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  1. ddiddy66

    Dizzy/Unbalanced tips?

    It's not anxiety. I have no anxiety but still feel vertigo like symptoms
  2. ddiddy66

    Took me 20+ years but i finally found you

    Welcome. We are the same age and have had this condition for about the same amount of time.
  3. ddiddy66

    keppra safety?

    Made me too irritable. Cut it off with no negative effects
  4. ddiddy66

    Suicide. One day...

    I remember feeling that way for years. I wish I could've slapped myself out of it. Trust me. You won't feel the same way later. That being said I do sympathize with you. Keep looking for any kind of relief from your anxiety and depression. Once those are under control you can appreciate life. You can also pm me whenever you want
  5. I am very interested about the imune connection. I started the Paleo AI protocol diet a couple months ago. Including making my own bone broth. I felt a lot better. I got busy at work and fell off. Gonna start again and add probiotics
  6. ddiddy66

    Back on Zoloft SSRI

    Works for my anxiety. Nothing else
  7. ddiddy66


    My only experience with an anti psychotic made my symptoms worse and knock me out
  8. ddiddy66

    HBOT treatment

  9. ddiddy66


    The most interesting thing to me is that you have fibromyalgia. Auto immune disease seems to be rampant with hppd. I also just read a study from Stanford University linking immune and gut health to alzheimers disease
  10. ddiddy66

    My road to cure

    Glad to hear your feeling good.
  11. ddiddy66


    nice. are your hppd symptoms listed somewhere?
  12. my point was, even though, I can smoke weed and enjoy it. There are still negative effects for me

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