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  1. I get in this state where I'm dreaming but actually awake. Right before I fall asleep every time. I like it tbh
  2. I'm not a doctor but from what I believe is that hppd is just undiagnosed mental illness that was triggered during drug use, it may also be a form of ptsd. Those are my two theories, I'm not saying you should listen to me or any means, but I feel like in most cases of the term "hppd" people don't tend to hear voices. Usually when I see something like that I tend to think of schizophrenia and schzioaffective disorder. If you haven't gone to a doctor you probably should because it could be more to it, but might also not be. Research chemicals are still also relatively unknown in today's world so as far as telling you if it's just the chemical that left a mark on your brain we won't know. Just try to strive forward. One day even if it doesn't go away you'll accept it and it'll still be less.
  3. I think you also have to be open minded to the fact that you were also on pharmaceuticals which in a lot of ways can do more harm than good. I'm not saying that's your only problem there could be more to it.
  4. Hey everyone. I've been off the page for a little while since I got a new job, requires me to be gone from home for 12 hours a day 7 days a week and after my 7 days I get a week off. The job itself is doing me wonders, It shows me that I can still live a functioning normal life even with a few vision problems and some anxiety. The time I usually get to notice my symptoms is when I'm driving on the highway late at night, so tonight when I was driving for the first time in a week I noticed my ghosting was a lot less severe. Ever since I started taking magnesium oxide I've also noticed my visual snow has nearly completely gone! I don't wanna say there's only 5-10% of it left but I will say it's about 50% less than what it was about a month ago. If you're someone who doesn't have a job or had dropped out of school due to hppd, my honest suggestion is to push through it and not let it dictate the things you do. If you let hppd control the way you live your life you're getting sucked into it and it becomes you. There's more to you than hppd, there's so many other things to be done. On one final note, I think the last time I was on this page was the 29th of August and I will say not browsing this page every day benefited me so much. I came back here for the first time in a week tonight and after reading some posts I felt my anxiety and nervousness levels rise. This page can be very helpful to you to get advice from people or if a new symptom arrises. But I was so much worse off when I was browsing these forums 2-3 times a day every day. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the page, as far as I'm concerned we are all family fighting a battle and I would do anything for every one of you that was in my power. But there needs to be a point when you step back from the forums and pick yourself up and move on with your life. I will still be around, just not every day, I encourage you all to do the same.
  5. Imo, ssri, snri and anti psychotic are just as bad as recreational drugs when it comes to hppd. There's very few known drugs that have helped people in regards to hppd but I'm sure you already know them. Stay off the pills tho for sure. If you can manage life without the dependency of benzos and other drugs(including recreational) then I believe you have a chance of completely recovering one day. Just try to accept it that this is your life and try to live with it. That may not seem like the greatest advice but it's realistic and doesn't mean you shouldn't be hopeful because it can very well go away. If you do feel lonely sometimes if you have a Facebook page join the hppd page, there's like 1700 people in it. Pretty nice people. But some say the less you think about hppd the better it is for you. I kinda agree. Take a magnesium supplement like magnesium oxide or citrate, stuff does wonders for your anxiety and vs
  6. Hey there, if it is bothering you so much my recommendations for you would be to start eating healthy and doing cardio for at least one hour a day. You need to try your best to not pay attention to it, once you've conquered the early stages of hppd it gets easier
  7. Lyme has been linked to a lot of cases of vs. If you test positive, you should be relieved.
  8. I found it to be the most useless supplement yet. Im done with that garbage.
  9. There is such thing as acid afterglow, give yourself a few more weeks and youll be okay. Stop payimg attention it tho.
  10. Its likely hppd, just abstain from drugs and eat healthy. At the very least youll begin to feel better within 2 months
  11. I took keflex and flagyl for my foot infection. Never worsened it.
  12. Im an example of someone that mdma helped a lot, before i got hppd. My hppd was getting better, i got it from lsd no dpdr no anxiety just mild vs and ghosting And some patterning and my cevs were basically gone. So i thought maybe im in the clear? I was wrong. I did the mdma felt the anxiety pile on, i was extremely itchy. Flash forward to now, i now have tracers longer afterimages, ghosting is worse and vs is worse. Im glad i did it now tho, because i was mentally addicted to it, before i did it and worsened my hppd i kept saying i cant wait to do molly again. Well guess what? Never again will i touch it. Just my personal experience. I likely wouldve been free of hppd by month 8. Now i dont know if itll ever go away.
  13. CBD

    Does anyone or has anyone tried cbd oil? What has it done for you in terms of visuals
  14. Alright, i bought a supplement called gaba by now off amazon, because i know gaba plays a big part in hppd and it also has relatively positive reviews. I posted on here and on the facebook page and i didnt get any responses in regards to people using it so im going to guinea pig and let people know the effects in the in my post on the medication forum.
  15. Has anyone used this supplement? I know gaba plays a big role in hppd and i havent seen many trials on this supplement. Its only $10 so if no one has tried it, i will gladly guinea pig. So, please let me know! https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B0013OVZAG/ref=pd_aw_sim_121_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2VHBYAHDRPDTKMXFFKFJ&dpPl=1&dpID=41gIOd1BtwL