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  1. That would be unfortunate if cell death occured and the new-built neurons would be incapable of connecting with each other properly again. Is there some good way to measure if cell death occured in one's brain? And how long would neurons need to regrow and build new connections after apoptosis set in? Hope these questions had not already been discussed.
  2. It just says that I have a relatively shallow Pituitary Gland of 3 - 4 mm. From what I read about the Pituitary Gland, it seems to be involved in some processes which could be relevant for my condition. But tbh I got the MRI results from the lab and then I didn't consult with the psychiatrist again, so I don't know if that could be important.
  3. I got respiratory distress from it and it just made me feel bad. When I was moving my head, it felt like my vision had problems adjusting to it.
  4. HPPD cases are different. For me I'd say, yes it's psychologically. I am basically traumatized from a bad trip. It sounds like Holotropic Breathing could help dealing with stuff like anxiety, depression and DP/DR which are obviously psychologically. I don't know about visuals but HB seems to be heavily neurogenesis-promoting so I am sure it could also help with possible neurological malfunctions (just like meditation, yoga, exercise and even CBT can too). However HB can trigger/ bring up a lot of psychological issues and is often compared to a drug-free psychedelic trip. That is why it is probably not recommended for everyone, like psychotic people and probably not for sensitive people with severe HPPD. I guess I'd try trauma-integration with a combination of micro-to-low dose cannabis and meditation, before I would try HB. My insurance wouldn't even cover Transpersonal Psychotherapy and doing it without guidance sounds very stupid. Also a competent therapist would be able to evaluate if one is stable enough to do this kind of therapy. It was just a thought that this method could help people who feel relatively stable AND whose symptoms primarily arose from mental issues or trauma.
  5. Bumping this, Holotropic Breathing seems to be an interesting option. I might consider consulting a Transpersonal Psychologist.
  6. I actually had lower BP when my DP/DR was high. Now that my DP/DR has subsided, BP is as high as before.
  7. It helped me with depression and anxiety but I don't really take it anymore because I don't like the drowsiness.
  8. That might be true for many cases but I don't think that "HPPD" is the same for everyone, it is a term used to summarize various symptoms triggered by drug use. I am not sure if visuals alone without mental symptoms could be described as mental illness.
  9. Couldn't drink during first months after my bad trip because it made me freak out. Now I can enjoy alcohol again, in fact I might be drinking too much. Guess I will try to cut it out again so my mind can focus on recovery.
  10. I get migraines since 2005, not all the time but often enough. Have been wondering if there is a correlation to my weird reaction to psilocybin. However this dreadful feeling and migrain headaches don't really appear simultaneously and I didn't get this feeling before I took mushrooms.
  11. Lion's Mane made me feel temporarily worse. I might try it again someday with a lower dosage or with a different brand.
  12. Yes kind of, I sometimes use the term "nihilistic" trying to describe it. It might appear just like a combination of derealization and depression but I feel like it's "deeper" than just that. I don't really feel it on a such a strong physical level anymore but correlating thought patterns still occur. However I'm optimistic this will dissipate over time.
  13. I also get feelings of dread but it's more of a feeling like everything is pointless and meaningless and featureless. It's a feeling of being incapable of feeling joy and like the world is just flat and dead. I also used to feel this strongly on a physical level, I could feel the dread in my head and this is also connected to my bad mushroom trip. I read about Stanislav Grof's Perinatal Matrices and what he described as Matrix II resembles these feelings well. I also got feelings of like having an abyss in my head or a hole which sucks up my brain/ mind, kind of. Yikes.
  14. Got much better in ten months but has not resolved yet. I consume alcohol and caffeine again, it doesn't affect my symptoms a lot anymore.
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