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  1. That is what I assumed. Back then there was no actual diagnosis so a slang word was created for the actual condition. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Hey friends, I heard back when I used to trip that some trippers would get 'permafried', Have any of you heard of that term? According to my knowledge, being permafried and hppd are similar arent they? The term permafried is that someone is permanently frying, probably not to the fullest state as far as taking acid or shrooms freshly but having constant hppd. Does anybody know about that? Your comments please.
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    Do you plan on continuing those drugs? Because if you do, those symptoms may get worse. I recommend you try to stay away from any type of drug if you want to minimize this, try to run from drugs. My effects have been extreme anxiety periods, tracer effects and taiday(typo maybe) patterns and colors in a dark room. My personal coping process is through prayer to GOD. It helps me, but I still have been getting them effects.
  4. Thanks guys. Well, first of all I started dropping acid and psychedelic mushrooms at around 13 years old and continued frequent use up to around 18 years old. In those days, LSD´s main producer got busted and it just stopped circulating for quite a few years all over the state(at least where I grew up) of Arizona. Shortly after I started using acid, when I was sober, I started to suffer intense panic attacks, hardcore anxiety. So I would smoke marijuana recreationally and and to sooth those symptoms. I am grateful to be sober now from all drugs. I have been for around 12 years now. However I still suffer these attacks yet I have a spiritual encounter with Christ but I cannot say that these attacks have stopped. And when I get them I just pace back and forth in my house and pray and it lasts for around 30-45 minutes. I have almost permanent tracers when I wave my hand past my face and in general. When I stare anything where I am, a room persay, the visuals are still there, walls melting somewhat if I stare. Also, at night, at times I get Taidai(don´t know if I spelt that correctly) when the whole room is dark or when I close my eyes. The Taidai effects do not happen very frequently as the walls melting and tracers. I do not know if the visual effects I still get is called HPPD but I am 100% sure that those are still there.
  5. Hello just joined and wanted to understand my HPPD situation more broadly. I hope to communicate with others to understand this more via others' experiences concerning HPPD.
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