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  1. Atomoxetine, for those who don’t know, is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Ive taken it before, after hppd (albeit it was 2 years after onset). I didn’t have a problem with it but was very sensitive. I only needed 10mg. After a a period of tome, it can make you feel antisocial and robotic. norepinephrine in high levels is associated with chronic fatigue and increased susceptibility to post traumatic stress. People with naturally high norepinephrine have a hard time relaxing and letting go. It it can be a useful drug. I certainly don’t think it would cause any permanent problems, bur do your due diligence with research. Start small
  2. @iancurtis for me, a lot of positive effects were permanent. I’m much more driven than I used to be. Went from probably 0 drive to 50% and that’s more than enough for me to do something decent. Before box, I just laid in bed and watched Netflix really. Now I’m starting a business. It was kinda hard to realize how different I was but when I look back over time I realize how much it contributed to me taking on this endeavor.
  3. Yup! I don’t take INI everyday. I tried for the first bit but it felt kinda like it lost efficacy? Or I just got used to it? Either way I just take it 1-2 times a week now. Still works great. One of my favorites in the arsenal. I really save it now for when I need to be social. It’s a wonderful social lubricant. I would take it le it more often but I figure if I don’t need to, why not stagger? Seems like a good idea. Don’t want downregulation on my insulin receptors. There’s long term studies coming out soon as well that should say whether it’s okay to take it everyday for long periods of time. So for now, without that info, I’ll stick with what I know is safe—short term daily dosing or once or twice every week.
  4. @maddoc pitfalls there have been aplenty. Both teach you a lot about this disease though!
  5. I don’t mean to contraindicate jbalsa... but you should not take ambien. It’s too mich of a hypnotic and has a high chance of making your hppd worse—mental and physical. If you google around, you’ll find evidence for it doing this. People have been known to have hallucinations in it that seem oddly similar to delirient drugs. While some drugs are hit or miss for effecting hppd, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for sleeping aids. I’ve taken melatonin and trazadone in the past (although the later many people don’t react well to with hppd according to posts on this website).
  6. Thanks thelostreceptor! Great find. I've always been more keen on finding solutions to the emotional/cognitive strains HPPD puts on me but I would never turn down a chance to get rid of some of the visual snow I have. I started my first day of INI today and so far have nothing to report. I may feel a bit sharper though. Less brain fog. I can read much faster than normal as well. My mood seems to be relatively the same. Perhaps with continued usage i'll see more in that department. I took about 60 units today. Will report more as the experiment progresses.
  7. I'm kind of surprised no one has ever tried this or brought it up on this forum! I'm having a hard time finding any serious downsides to the stuff. It is purportedly fantastic for increasing memory/mood. I went to a doctor a while back who wanted me to use it but was going to charge me a fortune for it. I didnt take his offer and didnt think much about it until i stumbled across an article about a guy who says you can make it yourself with insulin you can buy at walmart for $25. https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/intranasal-insulin/ http://www.lostfalco.com/intranasal-insulin/ anyone ever tried it?
  8. I unfortunately do not ? my photophobia went away relatively fast after cessation of racetams. I know acetylcholine can influence photophobia-- myasthenia gravis and anticholinergic poisoning often cause it. Thats been the extent of my research over the years...
  9. Increased cholinergic functioning. Better memory. Zero pleasure response. This lasted for several years and as my pleasure response got better, my memory got worse. Some interplay between dopamine, gaba, acetylcholine? Found good evidence for theories but thats it...
  10. Luckily, I do not. Plenty of other things to worry about!
  11. you mentioned how baclofen can can your brain in a semi permanent way, can you please elaborate on that?  

  12. Wait what was the muscle movement disorder like? I’ve been using naltrexone for a few months now at v low doses and I recently added a few doses of memantine into the mix. And I had to stop all meds since I started getting spasticity problems REAL bad. I’ve been adding things in slowly to try and figure out what it was but if you’re right maybe it was the naltrexone and memantine combination? Interesting.
  13. Hello! I wrote pretty extensively about this drug in a previous thread: its an interesting drug. It helped me immensely and hurt me too in equal proportions. One day I’ll revisit it with a major write up of my experiences over the 8 months I took it. one thing I didn’t mention in my post—if you take it, and after a few days you feel good (I mean really good) then I would discontinue. For a subset of the population it seems to lead to hypomania and burnout similar to GHB.
  14. About a year after the onset of my hppd, I was prescribed amoxicillin. Had no effect on my hppd that I noticed. I was still doing a lot of drugs back then though so I definitely didn’t have a good baseline to judge against. Some people don’t seem to have problems with them though. cipro is another story. Flouroquinalones are an awful class of drugs that ruin people’s lives. Never take cipro unless the alternative is death.
  15. Unfortunately, after a few weeks on nsi it began to cause anxiety. I still take it every 4th day, but at about a tenth of the 40mg dose I was earlier. The mechanism of action for nsi is under patent and not accessible to anyone except neuralstem so I don’t expect to find out for certain any time soon what may have been causing it. its definitely not as effective the way I’m taking it now, but it’s better than nothing. It’s still a wonderful medication and I’m probably 25 percent more productive and less depressed than I was prior to using it. lastly, I have retained the ability to see colors in full saturation. This doesn’t appear to fade even with a full washout. I’m very pleased with that
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