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  1. Wh.... what?
  2. So I started to feel pretty uneasy on this stuff. Had horrible sleep. Kept waking up with physical anxiety. I’m discontinuing the trial—it doesn’t feel good or safe to me and has put me back several steps in my recovery for the time being. Hopefully the reaction finds equilibrium soon.
  3. Started taking during the day before the gym. Works well. Can’t say how much it’s impacting my sleep. I guess I’ll know when I stop taking it in a month or two. Will report back with any side effects otherwise I’ll write a end report after ceccasion.
  4. Still going strong. It seems with every few days on this I become more human again. I’ve had bursts of enjoying music. Feeling like life is beautiful again. Some anxiety that I’ve wasted so much time being sick... but hey what are you going to do? still highly recommend the use of this peptide.
  5. Whelp I took the plunge. Didn’t notice really any effects. I felt a little uncomfortable physically later in the evening. I think I’ll do 500mg twice daily and see how that goes. Apparently this stuff helps repair dysfunctional nmda receptors and that’s what I’m looking for as I believe oxiracetam really did a number on mine. i read one report on here about a user having a bad reaction. Jess I think. She also got relief from keppra. Since Sarcosine definitely impact ampa function, and I’ve noticed those who benefit from keppra are those with SEVERELY hyperactive ampa receptor functioning, I believe this explains her reaction. I have no way to tell for sure if Jess was suffering from increased ampa atomization, but the majority of my hppd was caused of overuse of coluracetam which is a highly poten ampa receptor HACUe. My symptoms were 100 percent in line with every keppra success story in terms of the symptoms they were suffering from (it’s a very distinct kind of hopelessness one learns to identify). These people tend to have those life changing moments on keppra without the typical side effects one would expect from a med like that. I’ve tried keppra twice—once with very high cholinergic functioning that was causing crippling depression and suicidal ideation. It worked like a charm. Cognition improves along with mood. Then I tried it again when I had normal/sub par cholinergic functioning. Side effects. Depression. Lethargy. Memory issues. Interesting to think about no? I was able to knock down my HACU by withdrawing from benzos and keppra very quickly (not a fun experience; I don’t recommend it but it worked). So if you are a responded to keppra, stay away from things that enhance ampa until that’s under control. Anyway a litlle sidetracked. Will report back on the Sarcosine.
  6. I find diet really helps too. I’ve cut out sugar the past year and gluten for the past few and it makes a big difference in my life. There’s some good research on the keto diet being good for anxiety (it helps with seizures so it definitely reduces excitability). Other things that have helped for me: 1) Wellbutrin: ironically this allowed me not have to take benzos at all during the daytime and helped me begin my taper again. Seems counterintuitive as it’s a stimulant... can’t say why. 2) bpc-157: there’s some promising research out there about this peptides ability to reset tolerance to gaba drugs. It certainly helped mine. 3) inositol: this helps me... but for many others it makes it much worse. I don’t recommend it unless you’re feeling like taking a risk. 4) go on a walk. It actually works. 5) I bought a dog! One of the best things I’ve done for my anxiety.
  7. I’ve just received some Sarcosine in the mail (100g). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? The only person I’ve really found on the forum who’s tried it (Jess) didn’t seem to have a good time. But I do seem to react semi positively to enhanced glutamate. Glutamine seems to help remove a lot of negative symptoms I have (apathy, social withdrawal, etc). Would love to know if anyone has tried it. Best, oms
  8. So Ive concluded that this stuff is pretty safe (for me at least) in the short term. Can’t speak to long term use. It’s highly effective at deepening sleep. Almost too effective... it seems to make me a bit groggy the next day and worsens some of my flat affect symptoms. But it also stabilizes my mood. I’m pretty sensitive to the stuff though I don’t believe others would find they have such side effects. As a supplement i I give this an B+. It kicks insomnia and frequent waking in the ass. Doesn’t seem to be particularly habit forming physically. If it didn’t make me groggy the next morning when I’m trying to get out of bed it would get an A+.
  9. So this stuff seems to do the exact opposite of what I intended—it keeps me up all night. I’ve trialed it for a few days now in hopes that effect would fade and lead to better sleep but unfortunately that has not happened. I imagine if taken during the day it would be quite nice. Boosts my energy without feeling like I have some sort of stimulant in my system.
  10. Abstinence is really best.... especially at the beginning of this journey. At the same time—-you gotta live. Clearly you want to have some fun! Just take it slow. Back in the day alcohol never really permanently worsened my symptoms. But I got tired of the increased anxiety and hangovers so I quit completely. It’s difficult, but after some time sober you relearn how to have fun without alcohol. Remember what you did as a kid—you weren’t drinking then! (I hope) best, oms
  11. Delta sleep inducing peptide is seeming to work pretty well for me. Haven’t had any bad side effects either. Do some research on it. It’s an interesting one.
  12. Started an Ipamorelin trial today. Took 130mcg an hour ago. I hope that this will help my sleep improve. Noticed no effects upon administration.
  13. So I began a trial of DSIP yesterday. Dosed 100mcg. At first I felt a warming sensation in my buttocks. Quite nice. Legs felt comfortable. then I took a large hit of my ecig and had 20 seconds of extreme anxiety that completely disappeared after. Quite odd. Took another 100mcg to see if it would happen again. It did not! slept wonderfully that night. Only woke up twice and the sleep seemed deeper. day 2: dosed 200mcg. No warm butt or leg feels. About to go to bed. Will report in sleep tomorrow. So far, seems pretty shape for use in HPPD in this study of one haha.
  14. Still going pretty strong. The effects have changed somewhat. Normally, I go through mood cycles (3 weeks feeling like utter crap and 1 week feeing slightly better). Bpc has shortened the cycle. First to 2 bad days one good day. Now it’s a good day every other day. At the beginning I was way too energenic. I would say hypomanic almost. But now my highs are not as high. My lows are not as low. It’s really stabilized things for me. Certain aspects of depression it initially helped have faded somewhat but overall I’m very pleased with this supplement. No major side effects yet. I’m so happy to have found something that helps! Since starting bpc-157 I’ve begun to think about my future and what I can do in life which I think is a major sign of alleviation of depression. Before I was just trying to make it through the day... things i I still want to improve: social aversion mental fatigue: wired but tired feeling memory. bpc has helped a lot with these but there’s still a ways to go. But at least now I can see a future for myself. Hope le this helps, oms
  15. I’ve had a lot of muscle issues from hppd as well. Full body muscle tension and complete shut down of my intestinal muscles after mushrooms. Baclofen got rid of the muscle tension and restored my cognitive functioning in many ways but gave me two years of complete anhedonia after 8 months at doses starting at 5mg that ended at 100mg. I also had muscle twitching. That sounds a bit more in line with your muscle issues. One week of sinemet cured my full body fasciculations. It also caused some psoriasis but I’m managing that with cream. Probably better than twitching all the time haha. I think the reaction (psoriasis) was a rare thing though. Honestly i I don’t know what you should try. I’ve had good reactions to medications like keppra only to stop them due to side effects (hair loss, fibrotic tissue buildup). When I tried again it didn’t work. Sinemet helped for about a week emotionally then pooped out. The only thing ive found that helps is the following: niacin (non flush): 750+mg daily. Helps with anxiety quite a bit. Haven’t had any negative side effects inositol: 3-6g daily. Helps with anxiety and sleep. When hppd is in a hyper agrivated state, I can’t tolerate this supplement. It causes mania like symptoms and extreme anxiety. You’ll know on your first dose if this will happen. Fortunately the effects, of negative, will be brief and only last the day in my case. Gabapentin: good for sleep and anxiety as well as mood. Not for long term use. Withdrawals are terrible. baclofen: I think small trials with this drug could help restore higher levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Don’t overdue it. And don’t use habitually—withdrawals can be rough (no where near as bad as benzos though). Bpc-157: this medication is one I’ve had more success than anything else in terms of benifits vs side effects (I’ve had 0 sides). It works on many different mechanisms. Almost too many to count. But the two that interest me the most is the stabilization effect on dopamine receptors (restore normal functioning after excessive dopamine release due to amphetamines or I believe really any drug) and the effect on the 5ht2a receptor (lsd hits this one hard). Bpc-157 is able to reduce the functioning of the 5ht2a receptor without agonizing or antagonizing it. Since elevates levels of 5ht2a is directly correlated to depression, I believe this helps greatly in managing symptoms. It’s given me my life back in many ways that I couldn’t have dreamt of. It’s by no means a miracle cure, but it’s doing a damn good job. I take 500mcg a day subcutaneously. If you would like my source, feel free to message me. Wellbutrin: some people say this increases anxiety. I find it helps mine. I need less anti anxiety medication when on a low low dose (25mg a day). Unfortunately, it also causes heartburn, minor irritability, and delayed sleep onset for me. Cbd: this was great for anxiety reduction and sleep. Tolerance was an issue though and the 5ht2c agonizaion lead to social aversion and social anxiety. This is unusual for most people. Normally it’s the opposite. Dl-phenylalanine: 100-300mg a day, 3 days on 3 days off for tolerance management. Gives me energy and mood boosts. Can keep awake longer than usual. L-glutamine: 100-300mg daily; 3 days on 3 days off for tolerance. Helps with energy, memory, and most of all depersonalization for me. Ashwaghanda: provides relaxation and a milder alternative to benzos. Taken once every 2-3 days. Ketogenic diet: I find this diet to be anti anxiety and help with mood swings Eat vegetables. Trust me on this one. Most people, even if they are “normal”, don’t eat well enough and this will make anyone feel like crap. Whenever you feel like you can take advantage of a good day, use it to socialize. Human contact can be the most therapeutic thing on this planet and we all need it to be happy. Thats TD all I got for now that I can recommend. These won’t cure you, but Many will help you live a more normal life.