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  1. I would argue that diet plays a key role in the development of Alzheimers disease. Nigerian blacks have the lowest rate of AD but have the highest number of people with the apoE4 gene and thats very likely due to their low intake of dietary cholesterol. Therefore, I would think that having HPPD does not correlate with increased AD.
  2. Thanks for the response man, I guess I find some comfort in knowing other people have had similar experiences. One of the things Ive had trouble coming to terms with over the past year and a half is whether I actually damaged my brain when I was high. I understand HPPD kinda is brain damage but I mean the feeling of my brain melting and frying in my head, which was probably just the effects of having a panic attack whilst high, left me rattled for months and I was sure my brain was damaged.
  3. As the thread title suggests, did anyone else get this randomly after using drugs for a long time? For me I started using cannabis at around 13/14 then was using mdma from about 15 and then used other compounds occasionally (2cb, lsd, mushrooms etc....). This carried on until i got hppd when I was 24. Which means I was using drugs (excluding cannabis) for around 8 years before the onset. What confuses me is that ive read that it can occur on the first trip or can slowly occur over multiple trips. Yet I never noticed any visual problems at any point during my use. Ive seen posts on this forum of people saying i noticing static etc etc but I never had any of that. I always had breaks between taking drugs as well so its not like I just thought I was on a comedown or whatever. At the time of onset I had been recovering from a long term relationship (8 years) which had ended badly and left me in an extremely bad state, which is what I think contributed to whatever happened to me the night HPPD kicked in. I was on mdma and ketamine and was also using nitrous oxide too. I had my 3rd line of ketamine and a few minutes later I had what I think was a panic attack. I felt my brain burn in my head and i thought i was going to die. Also, I was fine for a couple of weeks, minus a ligering headache and a bit of dizziness before it all began. Im just interested if anyone else experienced something similar?
  4. martainnn


    As a nutrition graduate I felt the need to respond to this. Mgrade you are right in some ways, potatoes and tomatoes are part of the nightshade family and indeed can have some anticholinergic effects. Whilst potatoes are in the same family as datura they do not contain scolpolomine. Im sure you wasnt getting at that but just in case people on this board start avoiding potatoes for that very reason hahaha.... That being said, potatoes do contain glycoalkaloids that can be poisionus in large doses. However, you would generally have to eat a fairly large amount to have any adverse effects. I personally eat potatoes very occasionally and never really noticed a problem, unless I eat a large amount before bed it sometimes keeps me up for a while, but if you have an intolerance to them AND with us having HPPD and sensitive brains, it wouldnt be out the realms of possibility they have an effect. For the past 4 years or so I developed an intolerance to wheat containing products. I can eat it in small amounts but if I eat too much I can have GI issues, brain fog, increased anxiety etc. I think in this case you are in the know about your body and if potatoes don't sit well....dont eat them! That goes for any food regardless of its contents. K.B.Fante, I'm interested in what made you choose a Paleo diet? The Paleo diet has been somewhat misconstrued and changed into a fad diet. Whilst there are some aspects of the diet that can be helpful I think it can also have some negatives. You mention you had cut out refined carbs, which is a good thing, but are you also eating a low-carb diet in general? High carb diets are what helped our brains to grow and us as a species to evolve over time. We need 25-30% carbs a day just for proper brain functioning. I see some people on this forum are a fan of keto diets to reduce their symptoms, which may be the case, but I would take a bet they are also hindering any sort of recovery, or at least decreasing the rate of. I would say it is probaly more the increase of plant foods that you consume as part of the paleo diet that has been beneficial for you. Not trying to take shots at your way of living or anything, it has obviously helped you thus far, I just wonder if theres some other changes you can make
  5. The second hand smoke thing is weird to be honest man. Theres been a few occasions when I'd been around someone smoking but it never effected me at all. I had been quite ill with tonsilitus a few weeks prior and that had increased my visuals somewhat anyway, And I was under a lot of stress from writing my dissertation, so its likely I was in somewhat of a weakened state. Also, it doesn't really make that much sense, I was outside and not exactly stood over the joint breathing it in. You would assume the majority of THC is breathed in by the user and that any THC coming off the end would dissapate into the air. So essentially I probably breathed in about a 10th of a toke or something. Its frustrating though, I understand, Its just so risky doing anything. I guess if the concert is indoors then it plays a higher risk. Who were you going to see out interest?
  6. martainnn

    Need some advice asap

    Yeah dont do it bro. I was pretty much at 60% and had very mild HPPD, to the point where I even questioned whether it was just the DP/DR i was still dealing with. About 2 months ago I was stood near my friend whilst he was smoking a spliff (didnt even have that much in it as well) and I've had increased visuals and increased DP since. I wouldnt do it if I were you. Out of all the drugs, I do miss weed the most, so understand how you feel. The fact that your even posting this question makes me assume you are aware of the risks. Its just not worth it man
  7. Well I'm about a year and a half in now and these days I struggle more with the DP/DR, fatigue, dizziness and headaches/pressure. Ive been dealing with somewhat of a setback for the last 2 months due to secondhand smoke (at least I think it was that) so my visuals have been slightly worse. So at the moment visually I deal with: -Light visual snow. Easily ignorable at this point, only really see it in certain lights or when Im having a bad day -Light negetive afterimages. Mostly caused by light sources or sometimes text against backgrounds with an opposing colour. -Slight morphing. This one returned after the pot exposure even though I hadn't experienced it in over a year. In fact, its not really morphing, my vision does this thing where it moves from side to side slightly. -Streaks of light created by bright lights. This is my most annoying symptom and really winds me up when im outside at night. Any time I blink, I get like a laser connect to my eye from the light source. Really pisses me off haha -Very mild occasional ghosting of bright lights -Motion blur. Sometimes hard to focus on things that are moving fast or if I move my phone in the dark, I dont really get tracers and never have but it blurs whilst its moving. Think this might related to DP/DR -Bouncy, and sometimes choppy vision. This had got so much better before the setback but has made a swift return. -Floaters and other shit when I look at the sky. Annoying but doesnt really bother me. -Tinnitus In the first 5 months or so I had really bad visual snow, morphing and movement of objects, moderate negetive afterimages (never had positive ones) and extreme mental symptoms to the point where I felt like I was living in a dream, cried all day every day, could barely get out of bed etc etc. Despite this I've never noticed an issue with my pupils
  8. AFAIK, I've never noticed any change in my pupils, even when I was in the worst months of this. So no, never been a problem for me.
  9. martainnn

    Second hand marijuana

    I'm currently experiencing a set-back/flare up due to what I think was due to second hand pot smoke. Could have also been due to stress or a combination of the two. I was doing pretty well before but I feel kinda messed up now, almost back to square 1 again. My DP/DR is terrible again, which I had learnt to manage, and now I have some balance issues and sometimes I can see some movement in my visual field again, which I hadn't experienced in over a year. You say your visual increases havn't recovered since...but has anything else? I can deal with the visuals...I just hate the DP/DR.
  10. martainnn

    Head Pressure Recovery Question

    Daily/regular exercise works wonders for my head pressure. Sometimes when it's flared up it gets worse during and for a short while after exercise but it helps in the long run.
  11. martainnn

    Symptom check

    I had the vibrating lines in the first 2 months or so, but have come back randomly the past few days, along with the dizziness symptoms. I think if you don't pay attention to it you'll notice it less with time and regular exercise is a good way to combat the dizzy feeling. The surreal feeling is DP/DR for sure. I only get ghosting occasionally, but its certainly a common symptom for HPPD sufferers. Not quite sure what you mean by eye shadows but could just be floaters distracting you. Another common symptom
  12. Just want to start by saying to whoever has fixed the site...thank you! its great to finally be able to sign up. Been suffering with mild-moderate (at its worse) HPPD + moderate - strong DP/DR for around 14 months now. After around 5/6 months, I was starting to feel comfortable with my symptoms and ended up having a pint of beer. Well for whatever reason it fucked me up and my symptoms went hellish for about 3 months. After that I got back on track and had been doing okay for a while. This passed weekend I had a friend over and I smoked a few cigs (i smoke very occasionally with no issues) with him whilst he was outside smoking a joint. The next night after I had a really bad nights sleep and felt like I was tripping. Since then (5 days ago) I've felt like I've slipped back into a bad state again and whilst most of my visual symptoms havent got any worse, I feel like lines wobble when I look at them (like they did the first few months), my DP has flared up along with anxiety, and I have this weird feeling of dizziness that I had in the first few months. Like when Im sat still I can physically feel myself swaying sometimes. Anyway, are random flare ups normal? Im currently in my final few weeks of writing my dissertation so is it just stress? I know it sounds stupid but is possible I got some second hand smoke from his joint (I didnt feel high, and we were outside)??. i've been through this once and it took me around 2-3 months to get back on track, so Im trying to stay positive, however I cant help but worry Im going to be stuck in this worse state. I just cant seem to place why it would just get worse like this after months of being generally okay. Its just so annoying when 5 days ago I actually had a generally dp/hppd minimal day. Anyone who has experienced similar, or just some reassurance would be appreciated. Cheers

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