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  1. Ok so before anyone says if ur not sure u shudnt be here. I'm 15, ive took psycadellic twice, both analouges of LSD. First time I took LSZ and no problems were caused. Second time I took AL-LAD. I'm not sure if its relevant but at one point I got stuck in really bad thought loops and panicked. Since then ive had pretty much constant visual effects. Including that everything looks kinda grainy, like nearly transparent TV snow but smaller. Lots of flasfhes of colour that sometimes stay and move or merge. Shadows morphing and moving, or just appearing I guess, they like move around then go. and stuff like halos. a couple of other things but I'm not entirely sure what it is or what I can do, you can only get so far with a couple of teenagers and internet posts that contradict one another. can anyone help me at all?