeys. - Rye
  6. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    That sounds terrifying, but it's nice to hear you're doing better. My symptoms are more annoying than scary right now, it really just distracts me from what I'm doing and takes me out of the moment.
  7. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    I just read your thread and I can't imagine the hell you're going through. Personally, I don't think the benefits of psychedelics make up for even the mild symptoms I'm experiencing, so I'm likely leaving them behind for good. Hopefully in the next couple of decades there'll be more research into psychs in general and their long-term effects.
  8. Rye

    Mild HPPD + Anxiety

    Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old college student and I've only used psychedelics a couple of times (THC/CBD capsules twice, LSD once along with microdosing a few times). My primary motivation for writing this is so that it serves as a kind of benchmark for my recovery and hopefully be a little cathartic. Anyway, my first CBD experience was back in January and I experienced no negative consequences. Following that, I took 100ug of LSD in February (two days before an exam, so I didn't have the best set or setting) and while my trip wasn't horrifying or traumatizing, I had read about the possibility of psychosis and HPPD beforehand so I was somewhat worried. Luckily, I didn't experience any symptoms and I was able to complete my school term feeling quite normal. In late April, after exams, my roommate/best friend and I decided to take a THC capsule. They were way too strong and I ended up having an acid flashback with uncontrollable racing thoughts. The next day, my friend and I both felt DP/DR, which lasted for a few days. However, I think that experience caused some latent anxiety to surface, and I started to constantly "check" my thoughts to try to convince myself I was back to normal. This, of course, had the opposite effect, and only made my anxiety worse. I've managed to stop this habit, but it's been replaced with worry about my vision and other various symptoms. I currently have mild visual snow, like a pulsating texture over everything I see, especially flat surfaces. I've also started noticing flashes of light that dart across my field of vision. Rationally, I know that these are probably quite normal and that I'm only noticing them because I'm worried about having them. Right now I'm just waiting to fly back home for the summer, so I expect they'll disappear once I have other things to focus on. I've decided to completely abstain from all drugs (caffeine and alcohol included) and take the next few months to readjust. Everyone with this condition has my full respect - I know my symptoms are quite mild and yet it's one of the most frustrating things I've experienced. Thanks for reading. - Rye

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