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  1. Danjoking, you're right. I apologize for my behavior. The above response by mane isn't worthy of a response. He's clearly on a tear. I pray for his, mine, and all of our healing. Good night. Hope you guys get over this illness in due time.
  2. Dude, you tried to character assassinate me and psychologically attack me with that "the only way you can feel better is pretending it doesn't exist" shit. You know what you did. Stop pretending and gaslighting, jackass. And I believe it's neuronal (which all psych disorders are). I just don't think it's neuronal LOSS from drug induced excitotoxicity.
  3. My only contention was your pessimistic attitude, and the negativity that it's spreading. One guy on another thread just asked you if there's anything that can be done because it might be permanent. For some reason newbies on here are looking to you as some kind of an authority. You speak with unearned authority. You are not a neuroscientist and need to stop pretending that you are.
  4. Your implication is that HPPD is somehow "real" while trauma based psychological disorders aren't. Your implication is that, by me saying it's PTSD or trauma related, I'm encouraging people to just believe it will go away and to retreat into a fantasy, which I never did. And that makes you a liar. I'm willing to bet you're somewhere on the NPD spectrum.
  5. Your theories are about as viable as the teen girls on the HPPD Facebook group. You're not saying anything that people on here weren't saying 5 years ago. It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.
  6. Let's not forget, for the record, who started the personal attacks. Sounds like the response of a coward to me. Instead of trying to convince me, you insult my intelligence and comprehension. You've got nothing.
  7. Lol. What is this, middle school? You look like a chode and a dudebro. Am I supposed to be impressed?
  8. And as for the REAL world and a REAL illness, 22 soldiers a day are dying from PTSD. You truly are a piece of shit.
  9. Better get to it then bucko. You know what to do.
  10. Yeah. It's permanent. You'll never EVER get better so start making plans to end it bro. No one has ever recovered in the history of hppd. The thousands of people who have moved on and no longer read these forums are just out there suffering endlessly.
  11. Because it's bullshit. All of my blood tests came back perfect. Seriously, don't listen to this hack.
  12. First of all, go fuck yourself. Second of all, people get cured on here all the time, whether it's two weeks, a month, 3, 6, or 2 years. You think that they're all of a sudden experiencing neurogenesis that fast? Are you fuckin retarded? I have recovered tremendously, and it wasn't because I was sitting here on this forum or Google trying to figure out what receptor does what, or what could have been damaged. It's because I accepted it and started living life again. If half of this illness is neurological, the other is most certainly psychological and on the obsessive scale. Dr. Abraham says that it's 50-50 for people to recover. Do you know what that means? It means he has no idea whatsoever. It means maybe you'll recover and maybe you won't. His COMT test only improved a number of people and we don't know why or why it improved the others. We don't know how long they improved for or if they were completely cured. People get hppd from every substance out there including weed. Why on earth would neuronal loss occur with weed and LSD in the significant amounts you're talking about? Are they the same neurons? Serotonergic? Dopaminergic? In the same part of the brain? Localized? Spread out? Why do the symptoms of severe anxiety, VS syndrome, and HPPD all relate? Do you know anything about conversion disorder where people lose the use of their legs or go blind due to trauma and there's nothing physically wrong with them, and then when they get treatment they can see and walk again? You're not a neuroscientist. You're the blind leading the blind. You're just another armchair neuroscientist hppder grasping at straws. What's it going to be next week? An autoimmune disorder? Lyme? Something else? No one knows what's causing it. I dont. I'll admit that. But neither do you. Excitotoxicity and neuronal loss is just another thing you can latch on to to assure yourself you know what it is when you really don't. In fact you're so sure of it that a page ago you posted a study claiming well folks there's no hope. In the end you don't know shit. None of these mRIs are going to tell you anything because they're all going to be random. You'll be chasing imaginary diseases and illnesses for the next decade while the rest of us move on with our lives.
  13. Autophagy probably makes you feel better in the long run.
  14. Good to hear. Last thing is to get off this forum and forget HPPD altogether.
  15. "On the other hand, brain cells are exceptionally temperature-sensitive, with the appearance of structural abnormalities at ~40°C, i.e., only three degrees above a normal baseline (Chen et al., 2003; Iwagami, 1996; Oifa and Kleshchnev, 1985; Sharma and Hoopes, 2003; Yamamoto and Zhu, 1998). Due to temperature dependence of most physico-chemical processes governing neural activity (see [Kiyatkin, 2010] for review), hyperthermia also enhances the toxic effects of METH on brain cells. From animal experiments, it is well known that METH is much more toxic at high ambient temperatures, whereas toxicity is diminished by low ambient temperatures [Alberts and Sonsalla, 1995; Ali et al., 1994; Bowyer et al., 1993; Farfel and Seiden, 1995; Gordon et al., 1991; Miller and O’Callaghan, 1994, 2003). Although it is reasonable to assume that more harmful effects of METH seen in warm, humid conditions are associated with intra-brain heat accumulation due to enhanced brain metabolism diminished heat dissipation, direct data on brain temperature fluctuations induced by METH and related drugs as well as on environmental modulation of these drug-induced temperature fluctuations are limited. In addition to the direct effects of high temperatures on brain cells and potentiation of toxic effects of drug metabolites, brain hyperthermia appears to alter permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The BBB is an important border that maintains stability of the brain environment and protects neural cells from potentially dangerous ionic and chemical perturbations occurring in the body (Rapoport, 1976; Zlokovic, 2008). Although leakage of the BBB has been documented during environmental warming (Cervos-Navarro et al., 1998; Sharma et al., 1992), intense physical exercise (Watson et al., 2005), various types of stress (Esposito et al., 2001; Ovadia et al., 2001; Sharma and Dey, 1986) and morphine withdrawal (Sharma and Ali, 2006), data on drug-induced alterations in the BBB and its relationship to brain temperature are limited. Moreover, the basic relations between BBB permeability and temperature remain unclear. In this work we present and discuss several sets of recent data on environmental modulation of the physiological effects of METH and MDMA and a tight link between brain temperature, acute drug toxicity, and alterations of the BBB. We demonstrate that brain hyperthermia induced by psychomotor stimulant drugs plays an important role in the triggering of several pathophysiological mechanisms underlying acute and chronic drug neurotoxicity." If you guys had neurotoxicity you would essentially be retarded. There was this guy who took ecstasy at a nightclub once and ended up having a permanent speech impediment and couldn't stop moving his arm. You didn't suffer neurotoxicity or brain damage. You had an acute traumatic psychological reaction of extreme panic and fear caused by (Your drug of choice) and are now suffering chronic drug induced PTSD. Why do you think people get it from so many different drugs? My friend got it from weed. From fucking weed. One of the most physically benign substances on earth. You know what happened to him that night? He had a severe panic attack where he thought he was going to die.