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  1. Around the 1 year mark for me, Meditating really helped
  2. Sounds like anxiety I guess, Tried meditation yet?
  3. It was such a hell in the beginning, Headaches, brainfog anxiety .. just not feeling right and feeling slow like I cant do anything at all oh and not being able to fall asleep. But it just slowly kept getting better and better and it really went uphill when i stopped with ciggarette's, alcohol and started to meditate and join Nofap The diffrence is unreal I cant really remember how it used to be a year ago, and I really dont wanna know either lol im fine with this.
  4. Hai Guys, been about 14 months with HPPD. now things are going much and much better Just a little update before my question. Anxiety has been lowered atleast 80% Brainfog also around 80% I dont even feel it anymore.. im most suprised with that one .. I can enjoy stressfull things like gaming again. And the most recest changes Ive noticed that my trails/halo's/starburst and ghosting has been getting alot less too I stopped drinking alcohol, avoided as much cafeine as i could and started meditation. So now for the question: How could you actually know that your DP/DR is gone? you go from feeling not alive to alive and it probably would freak you out alot? Has anyone have this happen to them I have no idea if i still have DP/DR or that im just still in the mindset of it.
  5. Why is meditation a bad thing suddenly? it helped me much with brainfog and anxiety
  6. yeah I thought so too, But i noticed when my visuals are getting worse then the "double vision" gets worse too Maybe its a bit of both ends?
  7. idk how to delete posts.
  8. If it could only stay at visual snow i would be so happy !! Things are getting so weird for me this week and im going insane.
  9. Yeah I should really find something new, Im still looking for it but its quite hard. I also might think that i got it because I was having anxiety when i was playing games so maybe the combined stress from the game + anxiety got too much. When i was like 2 months into HPPD I had the same as you, I could not do anything it was so bad, then it got so much less probably my blood pressure was very high that time because I had hyperventilation. Thanks for the reply mate
  10. I have something similar, if i looked at walls for example they sort of moved and got diffrent shapes( not all too much) but I dont even stare at wall anymore like that I ignore most visual HPPD stuff now.
  11. Hello Lately Ive been playing some games again, just felt like it. games like League of legends and all, games that can give you alot of stress and can frustrate you. I used to play alot of LoL before I got HPPD and was under stress nearly every day by it, but it dint do anything bad for me back then. But if I Stress at the game now I get a pressured feeling in my head like you just cant relax anymore it takes quite along time to get it to go away. This really bothers me because I wont be able to play games if i have this ( I know i could just worry less about the games im playing but that is a hard thing to do for me.) Is this brainfog? I only get it when im extremely focussed or if im under very hard stress (or anger) Thanks for reading.
  12. I see blue dots when i rub my eyes and then open them... but its not always.
  13. Hello guys im back again with another question.. ! So Ive been noticing for a few months that if i look down onto things that i start seeing some sort of ghosting/seeing double But if i cover my right eye. it disapears and if i cover my left eye it stays the same... so now Do i just have a problem with my eye or is it HPPD? Btw my right eye is abit lazy I was just wondering this.. Thanks you
  14. Ive been playing pokemon go for a few days now walking and biking alot and it sure does help I maybe thought once or twice about HPPD while i was hunting them juicy pokemons Goodluck to you too!
  15. Yeah i wont do that i most likely go travel or go back to school in the next 2 years.. And i Imagine you ment the early stages of my healing? Got alittle shocked hehe thanks for the replies !