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  1. I haven't smoked.. a little over 6 months have passed since my last puff of cigarette/weed. I don't intend on smoking even if it goes away completely, hopefully this can be a positive that I carry forward from this really shitty condition. From what I've read on here weed does interfere a lot with the recovery process. I've had alcohol 3-4 times since this happened. If its just a couple of beers nothing much happens really. Its a very slight difference the next day. But there was this night I drank a lot.. it really fucked me up for a week. I'd strongly recommend to stay away from alcohol for as long as possible. And yes I'd say I feel normal almost pre HPPD like now. I just really miss coffee and dark chocolate, and staring out of the balcony at night sucks cuz of the starburst effect. Other than this everything seems okay for now
  2. **but hopefully it goes away too.
  3. 1) Light sensitivity - It was hard to drive when the sun was out but now its extremely mild to the point i don't notice it. 2) I can still see starbursts from distant lights at night. 3) Reading was annoying for the first two months but its just like pre HPPD now. 4) There was intense DP/DR, anxiety, depression but after the 3rd month it all began to fade away. Now it isn't there at all. I think it was the meditation that helped. 5) I didn't have much visual distortion and on the odd occasion when i would notice it i tried to ignore it. But i still have very mild visual snow which increases with caffeine intake. Now point 2 is the only reminder of my HPPD, but
  4. You sound somewhat like me. It's been six months, and I can tell you one thing for sure. It gets much much better. In retrospect, I was really shaken and worried and never thought I'd reach this point. So firstly, don't worry - the body and mind are complex and they take time. Just help the process by eating nutritious food, exercise (which you already are doing) and reducing caffeine intake. I would also strongly recommend meditation. I can't possibly explain how much it has helped me. You could probably just download an app to help you get started quickly. I'd suggest the app 'Headspace'. For me, apart from starbursts and very slight sensitivity to light almost all symptoms have gone away. Continue with absolutely not smoking pot. And try staying away from alcohol too, because it does hinder the recovery process, but yeah I did end up drinking a couple of times. Keep yourself occupied and don't worry bud. :)
  5. Yeah caffeine fucks me over. One day I had Starbucks, when I got out I could see 3-4 layers of the street one over the other along with the street lights. It really freaked me out. Drinking coke, Pepsi etc also increases my symtoms and like Mad doc it puts me to sleep too. But at lower dosages it increases the symptoms very slightly - which is why I am able to drink green tea. I wonder if caffeine at low dosages too might be hindering the recovery process?
  6. Just meditate and exercise everyday, and keep yourself busy. These things are basic, and they'll reduce all your symptoms. Maybe fish oil and vitamin b complex will help too. There will be bad and depressive days, but keep yourself distracted and try not to think about it. I've realised keeping myself busy has helped me the most. It's somewhat like a break up, man. The less you think think of it, the faster you can 'get over' it and realise life can still be good.
  7. Thanks a lot bro. Really needed this sort of motivation. Yeah I'm gonna stay away from all kinds of drugs and alcohol.
  8. I'm a 20 year old guy. I popped LSD like two times with a gap of 6 months in between. Third time, which was like december and 3 months after the previous hit, it wasn't lsd, it felt like 2CB but i have no way to know for sure. I've had mild HPPD ever since, like i see rays from light sources at night and some times double images and my head feels funny. I quit all kind of drugs since then, until a few days ago i decided to get drunk. This has like fucked up everything for me. I had mad headaches and crazy visuals. I hate going outside at night. Has this happened with anyone else? Like does getting drunk permanently fuck you up? And secondly Id recently applied for this course which requires a lot of memorisation, has anyone else on here pulled through a hard course while dealing with hppd? Fuck this shit has made me feel really low will it ever go away?