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  1. Yeah I'll try meditation and maybe find peaceful things to watch before bed to try and combat it K.B.Fante. And thanks for the info MadDoc.. Though I think I'll wait to try CBD oil as a last resort. I'm trying to do this going sober. I have my medical card too so wouldn't be a problem getting. It's just I feel like all the drugs are doing right now is either making things worse or slowing down/ stopping any improvements my body has or may make.
  2. Only had HPPD for a little over a month and trying a healthy lifestyle as in working more, spending more time with family n friends, no caffeine or drugs besides cigarettes etc.. It seems to be working wonders as my visuals keep improving. Though my biggest problem is my sleep now. Feels like I'm always stuck in REM sleep and aware that I'm sleeping most of the night. usually get 2-3 hours of sleep at a time and wake full of sweat. It's the only thing that hasn't gotten any better. Sometimes I even wake up to noises that seem soo real but come to find out that they weren't. Anyone else have any of this? have you gotten use to it or has it gotten better over time? I think its from stopping all drug use but don't know. GOD what' I'd do for a good nights rest.
  3. Thanks for the reassurance and driving my confidence up even more! I do think this is the best path for me. I'm 27 and always been on some type of drug since I was 10 years old whether prescribed or not. I think experience is telling me drugs won't help. But yup I agree with the outdoors I didn't mention it because it's still winter where I'm at and I get cold too easy.. But I'm getting ready for spring/summer.
  4. I posted something a few days ago about propranolol but thinking I won't take anything at all because I just hear soo many accounts of people taking something but in the long run almost never helps. And in some cases just plan out makes things worse. The reason behind this is I found out a lot of this hypertension and anxiety/panic attacks I've had was from quitting weed and adjusting to this new reality. Soo two questions...can anyone else relate or is it just me? And second question is has anyone tried cold turkey and seen improvements with visuals like afterimages? My symptoms don't seem that bad compared to most..I have afterimages, heavy snow, tinnitus, trails of lights, brain fog and lights seem to be very bright to where if someone stood in front of a light I can't make the details out only see a shaded figure. I've only been having these symptoms for a month but already used to them to where I ain't freaking out and having panic attacks 24/7.. though not to say I don't have panic attacks just have them a lot less. Reason it don't seem too bad for me is because I've had snow and tinnitus since I can remember.. Though the snow is heavy compared to light and tinnitus seems almost constant anymore. I'm also used to brain fog because I was smoking weed where I was staying high all day everyday. Only two things are new to me and that's afterimages and trails of lights. The afterimages are strong all the time but I only get trails of light when super tired or having a panic attack. So all in all if wasn't for the strong afterimages and trails of light I'd feel like I was super high from weed.. lol would be perfect if the afterimages and trails of light went away because then I'd just feel high without having to smoke and never need to spend money on smoke again.. I joke around because I was smoking 3 ounces a month "$7000 a year". Surprisingly I also noticed HPPD is causing me to do tons of good. I stopped smoking weed, drinking pop/soda, cut down my cigarette consumption by half, doing more DIY projects, spending more time with family and friends and always wanting to go to work since I'm trying to distract my mind. It's weird to say this but HPPD is actually doing more good then bad for me at the moment.
  5. Thanks for info! My biggest concern is my heart. i know it's not good to have constant anxiety/hypertension in the long run as it can lead to even more health problems. My visuals seemed to improve by half when I stopped smoking weed and drinking caffeine. but now got hypertension from the withdrawals and when anxiety kicks in it's horrid. I feel my body is taking care of my HPPD and don't want to have something interfere with any progress it has made.
  6. So i haven't seen enough info on Propranolol for HPPD... has this helped anyone with anxiety or hypertension? has it worsened any visuals? trying to play it safe because last thing I want is symptoms to worsen.