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  1. Good to hear umit
  2. Good to hear you've been doing better. There's gonna be up and downs. Try sticking with it for a few months on a stable dose and evaluate with your doc. Im going into the fifth week of a Lamictal trial myself. Been upping 25-50-100 mg every two weeks. So far so good, although with some minor side effects. Its not a miracle cure, but it sure seems to make me a lot more stable. Will be writing up a report when the time is right. All the best and glad to be of help! Sincerely, hippo
  3. I think you need to be patient and stick to a well though out regimen. Are you doing this in collaboration with your doctor? It takes time for the effect of these drugs to stabilize. Until then perhaps better not to focus too much on how you feel day to day. Except of course if the side effects are too severe.
  4. Best of luck mate, keep us posted
  5. Was using hydroxyzine before I was aware I had HPPD and it has defo made me worse. The last times I used it I had brain zaps and much increased symptoms. Stay away from this compound!
  6. I would be careful with 5-htp and melatonin.
  7. Talk to your doctor about the taper.
  8. I have this too. In particular it strikes whenever I try to play blitz chess or read text on a computer screen for more than a few minutes at the time. Seems that HPPD may lower stress threshold, especially when it comes to activities that demand rapid visual and mental processing. When past a certain point the body starts excreting stress hormones like cortisol, which gives you brain fog, high blood pressure, etc. I think you have to just accept your current limitations and move on in life. Replace old hobbies with new ones that are easier on the brain. Exercise and outdoor activities are really great! Since I got HPPD I have started cycling and roller skiing. Next up I am looking to get into swimming. Get out there and discover something you love doing. The good news is that, at least in my case, the stress seems to diminish after a while. Especially as you learn how to manage and what to avoid.
  9. I'm a student of biochemistry going into my fourth year now. Take my advice for whatever it's worth. Fat tissue is constantly undergoing a process of mobilising stored fat into the bloodstream, and sequestering fat from the bloodstream back into storage. Whatever LSD is stored into fat tissue after dosing is therefore bound to return to the bloodstream within a reasonable amount of time. Because LSD has a relatively short half life in the blood, the amount of LSD left in your body rapidly declines through this process. On the top of my head I would estimate that there would be practically no LSD left in your body six months after dosing. My understanding of HPPD is that it is not a result of residual drugs lingering in your system, but rather a result of cell death/receptor damage as a result of trauma (excitotoxicity?) under the influence of the drug. The result being more or less permanent damage to the regulatory (inhibitory) mechanisms in the visual cortex and other affected areas of the brain. From "Flashbacks and HPPD: A Clinical-oriented Concise Review" by Lerner et al: By all means, don't let this stop you from changing your lifestyle. Exercise is really great for HPPD. Just be aware that going through a complete detox might not be necessary or make much of a difference.
  10. Gotta catch em all! I actually dreamt about Pokemon go last night. And I don't even play. Crazy.
  11. Hi zandzagger. In a year I will be in the same spot as you, and I have the same worries in the back of my mind. Lots of valuable advice here, thanks guys. Interested to hear how it works out for you, feel free keep us posted. Oh, and I agree that exercise is gold. Daily exercise is what gets me through right now. Highly recommended! I'm also one year in. All the best.
  12. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Thanks for sharing your story.
  14. Hello and thanks for sharing. I have a similar story. HPPD for a little over a year now from LSD and mushrooms. Interesting how you say you feel like your life is slipping away. I can relate. Things will never go back to the way they were. The enjoyment of simple pleasures, the relaxed anxiety free moments just hanging out with friends. Or just watching a movie and forgetting your surroundings. Well, even though this might not coming back the same way, I'm hoping that life can be good in other ways. Things I used to enjoy I am no longer enjoying, like taking drugs, partying, hanging out, smoking cigarettes. Now I am starting to enjoy stuff I didn't before, healthy stuff like working out, eating healthy and being in nature. Perhaps life is not as pleasurable as before, but in some ways there is a lot more life in me now. Wish you the best in your recovery.
  15. Glad to hear about your progress. I am too heavily into sport, have been for the last 6 months or so. I decided to put my heart into it 100% after reading this post here: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/5140-its-been-almost-6-years-nowit-gets-better/ After a good period of near daily exercise (mostly cardio) I improve to the point of actually feeling physically good some of the time. It is truly a joy when your body responds well, especially after a long period of suffering and despair. It's telling how much of an impact the exercise is doing. For the past couple of weeks, I have been ill and not able to work out. It's been the worst time I've had over the last six months and symptoms have recurred with a vengeance. Hearing about your progress umit makes me believe that with continued daily exercise I will improve long term and permanently. All the best. PS: Is there a work out thread on this forum? Like a thread where we can post our training activities, contests and progress? Perhaps this could help motivate users on the forum.