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  1. So ur dpdr has now gone away. Ive had dpdr 24/7 for 1 year now. Hppd u Will forget for sure but dpdr sucks and im afraid mine never Will go away
  2. I have it still. But i dont Think about my hppd at all. Only dpdr. But my worst symptom of hppd is gone. Breathing walls.
  3. Hi. It Will get easyer with time.. i have hppd from weed AS Well and Ive had it for 1 year now. I also have dpdr. Do u also have that or just hppd?
  4. How long did that take
  5. @Luukzorika did you have dpdr
  6. How u get hppd? @hope1
  7. Hey dude i have hppd to and Got it from smoking weed u Can send me a text if u wanna talk
  8. so i keep asking my self why people who have hopped also get dpdr. people say that hppd is a pre-sezure state, and a sezure disorder can cause dpdr so is that maybe why we have it. i dont get why people with hppd also have dpdr when its just visual stuff. is it from trauma of bad trip is it anxiety or brain damage. and is it even possible i recover from the dpdr
  9. What u Think about this @TheMythos
  10. @TheMythos @K.B.Fante
  11. IM NOT sure its just anxiety mabye its a part of my hppd because in my High i had bad DR so mabye my brain cant get out of the High and stays in dpdr. Im very afraid that this is why
  12. So i wanna know if anyone has recoverd from 24/7 and is totally normal now just with visuals
  13. no not the same and i dont know if it was
  14. my friend is phycotic from weed. its total different. she is seeng shit like full blown monsters. and hearing shit
  15. i dont have phycocis dude haha. anyone who has dpdr feel like there in a dream. plz dont scare me like this its my biggest worry. i am stressed and i dont do drugs or caffein
  16. IVE NEVER HAD abuse or seen war but still I've had dpdr 5 months all day every dary
  17. hey man u need to get ur head up and fight this. or really dont fight it just accept this is how it is for now. all these bad symptoms will pas with time... u just need to let it go.yes you may have some visual snow the rest of your life but does that really matter its the dpdr the depression and anxiety that sucks. and yes it will take some time but u need to stay strong as long as it takes. trying to take control of something u can't just makes u loose control
  18. in most cases it does fade away with time may take up to 5 years but only if u stop all drugs also caffein and alcohol
  19. @Originally yeah mine got worse after about 3 months now it gets worse every week dont know why
  20. So i dont Care about hppd much i Got it from weed so its nothing Like getting it from LSD or something but has Anyone Else recoverd from dpdr i would really Like to know if its possible to recover if i lowere my anxiety or if it only Will go if the hppd goes
  21. yeah and i only got it from weed so im probably gonna be one of em
  22. sometime for some but not always
  23. @Distress yeah that does NOT really happen with weed