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  1. It took me a little bit to understand the difference between dissociation and psychosis. A lot of people with dissociation are afraid they have psychosis or are developing it. But that's almost always never the case.
  2. I've never had true hallucinations but my mental imagery could be considered internal hallucinations or CEVs gone wild I guess. I've never ended up in a psychotic state (lost touch with reality). Abilify was mildly helpful.
  3. I had a buddy who got it from LSD. Continued to do drugs like coke and got addicted to spice. He also was prescribed klonopin and was on 6 mg a day for 2 years. He tapered off the klonopin and had withdrawals for 8 months straight (told me he'd rather get shot than go through that again). He completely recovered and has a full time job and a good life. Said he doesn't even think of HPPD anymore. Just look at the success stories thread. Plenty of people who continued to use drugs and made a full recovery. Plus, thinking excitotoxicity is the culprit is still just speculation. Dr. Abraham leaned toward a malfunction in the COMT enzyme. I'm not saying that's the culprit either, but we're still shooting darts in a dark room hoping we hit the bullseye.
  4. Panic lead to my symptoms getting worse. A lot of panic and stress. In all the years I used drugs since the initial onset of hppd, nothing came close to what I've been experiencing the past 2 years. I've had moments of feeling like I've recovered, so I'm not going to believe anything that says this can't be beat. BDNF can regrow dendrites and new cells.
  5. I guess I'm kinda confused. I keep getting better (feeling like I'm recovering), then I'll feel like I'm getting worse. Then I'll climb out of that and feel like I'm recovering again. Are you saying every time I feel worse I'm having apoptosis? Are HPPDers constantly experiencing this or was it just the one time we did the drug(s)? There's a lot of unanswered questions. I just went 2 days sleeping 4 hours yesterday and 1 1/2 the day before. I went to bed at 3 this morning got up at 1:15 and feel like hell. I thought getting 10 hours would help but it seemed to have made me worse.
  6. I looked at your thread. I've tried a 5ht2a inverse agonist (Abilify) for over a year and it didn't cure my symptoms.
  7. I know its hard not to worry but you worrying about it so much is probably making it worse. You need to look up radical acceptance. People get DPDR from stress, trauma, and abuse. The people that have it for years are usually people who have been severely abused as children or went through a traumatic event like war or a terror attack. If you try your best to accept it and move on with your life I think it will go away the less you think about it.
  8. Look up DPDR for the "not feeling real" symptoms. Depersonalization/Derealization. The best advice anyone here will tell you is to abstain from drugs and live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. You will heal over time.
  9. "and I dont plan to drop anytime soon." Don't you mean ever again?
  10. Do whatever you can to avoid stress, especially panic attacks.
  11. What do you think about cerebrolysin and mexidol?
  12. I keep hearing people say they got it from weed only. It's strange. What if the potency of the weed coming out now is causing hppd?
  13. So its like a nihilism on a tangible visceral level?
  14. Does anyone else get these sensory episodes? They're kind of hard to explain. Ill be feeling normal one minute and strange the next. My personality changes (I get hyper, excited, laugh, and irritable) and I'll feel like my senses are heightened. Sometimes I think I might be in the early stages of epileptogenesis and I'm developing epilepsy or something. I've had auras without the headaches before.