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  1. As Fante says, maybe it was the wrong term to use (although neurodegeneration is NOT always visible on MRI - ALS/MND patients for example have normal MRIs) - but structural damage at the cellular level would be impossible to see on an MRI. Many experts such as dr Abraham have hypothesised that HPPD is based around excitotoxic destruction of neurons.
  2. Bud - I maintain it could very well be brain damage/neurodegeneration! An MRI hasnt got a chance of observing things at the cellular level - so it's effectively meaningless for HPPDers. Bear in mind that most neurological conditions will not show up on an MRI even though cell death is involved.
  3. I've been getting this to an increasing degree. I've found it worrying since it's something one would generally associate with psychosis. It appears to me the line between HPPD and psychosis can be quite blurred - indeed, many here talk about psychotic episodes when they've been on drugs. Have any of you guys had genuine auditory/visual hallucinations from HPPD aside from this face sensation?
  4. It certainly might be neurodegenerative bud. God knows it feels that way for me! Many with hppd get worse over time. In many ways her book mirrors my own symptoms, in ways nothing else I've read does. I am certainly not ruling out progressive brain damage, in my case at least. Everyone with hppd is slightly different, it seems.
  5. For me it feels like coming up on mdma, only as you say, without the euphoria. It's horrible, and confirms to me my serotonin system must be screwed.
  6. Fante - I've read it myself and was amazed at the similarities! I can actually relate to so many of her initial symptoms. So yes, I expect there is a strong connection. What's your autoimmune disease? I've developed dysautonomia as a result of hppd, namely in the form of POTS.
  7. I used to be able to drink with this but now it fries my brain even in tiny amounts, makes me dizzy, body just can't tolerate it anymore. Just as with any stimulant.
  8. Hi guys Has anyone developed mood problems as a result of this? I'm sure many of us have depression but I refer more to the opposite end of the spectrum - I've had periods where I've felt hypomanic (like a mild dose of mdma, oddly enough...! Only I'm certainly not happy about it...) and I do worry about the chances of bipolar, or progression to full blown mania at some point. Can anyone relate? Or, indeed, simply to the feeling of having mdma coursing through your brain whilst completely sober.
  9. Fascinating. Wouldn't have thought of it as a hallucinogen, or a drug that has negative psychiatric effects (versus weed/lsd anyway) but then it's the drug that got me where I am. You have also mentioned it was Mandy that made your hppd permanently much worse.....Do you still have any *really* freaky visual stuff going on? I know you've spoken about 3D cogs before.....
  10. Cheers guys. It's often worried me, especially since 1) my case is degenerative and 2) I happened to ingest some (passive!) weed smoke a month ago that appears to have sent things into overdrive somewhat. For me it's mostly a feeling of seeing faces/personality in things - like car headlights feeling like eyes, or everyday objects having a feeling of life/personality about them - even though they don't *look* any different to me. As though they might start sprouting limbs and dancing about - like in a Disney film or something. Don't know if anyone can relate, haha... Jay - you mean people that are permanently psychotic following drugs? E.g. schizophrenic? I guess when all's said and done we can at least be grateful we're still (mostly!) sane...
  11. How psychotic has this made you guys feel? Anyone out there with genuine hallucinations (not just warping)/hearing voices? Do antipsychotics help you in those instances?
  12. Yes bud but I may have to call it a day. Along with the dizziness it's becoming too risky.
  13. Mine is also worsening by itself, bud. It's rather hopeless if I dwell on it. And to add fuel to the fire I happened to ingest some passive weed smoke last week that has sent this into absolute overdrive....... As I understand it it's rare for it to worsen by itself but.....evidently it happens thus for some.....
  14. Hi guys Just thought it'd be interesting to get an idea of how everyone is getting on.....
  15. Hi guys Does anyone else have periods where they feel high (obviously whilst not on drugs)? I don't mean the visuals, or the DP/DR, I mean where you actually feel the bodily sensation of being high and "overstimulated". My precipitating drug was MDMA, so it's very similar to an MDMA come-up, only without the euphoria. It's like a "tarnished" high, and very much as though my brain is overheating. It doesn't seem to be a symptom many can relate to.