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  1. K.B.Fante

    Medication Advice

    Vitamins have only had a positive effect on me and I imagine the same could be said for many here. Any excess and you urinate them out of your body. As for other meds, you're best to just try them and see how you feel. One pill likely won't make a difference.
  2. K.B.Fante

    HPPD getting worse over time

    Xanax is a drug. If you've been taking Xanax for years then you haven't really been drug free. I'd remove anything and everything from your routine that even remotely has drug-like effects, including coffee, cigarettes and even excess sugar. In my experience you have to totally reset to figure out what's causing your symptoms to worsen. A few summers ago my symptoms were steadily worsening over the course of two weeks and I finally figured out it was due to nutmeg in a spice jar I was using everyday to flavor my food. I recently had a similar occurrence with mold. You should take stock of what times of day your symptoms worsen and ask what you were eating or doing prior that could have exacerbated your condition. I've had to do this constantly over the last four years and as tiresome as it is it's been really helpful in just making it through the day.
  3. Yeah, I know those feelings. You should go to a doctor and get some blood tests run as those symptoms can be all sorts of different things. Not sure how much they're related to HPPD if at all...
  4. I've had this recently as a result of mold poisoning. Chills and being cold are usually a result of internal infection, as far as I know. You're doing the best thing you can to help yourself though. I had severe brain fog the first year of HPPD then when I switched to a hardcore paleo diet it essentially vanished. Any sort of intestinal inflammation (which is common in the West) will cause inflammatory responses in the brain which only exacerbate HPPD. If you want to kill off bugs, parasites, fungi, you name it, the best diet is one with lots of chlorophyll (green veggies), low sugar (weakens the immune system), antioxidants and healthy proteins to repair any damage you sustain as a result of the infection or your body's response to it.
  5. Quick update: My symptoms have subsided the more I've stayed away from the mold however I'm still having what can only be describe as neurological allergic reactions whenever I'm near a spot where mold spores are prevalent. I immediately start itching, my eyes get dry, I get really weak and fatigued, but most important is that my HPPD symptoms all flare up pretty bad. Snow, tinnitus, palinopsia and depersonalization symptoms are all pretty intense, most of which I haven't really noticed in a good year or so given how much progress I've made with HPPD as a whole. Still, this has me thinking about the posts in this thread. It's clear that my brain and those of other HPPD sufferers is much more sensitive to toxins than is normal. My family is around the same stuff I am and they report no symptoms whatsoever, not even itching, dry eyes, headaches and other more common physiological symptoms associated with mold exposure. On the one hand it's easy to write this all off as my brain being extra sensitive to toxins as a result of HPPD, but given how severe my response is to this stuff I'm starting to wonder if there's something about my immune system in general that reacts differently to toxins independent of HPPD. In other words, I'm starting to wonder if HPPD is the result of a hyperactive, abnormal immune system response to drugs instead of simply being the side effect of a single drug exposure...
  6. Just got back from a trip in a rainy environment. My trailer suffered terrible water damage and mold accumulation. I've been cleaning it out the last few days and have noticed a pretty substantial increase in symptoms I haven't had in a while: tinnitus, dilated pupils, feeling disconnected from my bodily movements, snow, etc. The good news is I've recovered probably 80 percent and I've cleaned everything good and won't have to go in that trailer again, so I'm not too worried about longterm damage, however I'd be lying if I said I haven't been stressed the last few days seeing old symptoms appear that I haven't had in a while.
  7. If anybody has any history of autoimmunity please say so. I've been wondering a lot about this lately since I've been battling all kinds of autoimmune issues. I also have autoimmunity running on both sides of my family. At the heart of autoimmunity is the simple fact that our bodies have developed incredible defense mechanisms to fight naturally occurring diseases over the course of millions of years but ever since the Neolithic Revolution and the invention of agriculture we've been putting things into our bodies that our bodies don't recognize and so our defense systems logically ramp up. Modern drugs firmly fit into this category. Our bodies have not evolved to recognize many of the street drugs that are notorious for giving people HPPD. Perhaps someone who knows more about this subject could chime in?
  8. K.B.Fante

    I need to talk someone

    There's lots of support on this board. People are pretty open so don't feel like you have to hide anything. This forum is full of people confessing their worst fears. That said, the best form of help is often in person. You should try and find a therapist if you don't have one yet. And going to support groups is great too. You should try and establish a network of support as that's the best way to cope with terrible life situations.
  9. Sorta along these same lines, I tried taking astaxanthin last month and felt really good on it, although it could also have been other supplements I was taking. In general people with HPPD seem to do well with stuff that comes from the ocean because it's often very nutrient dense, good for the brain and very inflammatory. I imagine a good fermented cod liver oil on top of the two mentioned above as well as some seaweed once per week would be a great routine for any HPPD sufferer.
  10. K.B.Fante

    HPPD Survey

    Good survey. Wish I could fill out more of these...
  11. K.B.Fante

    Lions mane

    Lion's Mane contributes to neurogenesis but to be effective for system-wide brain damage you'd need to take it for a long period of time. I've noticed when taking Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, etc., that I'm able to access and experience past memories much more clearly but they don't necessarily have an impact on my HPPD symptoms at the time of consumption.
  12. K.B.Fante

    This Truly Feels Like The End

    I took that same medication for sleep about three years ago and it totally messed me up for a whole day. Many different hard drugs can cause HPPD, as can many different over-the-counter chemicals and even natural drugs like mushrooms and weed. This board is full of stories similar to yours. Many of us have struggled with suicidal thoughts and I'm certainly no stranger to them myself. The only thing you can do is to clean up your life, eat healthy, workout a lot and find things worth living for. I consider myself lucky to have improved as much as I have but I'm also living proof that a healthy lifestyle can essentially eradicate HPPD over the course of many years. The most important thing is that you find purpose somehow. Maybe that's through art or a job or a relationship of some kind, but as long as you can find something that brings you joy and meaning you should be able to make it through.
  13. K.B.Fante

    Amoxicillin. Antibiotics & HPPD. Help.

    I really want to thank those who've posted on this site and in this thread advising me to avoid Cipro. This is why it's important to keep a database like this on the Web. I instead elected to see a naturopathic doctor who prescribed me natural antifungals which are much safer than fluoroquinolones. For those contemplating which antibiotics are safe I'd recommend using the search bar at the top of this site to see what comes up.
  14. K.B.Fante

    Blank Stare

    Was gonna say the same thing. In an interview after Barrett had a psychotic break from hallucinogenic drugs one of his bandmates said he had a deep stare where he'd totally black out from reality and just sit there and not flinch while staring into the abyss. When I first got HPPD I had something similar, just not nearly to that degree. Even to this day 3.5 years later I can still catch myself staring from time to time, sorta transfixed on nothing in particular. It usually happens when there's some kind of substance in my body that triggers my symptoms worsening.
  15. K.B.Fante

    Psychedelics documentary (UK based)

    Whoah, way to go Vice! I actually e-mailed Vice a while back talking about HPPD and I guess they listened. Can't wait for this to drop.

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