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  1. Thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. Since I feel like most doctors don't know much about hppd is it even worth going to him because he might just call me crazy. Also is there a small possibility that this will get better over time or manageable because this past week has been filled with so much anxiety?
  2. Hey everyone my name is Julio and I am a college freshman that is wondering whether I might have hppd. I started getting into the drug scene around last semester, but this semester i vaped and smoked weed almost every day no other drug so I didn't overdose or anything. It was about one week and three days when i took my first tab of acid by myself with my roommate looking out for me; I am not really sure how much the dose was but towards the comedown i took one vape hit which just made me more alert. I understand now this wasn't the best setting and all my trip was like some slight visuals with words moving and some objects moving. The next day was just really tiring and i smoked some weed which i guess didn't really do anything but made me more alert. I have this head pressure that has stuck since that day and sometimes it bothers me but overall the only visuals i have is when looking at a computer screen the words move a bit and flashes of light sometimes. I don't see snow or tracers and everything apart from that when going out looks pretty normal except i feel its a little off and there is this sense that it takes me a little bit longer to think about stuff because of the head pressure. I think i had anxiety before this event which i just realized has come out more in to the open through this experience because i started constantly looking answers to this problem making me very worried and depressed at the same time thinking my life is over and i might never get to become a doctor which i really want to become . My mom noticed that i was acting a bit off when I came home because the symptoms got me pissed off a bit and I argued with her because school isn't going great right now and i just felt like I'm done with everything. I don't know if I should tell her because she loves me so much and wanted me to stick on the right path and she is not very fond of drug usage working in the health care system. Sorry, if I am being overdramatic.I did notice though when i went home for the weekend i did some zumba for two hours and i kinda forgot about it making it better and also social interaction really helps. I have quit weed since that day even though i did have one beer with my uncle on the weekend. I will start looking to work out this little five day break and eat healthier. Overall, just wanted to say hi to everyone and if anyone has some tips i will really appreciate that because I just feel down right now because studying is hard to focus on and I feel like my life hit a rough patch right now.Thanks
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