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  1. Hey, thanks for answering. Well, to be honest I din't totally stopped taking recreational drugs such as MDMA, marihuana, alcohol... I have to admit that the after effects were tough. I felt my recovery period took longer and panic attacks felt always knocking on the door but as I've said, after a while I've just convinced myself that I was just a little bit more sensitive than others and had to live with that . (The dark ages of my life where I felt every symptom described in many of this posts are now buried or tamed) My first comeback with hallucinoges was many years after when I took an ecstasy pill that ended up taking me into tripping. When I've found out I was in lalaland, I've just let it go. I din't felt worried and actually it was very enjoyable. Perhaps it had to be with the company I was. I've felt secure and in charge of others. Any of us knew what exactly was inside of that pill. After this previous experience, I decided about trying LSD again, I took a quarter of a trip. It was wonderful. I remember been happy, lucid and sensitive, no hallucinations. It was difficult to fall a sleep but never got any negative feelings. The next day was a little slow and I had very high expectations about a comeback or a mind trick. Nothing happened. Two days after I remember having nightmares but that was it. With mushrooms I had a peace of chocolate on a party. At the beginning I started feeling a little disconnected and a little panicked so I started drinking alcohol. It helped. Again, I had a happy evening and a heavy hangover on next day, but nothing with heavy consequences. Its been a couple of times more with similar experiences and here I am. I remember having a hard week on the office, I felt more sensitive and not very sharp, but I think that happens with everyone. Sometimes I feel I'm ready to confront my demons again on the arena and so I'm wondering if it would be ok to try to find the proper Shaman, on the proper place and ritual to let my conciseness fly again, like on the old good times. (I have to admit that my first couple of trips with LSD and Mushrooms, before the HPPD were enlightening, profound and beautiful and I miss it)
  2. So After 12 years of that bad trip, all those traces, figures and distorsions have a name. I must say that the first couple of years were tough, but I belive I've managed to tame it, even Knowing that it stills swims somewhere inside me. I've always knew that drugs had a diferent effect on me, that with my friends: when I smoke weed, I still feel the effects on the next day. My hangovers are like nightmares.... After many years I've ended up taking small doses of lsd o shrooms and I felt afraid to wake up that terror again but it din't. My question here is: recently I been atracted to try Yagé or ayahuasca as an spiritual and concius expantion and of course, curiosity. Anyone here carrying hppd who has any experience?
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