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  1. I've seen dr plant aswell (privately!) - lovely bloke. He took me seriously and listened to me, which is more than can be said for others. It's just a shame he can't offer any kind of solution! cluxe - the other condition is "visual snow" bud. There's groups on fb (as for hppd). Very similar conditions. I've also seen drs weatherall, Bowden-jones and goadsby who are all interested in hppd/VS. Unfortunately it's the same story as plant - they can't offer any decent practical advice at this stage cos they just don't know. But as jay says - at least they don't just dismiss you as anxious/psychotic (*ahem* GPs!!!). Sometimes it can be so reassuring just to have a doctor really listen to what you're saying and "get" where you're coming from.
  2. Joeygeorgie88

    Lions Mane

    How did you overdo it then Fante and what are your additional problems?
  3. For me it's an MDMA-esque urge to clench my jaw. Not very nice.
  4. Joeygeorgie88

    Constant open eye CEVs, panic, anxiety

    Sorry mythos - so when did the stopping smoking/breakdown occur? Cos it sounds like that's much more responsible for your current situation that the drugs of 2009-15....
  5. Joeygeorgie88

    Constant open eye CEVs, panic, anxiety

    Weed "all day every day" in oct 2015 and you've had hppd since 2009? I'm amazed you're not much worse than you are, bud! I'd be a psychotic, gibbering mess! I'd say you've done well, all things considered.
  6. Joeygeorgie88

    People's faces

    I've heard a lot of talk about people not being able to look others in the face. What's uncomfortable about it/what do you see? Since inhaling passive weed smoking a month back I think I'm beginning to understand what people mean...certainly a trippy vibe about the faces.
  7. Joeygeorgie88

    Trippy feeling

    Well prior to ingesting passive smoke a month ago it was august 2015 for me - so I know what it's like to have a worsening case despite no drug use in years. Just gotta keep up hope bud - it took last month to make me realize that I had actually gotten better in some regards, only I hadn't realized it because of the all the other stuff going on. And now BAM, all those old symptoms are returning. You've been consistently going downhill then since 2015? And I suppose you've not come across any passive smoke or anything like me?
  8. Joeygeorgie88

    Does anyone enjoy derealization or hppd?

    Ha, wow. I mean obviously I can't understand at all what you're doing, but each to their own I suppose! I'm surprised you haven't drifted into full-blown psychosis, to be honest! If I smoked everyday in my state I would probably be dead by now.
  9. Joeygeorgie88

    Trippy feeling

    My insomnia has returned too. I haven't really slept at all since Saturday, and I'm not even that tired. How are you doing? Unfortunately this shit is ALL related, haha....when did you say you last used?
  10. Joeygeorgie88

    Does anyone enjoy derealization or hppd?

    Haha.......I can only guess you don't have a very bad case of this, bud.
  11. Joeygeorgie88

    Trippy feeling

    Again, if you're talking about a bodily drugged sensation, an mdma esque feeling, then yes bud I truly know how unnerving it feels. Last week I had it worse than ever. I'm sick of feeling high so damn often.
  12. Joeygeorgie88

    Possible cause discovered (theory)

    What triggered your panic attacks though mythos? Was it spontaneous or due to extra stress (if so why) or medications?
  13. Joeygeorgie88


    Hmm, I see. Well isn't that just great, ha! Interesting that you found an antipsychotic helpful, mythos. You just took it short-term then?
  14. Joeygeorgie88

    Alcohol's effect on hppd? (cigs too)

    I smoked a rollie last night without inhaling (mouth only) and I swear for 10-20 mins I felt a cannabis-esque high, dry mouth and all. I was convinced one of my mates had included weed in theirs but it was only baccy! Never had that before, I guess tobacco is now off stricken off my list too. Anyone else?!

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