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  1. Sucios_numbaine

    Anyone have there hppd go away

    what about hppd in general ? can that go away?
  2. Sucios_numbaine

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    seems like apart from hppd your life is pretty good, just try and enjoy that part of life while trying to recover. your lucky bro not a lot of people on this forum can say that, remember life goes on and i do believe that you have what it takes to recover from anxiety.
  3. Sucios_numbaine

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    it really depends on the person and what they have been through to cause the dp/dr so there is no telling how long it will take u to recover
  4. Sucios_numbaine

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    ive had delusions and dp/dr for about 8 monthes now, and it has improved quite alot since it first started, time is the best medicine just stay strong
  5. Sucios_numbaine

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    how long have u had these delusions? ive noticed my delusions kind of dying down over time but it is different for everyone. i have believed some pretty crazy things as well, and sadly i dont know what to recommend or how to help, all i can think of is try to find little things that you are really interested in to try and side track your mind for a bit and hope it changes in time.
  6. Sucios_numbaine

    Hello, im originally. And i got hppd at 16

    what sort of delusions? if u dont mind me asking
  7. Sucios_numbaine

    Curious About Symtoms

    my after images usually last only about 1 second, and yes everything gets so much worse at night im not sure why
  8. Sucios_numbaine

    Maybe hppd....

    Well i noticed it only temporarily made it worse for me but everyones brains and bodys are different so i dont know for sure.
  9. Sucios_numbaine

    Maybe hppd....

    Yep sounds like hppd to me, dont give up your hopes and dreams man, lots of people who have hppd can still live successful happy lives. Try not to be stressed out about it and stay away from all drugs (Nicotine, weed, beer, everything) and talk to your doctor, you might find that medication can help. I dont recommend antipsychotics though, they have been shown tohave negative effects on hppd.
  10. Sucios_numbaine

    Constant open eye CEVs, panic, anxiety

    i know exactly what you mean, i also get weird mental images that pop into my head randomly but for me it only happens when my eyes are closed. You didnt fuck up your brain, its simply hppd fucking with you and i know its hard to believe your sane with all this shit going on, but since you did get yourself checked out and they said your fine, and since i also can relate to everything your saying (mental images although i have it to a lesser extent,things moving, changed perception on the world , feeling like your going crazy, etc.) i honestly think it boils down to hppd, dr/dp and anxiety. Keep in mind hppd comes in all shapes and sizes, some people may have stronger visuals, while some people may have very little visuals and a lot more mental aspects of it. I obviously dont know what is best for you (i.e if you should take medication or not). I found that medication didnt help me at all but it changes between person to person, but remember counseling may help. If you do decide to take medication you will probably be prescribed either an SSRI or an antipsychotic, SSRI's have been shown to help about 50% of people with hppd but the other 50% of people who took it, it made there hppd worse. Antipsycotics however had mostly negative effects on hppd. I tried Antipsycotics (Seroquel) and SSRI's (Prozac)for both my hppd and my severe anxiety and found that seroquel made my hppd and anxiety quite worse and prozac had no real changes on either, these are just my personal experiences, talk to your doctor and do your research before taking any medication. Remember your not crazy its all your hppd, anxiety and dp/dr.
  11. Sucios_numbaine

    Another one

    The more you do any substance (even ones like caffine, alcohol, nicotine etc.) it will make your hppd worse. Like fante said steer clear of all substances it will do nothing but harm to you, besides when i stopped all drugs outright i learned to appreciate life a lot more, and started enjoying the sober "normal" feeling a lot more then anything a drug could do. Just focus on staying healthy and drug free and your body and mind will thank you for it.

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