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  1. So I'm really not sure I even belong here. I have some symptoms that sound just like hppd. Although I've never taken any hallucinogen (besides micro dosing shrooms in the past) I did OD on several different ssri medications. I was only 18 when I was put on an AD, which made me very suicidal. I took all the pills in the house and ended up in the ICU. I couldn't sleep for days, had tremors, fully dilated pupils, and auditory hallucinations. I heard music playing even though there wasn't even any sound in the hospital. Along with other issues. Now ever since that night, I experience very irritating symptoms. I frequently think I see faces or people in my peripheral vision, though nothing is there. I see shimmering lights when in the dark, and looking at the sky. Sometimes when I hear any kind of white noise, it turns into music. Lastly, I recently started taking another ssri and when I see a bright light, it stays in my vision for like a full 10 minutes. I'll see headlights, and they linger in the middle of my vision and obstructs my view. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate any thoughts or comments Hope everyone is doing well.