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  1. Omg! I have to try to remember that username!
  2. I've gone in they're on several occasions. Same story. Very annoying! Where is everyone???
  3. I take 5HTP as a supplement. It helps me with my mood and sleep, but everyone is different. What works for me might be awful for you, I dunno.
  4. Some days are better than others and some are just plain scary! I can't tell my boss, "sorry I can't drive, I'm seeing shit." but I don't want to wreck someone's car or even get in an accident with someone in the car with me. I'm feeling stuck cuz I make way too much for what I do, I'd rather not quit.
  5. Wow! That's amazing Jay! That really gives me hope! I keep trying to put a positive spin on it but it seems people in this forum don't like that. You have definitely inspired me to keep my positive outlook and pursue with my dreams and Aspirations despite this crap. Thank you SO much! Kind words are always welcomed!
  6. Yeah, I don't know if I want this public... It says anyone can view who's on there and what they post. I'm not ok with that. Sorry.
  7. I see you have started a Facebook page. So far only 2 people like this??? Where is all the support?!
  8. Yeah. I'm definitely not enjoying this. I thought I could trick myself, "what's wrong with trippin forever?" I get it now. Every aspect of my life is different and not positively. I'd like to retract my post... I don't like this at all and I'm not touching drugs!
  9. My HPPD started recently, but I've always had a mild form of it. I remember from a very young age telling my mom I saw people's "angels" (I was raised Catholic so that's what I thought). Not Catholic now, but I was seeing halos and VS as early as the age of 3. This past year or so I really got into LSD and mushrooms. That's when the HPPD hit be head on. I dropped over a dozen times but it wasn't until my first bad trip that the HPPD stuck. For about 3 weeks I had panic attacks every day, suicidal thoughts, and more. I was desperate for, answers for help, our at least some understanding. Then I found this place. It's been very helpful knowing that there are others who know what I'm going through! I felt so alone! Some days are better than others but I still really sruggle. I find myself more and more withdrawing from people and activities I once enjoyed. It feels like my life is slipping away, who I was, what I thought defined me, my passions and zest for life has drastically dulled. Just taking it one day at a time, I suppose it's all I can really do.
  10. So I work for a mechanic. I answer phones, do book work, cashiering and picking up parts and customers. They also have me drive client's vehicles regularly. Now, as we all know, I can't see straight. Driving is difficult even during the day. What should I do or say? Am I at risk legally??? I'm sure one of you wouldn't want me test driving your jag or BMW (both of which I have), would you?
  11. I guess I'm just hoping it will get better or it go away eventually even though I already know the answer. Looking for some comfort, understanding, and kindness I guess, because the people around me can't offer any. I thought you guys could relate. I dunno... ????
  12. Thank you so much for putting forth so much effort! As a new comer here, this is motivating! Let's keep fighting!
  13. It seems I have all of the visuals you have mentioned, not quite the same distortion when I look through glass though. The best thing I've found to help with anxiety from the visuals is to just accept it and roll with it. The more you fight it and freak out, the worse your anxiety gets. That is at least my experience.
  14. Ah... It's so strange! Things I did in the morning, later in the day can feel like I did them yesterday or even a few days ago. It's very hard to explain to others because it is VERY noticeable. What do you say?