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    Hi, im 17 years old and have been using mdma for about 1.5 years more times then i can count and i have also done alot of other drugs and have done lsd a few times however had a really bad trip on a very high dose and then the next time i did it it wasnt the same as normal and basically had this visual snow all through my trip, i then carried on doing mdma until i had a seizure so i stopped all drugs. about a week later i had a bad panic attack in my lesson (never had anything like that before and i thought i was having a seizure again) i then got really bad anxiety and got this wierd visual symptoms, like really fuzzy which was worse when it was dark and everything looked abit like i was coming up on acid whenever i thought about it (like things almost breathing but only a little bit) and also very strong colours and shadows seemed very easy too see. I knew when i got these visuals that they were never going to go away and i thought that i was fucked. i then preety much had panic attacks in every lesson i went into for about 2 weeks, im glad to say that went away. i had no idea what was wrong with me i went for blood tests and worried alot. its been about 5 months now and i have only just come across this disorder i have been wondering what it could have been and i think this is it i and i still have this visual snow and wierd visuals and i feel like it really is not going to ever go, its really distracting and annoying, is it possible that this will go away any time soon? or is there a way to get rid of the viusal symptoms? because i feel like the visual problem is the only problem i have with this. Thank you very much if you have taken the time to read this and look forward to hearing any answers or questions you have.
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