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  1. Onemorestep

    HPPD ≈ Chronic Anticholinergic Syndrome?

    I unfortunately do not ? my photophobia went away relatively fast after cessation of racetams. I know acetylcholine can influence photophobia-- myasthenia gravis and anticholinergic poisoning often cause it. Thats been the extent of my research over the years...
  2. Onemorestep

    baclofen experiences

    Increased cholinergic functioning. Better memory. Zero pleasure response. This lasted for several years and as my pleasure response got better, my memory got worse. Some interplay between dopamine, gaba, acetylcholine? Found good evidence for theories but thats it...
  3. Onemorestep

    HPPD ≈ Chronic Anticholinergic Syndrome?

    Luckily, I do not. Plenty of other things to worry about!
  4. you mentioned how baclofen can can your brain in a semi permanent way, can you please elaborate on that?  

  5. Onemorestep

    Naltrexone - Success

    Wait what was the muscle movement disorder like? I’ve been using naltrexone for a few months now at v low doses and I recently added a few doses of memantine into the mix. And I had to stop all meds since I started getting spasticity problems REAL bad. I’ve been adding things in slowly to try and figure out what it was but if you’re right maybe it was the naltrexone and memantine combination? Interesting.
  6. Onemorestep

    baclofen experiences

    Hello! I wrote pretty extensively about this drug in a previous thread: its an interesting drug. It helped me immensely and hurt me too in equal proportions. One day I’ll revisit it with a major write up of my experiences over the 8 months I took it. one thing I didn’t mention in my post—if you take it, and after a few days you feel good (I mean really good) then I would discontinue. For a subset of the population it seems to lead to hypomania and burnout similar to GHB.
  7. Onemorestep

    Amoxicillin. Antibiotics & HPPD. Help.

    About a year after the onset of my hppd, I was prescribed amoxicillin. Had no effect on my hppd that I noticed. I was still doing a lot of drugs back then though so I definitely didn’t have a good baseline to judge against. Some people don’t seem to have problems with them though. cipro is another story. Flouroquinalones are an awful class of drugs that ruin people’s lives. Never take cipro unless the alternative is death.
  8. Onemorestep


    Unfortunately, after a few weeks on nsi it began to cause anxiety. I still take it every 4th day, but at about a tenth of the 40mg dose I was earlier. The mechanism of action for nsi is under patent and not accessible to anyone except neuralstem so I don’t expect to find out for certain any time soon what may have been causing it. its definitely not as effective the way I’m taking it now, but it’s better than nothing. It’s still a wonderful medication and I’m probably 25 percent more productive and less depressed than I was prior to using it. lastly, I have retained the ability to see colors in full saturation. This doesn’t appear to fade even with a full washout. I’m very pleased with that
  9. Onemorestep

    SSRI Experiment

    What were you not clean of prior to three weeks ago? Not to poke holes—but stopping substance use and starting a medication isn’t very controlled. It will be hard to discern whether you are improving because of the medication or from abstinence ? many say that ssris need a month for the antidepressant effect to kick in. I think many misconstrue this as meaning the medication isn’t working for the first month. It does have an acute action on the brain and people can respond to that (although more often than not it’s more negative the first month). ssris are tricky for those with hppd. Many don’t react well to them. Some react okay. No rhyme or reason with hppd sometimes! Its a good sign you can still tolerate caffeine many of us don’t have enough inhibitory action going on in our noggins to take stimulants anymore. I miss the taste of a hot cup in the morning! Keep on trucking!
  10. Onemorestep

    Cure for Palinopsia

    Let me know how the VR turns out J. Might give me the push I’ve been waiting for to invest in one
  11. Onemorestep

    Will I have withdrawal from Keppra?

    Also I don’t think you will need to take lorazepam to deal with starting keppra. It’s not likely to make you anxious. Going off keppra however, you could take lorazepam to soften the glutamate spikes that come with going off antiepilectics. I don’t recomend this though. All benzos should be taken sparingly if at all. Mince again it’s a very weird drug. I couldn’t sleep for three days when I started it the first time. I took a single dose of Benedryl and was able to sleep though. After the third day sleep resumed normalcy and even improved over time. If you are anxious about the medication, you can start on a very low dose. I took 75 mg for the first week and then bumped it up to 500. Worked my way up to 1500. It was the closest thing I’ve felt to a cure when it was working. However, after a single dose of methylphenidate, it stopped working for whatever reason. Moral of the story—if it works and you feel cured just stay sober.
  12. Onemorestep

    Will I have withdrawal from Keppra?

    Yes unfortunately you can have withdrawals from keppra. It’s such a complicated drug; it interacts with tons of systems—serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, opioid. It even has effects on the immune system. It’s a drug best tapered. That being said, it isn’t as bad as benzo withdrawals or “hard” drugs. It just should be done properly and slowly. It is an antiepilectic after all. Never good to abruptly discontinue usage of those kinds of drugs. My experience with keppra eas it was pretty easy to come off as long as I went slow. Going fast was very intense. Individual mileage may vary however.
  13. Onemorestep

    jbalsa2's keppra thread

    Very exciting stuff! I hope it’s still working out for you keep a watch out out for increased hair shedding, connective tissue problems, and paradoxical vitamin deficiency symptoms (levels seemed fine, but body wasn’t utilizing them). These were the main ones I experienced.
  14. Onemorestep


    I’m about three weeks into my trial with NSI. In my opinion, it is an INCREDIBLE substance for alleviating depression and promoting mental stability. I feel a sense of security and self that I had lost for so long I had forgotten what it was like. And the effects appear to not only last with cessation of it but actually get better in my experience. Its still early in my trial to be tooting success, but I’m just in such a state of relief I felt the need to say something. So far this has changed my life so much for the better. Obviously, individual mileage may vary. This is not a zero risk substance. But from what I’ve read and experienced, it’s not more dangerous than traditional antidepressants in terms of side effects. ill continue to post about my experience with this compound as time goes on. I’m still tinkering with dosages and want to give it a full rub before I report back. Much love to you all
  15. Onemorestep


    Hi hope! Id love to give an update— so far it’s going pretty well. Sometimes I take it for a week or so and then forget to but I always notice it being a positive thing. It just puts me in a better mood. And if I’m feeling overstimulated from my methylation protocol it helps reduce nerve pain symptoms and if I’m feeling disassociated it can help pull me out .i really give it an a+ particularly because it has very very few side effects I notice. Perhaps s little lighter sleep on the first night or two I take it? I developed hppd many times in my life. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever not felt it since it probably started when I was around 6 with Ritalin. That being said, I didn’t have my first serious stint with it until I abused dextromethorphan when I was 20. I didn’t have any visual problems from it, but the mental ones were there. This largely healed over the course of the next year or so. Then I took mushrooms and developed it really bad. I took six months off of hallucinogens and felt emotionally better but still cognitively impaired somewhat.then I took probably an oz of mushrooms in a month. That really was a dumb idea but I was young and naive. I didn’t even know what hppd was. i had growing and shrinking of objects minorly. Brain fog, surfacing of addictions, depression, etc etc. and then I got nbombed with my friends. Three days later I woke up and the world was absolutely insane. I was a different person. 40 iq points lower. An emotional wreck. Disassociated. Weed made me panic. Dysphoric. I tried to recover with time time but never really did. Eventually a run with a bunch of supplements and most importantly oxiracetam and coluracetam usage has seemed to leave me with permanent brain dysfunction. Oxiracetam and coluracetam left me in a state of hppd that I describe as at least 100 times worse than what I got from traditional hallucinogens. Absolute hell. It’s a miracle I didnt kill myself. God knows I asked my family to do it. years later, and post an indescribable amount of agony, I have managed to regain a large portion of my sanity and emotional functioning. I had to do an enormous amount of research though and try (in a calculated risk vs gain analysis) a lot of different medications and nootropics. I’m happy to say that I’m probably 50 percent back to my old self. Its been a journey and has and has helped me grow in so many ways. People often remark that my views on things are that of an 80 year old man. I think that’s because as we suffer, we grow. It gives an outlook on life that can be positive in a weird way. I don’t take things for granted like a lot of my peers. I relish days of good health and the people in my life. I’m careful with my body and mind; my relationships and emotions. this was honestly a very brief synopsis of my hppd and mental/physical health journey. One day I’ll write a full one, but for now this will have to do ?

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