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  1. oh wow that's pretty sweet (: and yeah Apple is lame lol. thanks for telling me about it and congrats on making an app!
  2. thanks for your reply on my profile, but I don't understand what you were trying to say about 'Evernote'. also I'm not looking for websites for more research, but thank you. I had replied on my profile but I didn't think you'd see it.

  3. thank you! I have read quite a lot of threads on here in every different section, including this one! hasn't helped me figure much out. right now I'm thinking that I may have some symptoms, but I wouldn't say for sure that I have HPPD. if I did I would say it's very mild. I will probably post more on what I'm experiencing when I get on a computer next. and thanks for sharing your story, I'll check it out!
  4. that's a long time :/
  5. yeah I knew I could google most terms but it is nice to get definitions from those who are actually experiencing the symptoms. thank you for the images that was really nice to see! and yes I agree, that's the best thing anyone could do. unfortunately it's just not something I know if I'm ready for yet. thank you so much!
  6. the second time, when this girl I know bought, I'm pretty sure that was some really bad synthetic shit. I wasn't even tripping it was just really weird. I'd explain it but that's not really important lol. but the thing is, it's been more than a month since I've done any drug or anything and I still have this stuff happening to me.
  7. aw this is terrible :/ sounds like the worst symptom you could get. I don't know how you guys are able to handle things like this. I really hope it goes away for you or gets better.
  8. are there any other websites out there like this one for HPPD that are more active?

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    2. Megan


      I don't understand what you are talking about with that Evernote thing. and no, I have done lots of research already on HPPD. I'm not looking to do more research, I'm just looking for more active websites like this one. thanks though

    3. mgrade


      if you pick a time to meet at the chatroom i and others will try to be there

    4. rafiki



      Not exactly the same, but still a useful website.

  9. that would be really great. one with common terms and phrases used would be great. I just made a thread about that because I don't know a lot of the terms people are using and I want to see how/if they relate to me
  10. seriously. I've been posting a lot and looking around a lot, and I'm new as of yesterday. but no one else is doing anything. this is the deadest forum I've ever joined lol. I'll just keep posting and soon my name is gonna be on everything lol. I'll have all the newest statuses and everything lol.
  11. I don't know I stumbled upon the site and just lurked for a few days then decided to join. I see that a lot of times there will be like 10+ guests and under 5 members online. that's so annoying because this forum is so dead. more people need to join so it can be more lively!
  12. this forum is so dead :/

  13. so I have personally been doing my own research on HPPD to see if I have it myself. but really it's only been on this website that I have seen lots of 'terms' that I don't quite understand. I've had to search to figure out what the terms meant. like visual snow, I didn't quite understand that one. plus I know there's terms I haven't even heard of yet. so I was just wondering if someone could explain to me all the terms that are commonly used to describe symptoms of HPPD. that would be really helpful because then I can put words to what I've been experiencing. sorry if there's already a thread like this. but if you respond, thank you so much (:
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