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  1. Sorry man but almost everyone here will tell you that weed is not good at all for hppd sufferers...there are a lot of topics about this on the forum. Take care man
  2. Good for you bro, it will get even better with exercice, good food, plenty of water and a positive mindset. But please stop doing drugs for the rest of your life, or it can be much much worse.
  3. Sertraline (Zoloft) and Mirtazapine gave me HPPD (mild) Everyone is different
  4. Don't order benzo online, it's no very safe imo. Why don't you get a prescription from your GP ?
  5. This poison will f**** you up, don't take it. You can treat anxiety/depression or other mental disorders with other methods, which are much more safe and efficient. (CBT therapy or other therapies, exercice, meditation/relaxation, hypnosis etc.) "Rather than fix chemical imbalances in the brain, the drugs create them.”- Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic Prior to treatment, patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and other psychiatric disorders do not suffer from any known "chemical imbalance". However, once a person is put on a psychiatric medication, which, in one manner or another, throws a wrench into the usual mechanics of a neuronal pathway, his or her brain begins to function, as Hyman observed, abnormally.”- Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic
  6. Yes it will moslty go away. At least, it will fade in the background. You will not notice it anymore. Give it at least 1 year. It can flares-up because of stress, fatigue, or no obvious reason. Stop taking drugs, alcohol, caffeine. Stop obsessing about it, don't focus on it, don't search mindlessly on the net about it. You have to forget it as much as you can. Eat well (not too much sugar), sleep well, and exercice. Just live your life, enjoy the things you like, and strongly believe that you will recover, because you will
  7. I quit drinking alcohol for 7-8 months, I didn't smoke weed anymore at that time, lost interest in it at the beginning of depression four months before my onset. That was for the better ! I exercice regularly, and tried to sleep enough. And tried to be positive as much as I could, focusing on my general well being, do stuff I like etc. All the things I read here, and I would like to thank you Jay, you gave me some support and advice and other people too, like Visuals and K.B Fante. I was completely lost and you guys were here. Didn't change my diet so much. I didn't take any meds or supplements (was afraid of making it worse), although I was on Lorazepam before HPPD and started tapering off four months after my onset. My general anxiety disorder was getting better (thanks to therapy, relaxation, exercice) and I didn't need it anymore at this point, not because of less visuals symptoms, which remained steady for at least 6 months, and flared up regularly.
  8. I've had mild hppd because of SSRI and used to smoke weed for 15 years before, I recovered in 10 months at 90-95 %. But I relapsed on caffeine and afterimages, trails and general vision are worse than the first time now. But I will recover again.
  9. Just a few words : I have palinopsia (I prefer this term to HPPD for me) because of Zoloft. I had severe anxiety wich leads to a depression before that, so I took Zoloft... This drug will not "treat" your anxiety/depression/whatever it is, it will only alleviate some symptoms, mostly the ones from anxiety. But SSRIs are just completely unneffective concerning symptoms of depression/sadness/empty feeling. AND it's very bad for your health because it messes up some receptors which can cause HPPD/palinopsia. This will not heal you, this will make things worse. And i'm not talking only about visual disturbances. For me it's not a reaction to your disorder. It's just you who is scared about that. Stop smoking weed. Very bad because it feeds anxiety a lot and unbalances your nervous system. You don't want that. You can overcome this with CBT, exercice, relaxation, seeing friends etc. I did it, so everybody can do. All that matters is your will power. You will find strenght deep in yourself and you will overcome it, it will be long and tough, but you will, and you will become a better version of yourself.
  10. Thank you for the information. I'm sure you will return to your baseline in a few days
  11. I like video games too, but screens are not good for visuals, so I play only 1 or 2 times a week. Very frustrating. I love playing piano, it's difficult for me but I've made some progress lately, watch old/sci-fi/arty movies with my gf, I like art in general. I love going to Italy whenever I can to admire Raphael's paintings, because they are perfect. I also like doing exercice and practice sophrology/meditation.
  12. Hey Originally, for lessen anxiety you can try sophrology, looks strange and dull, but it's very effective. You have to practice everyday. Like meditation, after a while, it rebalances the nervous system, help to clear the mind and provide good anxiety relief. (mentally and physiologically) It's not easy to find english sessions on youtube. This is very popular in my country so there's lots of video in french. Anyway this sophrologist's sessions are very good, and there is one in english. Also doing exercice regulary is also effective to lessen the anxiety. (running or whatever)
  13. I had severe anxiety disorder in the past wich was cured with cognitive behavioral therapy. Thoughts, emotions and behavior all impact each other, if DP is an anxiety disorder I think CBT would be a very effective therapy to get rid of it faster. I don't know where you live, but in my country it is kind of expensive. (60e per session, 1 session every 2 or 3 weeks). My therapist was topnotch, very kind and funny. Not always easy to find. I think you can talk about this solution to your parents, it's worth it. Concerning your visuals, since you are young, and clean now It will go away with time. But don't ever do drugs again ffs. And don't drink alcohol, and don't drink coffee. I know its hard to be sober at partys, but only in the beginning. We're talking about your health here, this is the most precious thing you got, invaluable. You can have fun without it, it's just a good habit. And drinking alcohol is so 2005. It will mostly go away, no doubt about this. But for the moment, be indifferent to them, ignore them and they will be less and less annoying. and focus on your psychological well-being (therapy, relaxation, socialization, hobbies, girls etc..)
  14. Just relapsed 2 weeks ago, I knew coffee wasn't good for this condition but I used to drink some from time to time without any effect. Then, I became careless...Recently I had a hard time at work, I wasn't sleeping enough and was drinking strong coffee, at least 3 cups each day for 10 days. Last time while playing piano I noticed that I had now some slight "trails" or whatever, I can see more motion blur, which I never had before, even on my onset in december 2015. (luckily my symptoms were not very severe) I'm not used to it and it bothers me, can't stop watching it. Vision is kind of blurry sometimes, light sensitivity had increase a lot, and halos and afterimages too, some things flicker a bit... So yes you can relapse from coffee But you have to drink hard stuff regulary I guess. I was 94,67% cured since July 2016. I was so dumb to drink this shit. I hope to recover again :] About the pot I was afraid at the beginning, now there's often weed smoke around me and it never had any effect . @Unlucky : I don't know how your symptoms are, but imo you should seriously adress anxiety, for trying to find more calm and peacefulness. Meditation/sophrology and CBT if you can. These things really helped me. Hang in there people
  15. After my new year's hangover last year my visuals were much worse, so I quit drinking for about 6 months. But one day I was tired of being sober, and since i've been drinking beer and even rhum or whiskey sometimes, every weekend. Maybe it prevents me to completely recover. I don't know, but this kind of behaviour doesn't help for healing... (i'm talking about visuals only)
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