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  1. thanks for the support, and sorry 4 the late post, i was getting too obsessed so i stopped going on the website for a while I've been given chlomipramine witch seems to help with anxiety, i think my symptoms are getting a little better, I'm seeing a doctor who thinks i should try various medical treatments, i'll be sure to report if any are effective. It´s still pretty hard, this derealisation really put things into perspective, how fragile and personal reality really is. best regards
  2. Hello i'm suffering intensely after taking acid 2 months ago, the two main problems that i am having are deep derealisation and severe pareidolia. I cannot look at a tree or cloud without seeing a monstrous face in it. I am in a state of constant anxiety, cannot leave my house alone, i also get really creeped out by the mildest things like a photo of a baby or a misshapen tree. All the colours i percieve are vivid and agressive and textures seem unreal. I took ecstasy two days before the lsd but since it was my first time i only took one third of a blotter to be safe. Turns out it was strong acid because i was pretty out there. I would like to ask if anyone has/had similar effects and how they treated/coped with them. I'm really on the edge it sucks how much this experience has impacted my life. I'm really hoping theres a way to get over this. All comments will be much appreciated.