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  1. MadDoc

    Do I have HPPD?

    How long ago did you dose? I ask because it can take a while for anyone to bounce back from an intense trip. You may have early hppd symptoms, it's difficult to say. I'm no doctor but my feeling is that you don't. If you do have hppd, I'd say it's very mild. It sounds like your symptoms are fading which is a really good sign. That being said, don't tempt fate. Stop taking drugs, including cannabis, for a while. Give your mind time to equalize and then assess where you stand. Take care.
  2. I have sinus problems during the winter. It feels like pressure around the eyes and on both sides of the nose. Vitamin C acts as a antihistamine and it seems to help. I take a gram in the morning and a gram at night (orally). I can't take antihistamines like pseudoephedrine because it reacts like jittery speed in my nervous system. I think my sinus pressure is due to allergies. I started about five years ago. I think I'm just allergic to winter. Too dark, too cold.
  3. I did work my way through that, and I won't pretend I understand all of it. That being said, it's wonderful that this research is being done. Brilliant!
  4. MadDoc

    HPPD getting worse over time

    I used drugs during the 1970s. There were two messages. The message from the older generation was drugs would kill you or you would end up in jail. The message from the younger generation was that they were basically harmless. Both viewpoints were ill informed. Regarding productive lives, I'm nobody special. Just a regular Bozo making his way through "this" (whatever this is). I contracted hppd after taking psychedelics for six years. I managed to get through college, got married, raised two amazing kids (adults now), and have a profession that I enjoy. As I said, I'm nobody special but I never gave up. I picked goals and went after them one step at a time. Sometimes tiny little steps. All I'm saying is that it's possible to have a productive and happy life. Never give up, take small steps toward what you want to do do and who you want to be.
  5. MadDoc

    Flashback from Marijuana

    Don't despair. Three weeks isn't much time. Our brains are adaptable and healing is possible. If you focus on the symptoms, your mind will learn how to notice them. Try to focus on what interests you. Throw your attention and focus into that. After a while your symptoms could fade. I can't emphasis enough, give it time, and have faith in yourself.
  6. MadDoc


    @Onemorestep I'm amazed and heartened at the your dedication and methodical approach to finding the benefits (and pitfalls I suspect) of these substances. A cure or an effective treatment is out there. Thank you!
  7. MadDoc

    Medication Advice

    I take a daily vitamin. During the winter I take additional vitamin D. I don't think it effects my symptoms at all. When it comes to prescribed drugs, I suspect that most drugs that treat health conditions won't make your symptoms worse. For example blood pressure meds or statins. I think you need to take it as it comes and see how your body and mind handle each medication. Note, I'm no doctor and have no medical training. Find a doctor you trust, find a doctor who listens. That is, if there is such a doctor out there.
  8. MadDoc


    Staying away from psychedelics and cannabis is very important. Personally, I don't take any pharmaceutical drugs to deal with hppd. That was the path I took. Others in this forum have had real success using prescription drugs. I'd certainly take this route under the supervision of a doctor. Finding a doctor who understands what you're dealing with is the challenge.
  9. MadDoc

    100% cured

    I can't even imagine what that was like.
  10. MadDoc

    100% cured

    There are some people who post here who say they no longer have symptoms. I don't know if they're experiencing a temporary respite or if the relief is long lasting. @ramaradiego did the volcano erupt while you were dosed? Yikes!
  11. MadDoc

    Intentionaly getting HPPD

    This disorder is by no means fun or enjoyable. For me, it's like having a life long learning disability. For years my nervous system was constantly pumping adrenaline. The visual don't go away, however they aren't interesting, or enlightening. Getting focused on anything took a huge amount of effort. Enjoyable? No. With work i wad able to compensate for some of the symptoms, and over the decades I've learned to accept that I'm stuck with hppd. But fun? Yikes! NO! I too used to love taking psychedelics as often as I could. Sometimes for a week at a time. If I had known I would get this disorder, I would have never touched the stuff.
  12. MadDoc

    cure hppd using Psychedelic

    I'd be very skeptical of taking that approach. I'd also be skeptical of someone making that claim.
  13. MadDoc

    oxycodone and hppd?

    I've assume that hppd has been around for as long as psychedelics were available. Back when I was dosing, adverse symptoms caused by psychedelics was all categorized as "burn out". I've been looking for literature that describes methods and medications to combat burnout. I read the following by Ken Kesey: "Opium will cure acid burnout, but your left burned out for life". Taking opiates in any form is a slippery slope. I'd avoid oxytocin and the like.
  14. MadDoc

    Hppd at raves/festivals

    Jay, that's great! I have always wished I had one iota of musical talent, but I'm all thumbs.
  15. MadDoc

    HPPD getting worse over time

    I too used to take ridiculous doses but my drug was acid. Why did I do it? I just wanted to see what would happen I guess. Go deeper. We were also under the false impression that it was harmless. The handful of times I've smoked weed since I stopped dosing produced panic attacks and a scary psychedelic effect. My brain felt like it was being run by some alien software. Horrid! I think it's great that you reached out on this forum. You're not alone, there's a whole tribe of us who are dealing with this. Understand, there are people in this forum who life happy and productive lives. I've had this disorder my entire adult life but existence has been sweet. Welcome!

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