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  1. Alcohol definitely does not help with the improvement of HPPD. In my experience it caused me to have an increase in hallucinations/visuals almost like I was on a full blown LSD trip. It also gave me much heavier visual snow for the weeks after. As for the post above, cocaine is known to be one of the worst things for hppd. I read it on another forum with many people testifying how they wished they never did it. I'm not exactly sure though, but perhaps something for you to look into. It might help the next time you feel the need to relapse Thing is, anything in alteration of your brain will make hppd worse or slow down your improvement. That includes even cigarettes.
  2. Thing is, HPPD isn't too bad at all during those busy parts of your day or when you are out with other people. You just don't think about it. But when it's time to go home it starts to creep up. That "poison" fog in your brain comes back as you drive home and when you arrive all you can think about it how long you've had it, when is it going to get better, is it getting better, so on. For me depersonalization/anxiety were a big issue when my HPPD was a lot worse. Now it's just the fact that I get reminded everyday that I have HPPD because everything is so staticky. Once this visual snow clears, I will finally be able to say that it's gone. I urge everyone out there to keep fighting because it DOES get better. COMPLETE Sobriety is key. No drinking, no drugs, not even nicotine and you will see improvements. The amount of time for improvement varies from person to person.
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    Hey Everyone, I'm new here and it's great I can finally find people who can relate to me. I never really told anyone about my hppd because I just think its too complex for people to understand sometimes and I'd just rather not talk about it. The only person I've ever told was one of my professors for a final 7 page paper. It was easy to fill up, to say the least. Anyway, my name is Lance and I have mild HPPD. It all started my senior year of high school. I partied all the time and I was high/drunk throughout most of the year. I found a lot of psychedelic drugs towards the end of the school year and started to experiment with them all and all sorts of combinations. I would drop multiple tabs of LSD, 25i, 25c weekly and felt comfortable enough to do it more in public. (As in around large groups of people) I went to EDC and did LSD all three days and the last two days I candyflipped. One of the best weekends of my life. My partying life continued on as I didn't have school for 4 months. I went to about 8-10 different concerts/festivals and every time I did some sort of drug. My favorites being MDMA, LSD, and weed. It all caught up to me at the end of July where I took a large dab about the size of a penny and I passed out then had about 3 convulsions in a row. I woke up feeling hazy, but fine. A few days earlier I did about 3 tabs of acid, and 2 pills of mdma. I strongly believe that the dab triggered what was already in my system. A week later, we had a graduation party and I completely put aside the fact that I got a seizure and I drank and smoked a lot, probably about a quarter of weed with about 5 other people. I got a seizure that night too, and after that I swore not to do any drugs ever again. That was when I stopped for about a month. I haven't done acid ever since, but I have done MDMA on a few occasions and smoked weed everyday for a couple months. I had no idea what HPPD really was until the visual snow got so bad. I researched online about it and learned a ton. I tried to get around it by using drugs that didn't effect me visually such as cocaine, alcohol, etc, but in reality everything does. So that's where I said enough is enough and now I have been completely clean for almost 3 weeks. The HPPD used to be really bad, almost like I was living in another reality, but now I'd say it's only minor in comparison to what others have. All I have is visual snow and slight changing of shapes in objects. I really hope it gets better because the visual snow is just so distracting sometimes. I read what others have to say about it and some say its permanent while others say COMPLETE sobriety will fix it. What I noticed though, is that the people who say it doesn't go away have trouble staying sober, but it's really easy for me. I've gotten past that craving for drugs. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I really wish I could, but I have more willpower to just say no. I just hope to get better, to be normal again. Thoughts? Can anyone relate? Thanks
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