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  1. Hi!! I did not write that post but it inspired me to try Keppra. I started out just a few days ago. Right now I'm on 250mg morning and evening which will be increased to 500mg morning and evening after 2 weeks. All I can say right now is that I'm feeling really tired and a bit weird (more than usual) from the medicine. However I know that medicine like this takes a few weeks to get used to and I will try it out for at least a total om 1 month if I don't get any other serious side effects. I also heard that the drowsiness is suppose to be reduced after taking it for a while. Had Hppd for 1.5 year now and it just got worse after traveling abroad for 2 weeks, which was why I called my neurologist and asked him to prescribe this for me. Feels kind of shitty when things practically reset after 1.5 years of trying to get better huh? I can update here on how it all went in a couple of months.
  2. To keep it short: HPPD for 15 months. Drug free, eating and working out. Overall a lot of stress since I'm in medical school. I have now tried Lamotrigine for about 1.5 month. You're suppose to go 2 weeks on 25mg, 2 weeks on 50mg and then continue on on 100mg (which is lowest effective dose). When I got to 50mg I feelt like my dp/dr symptoms were reduced and I looked forward to starting 100mg since I thought it would be "even better". Sadly, 100mg got me feeling weird and after 1 week I went back to 50mg after consulting with my neurologist. Now, 50mg feel better, but I still feel a lot of anxiety. I dont know if it's because finals are coming up but I feel almost as bad as I did ONE YEAR ago. Now I'm not really sure that to do. Continue on 50mg, try to increase to 100mg again? Or stop medication totally? My neurologist also said we can try Keppra or even a newer version called "Brivaracetam". Any advice?
  3. Yeah it got better on 50mg then I continued with 100mg (as told my doctor) and I thought the symptoms would decrease even more. However I got worse dp/dr and then I went back to 50mg. And since I went back I haven't feelt as good on 50mg as I did in the beginning. I might try Keppra but I think I have to give myself a break with at least 2-4 weeks of any meds before. And I don't think I will try anything new until vacation.
  4. Lallo

    Can it come back?

    Since we don't know the pathophysiology of HPPD it's not sure if it can come back or not. I would not recommend going back to whatever drug gave u HPPD if u got it and now symptom free. It's like playing with fire.
  5. Thank u for your response Jay1. This was also my original plan, to atleast wait 1 year Before trying any meds. by the looks of it, I will probably do it if my condition doesn't get much worse over a long period of time. I can feel that the recovery is not a straight line , but a continous wave up and down. I once had my best day, almost feeling completely back to normal, just the day after having a total breakdown cause the symptoms were taking over. Good vibes to you and everyone else!
  6. To keep it simple. I'm looking for a doctor in europé who understands and has treated HPPD patients Before. I have no problem to travel to meet someone, as long as he speaks English. I'm tired of not getting taken seriously by doctors in my own country. Positive vibes to you all! P.S. Over the past 8 months I have slowly been getting better. Do you Think I should try any meds at all or try to get better all by "myself" ? Already following all the "Lifestyle" stuff like taking no drugs, eating healhty, exercising, meditation etc.
  7. Lallo

    I've been symptom free for a week.

    Hello! I've red your old post about your recovery! How are you feeling today? Any advice to me? I've had HPPD symptoms since 8 months but they are getting a lot better. Eating healthy, working out 6 times a week, meditation etc. I've Always lived a very healthy Lifestyle. Glad that you made it!
  8. Lallo

    Good news! For the Dutch, at least.

    I know this topic is old but I would like to see if you ever got in Contact with this doctor and if amy medication was given to you and has it helped you? I'm living not far from the netherlands and I would gladly travel to meet a doctor that is familiar with this condition and can offer help. I've had HPPD symptoms for about 8 months and it's getting a lot better. However I'm hoping that maybe medication could give me a boost in the recovery process.
  9. Thank you for the response! I will probably go at least a year before trying out meds then. I had anxiety and still have but it has gotten better. It's worse when the visual and dp symptoms arise. My workouts have been helping me a lot and I will ofc continue with stuff that make me feel better. I'm trying to cut out on all the stress I can but I'm in university and studying really hard so obviously it's been hard to stay on track with this happening. Thank you for your responses and sending the best and most positive vibes back at you guys!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm gonna try to make my story pretty short: I used LSD in the beginning of december while I was traveling. I have used it about 4 times before with maybe 5-6 months in between. I did get hppd symptoms a couple of days after the trip but since I was flying to much I thought this was just jetlag or something so I ignored it. However in january the symptoms got worse and I was back home so I figured out something was not right. I have just came back home from a party with mdma and I guess that was not really good for me at the time. (Generally I'm not a regular drug user of any kind and I never ever drink alcohol or use tobacco). Anyway. I have not used any drugs, not even caffeine since january and even tho some of the symptoms have gotten a bit betten they are still there. My question is: Should I search for medication right now, Keppra or anything. Or should I wait another 6 months to see if my symptoms go away? I'm still hoping for everything to turn back to normal and I've seen stories where people actually recover 100% within a year. I've been to the doctor but obviously I didnt want to say that I've been doing drugs, so all they did was to send me to a magnetic scan of my head. (I dont know about usa but where I live, people have a BAD view at any drugs except alcohol and tobacco and all healthcare is "connected" which means all future doctors will see that I've been doing drugs. They also assume that u are some kind of drug addict. Which I'm not, I'm a hard working student who works out 6 days a week, and I'm eating super healthy and sleeping 8-9 hours/night) And PLEASE! No negative "oh u will have this for 25+ years" posts etc. I dont feel like that information, realistic or not, is giving me any positive energy to fight this problem right now. Anyway. I've seen that Keppra has helped a lot of people. I'm not really to interested in benzo since it looks like it just reliefs symptoms temporary and sooner or later u need a higher dose.
  11. Any advice regarding this or my symptoms or any positive feedback is highly appreciated. But please no negative vibes. I've stayed away from this and other forums because mostly it's full of negativity

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