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  1. A little background info/story, i guess: I've tried shrooms and DXM in the past and recently about a month ago I worked up the courage to try Diphenhydramine, or benadryl, waldryl, etc. first time was 400 mg and I had auditory and slight visual hallucinations, floaters, "spiders", gnats, walls seemed to melt. second time I decided i wanted to intensify the effects, and try to encounter the "shadow people" so I took 600 mg and I still wasnt satisfied with the effects, I tried once again and i took 1,200 mg and had a friend with me this time.This time it was a little scary, I saw a lot of spiders, gnats, a black cat, I opened the door to my bathroom and saw a scorpion, auditory effects were so intense. No one was at home but us but I kept seeing my dad walk in and I tried talking to him but then he would disappear. I imagined I was in different rooms then I'd come back to reality and be back in my room. I did finally see the shadow people though, it looked almost like they were doing a dance. The whole time I felt stuck because it was difficult to move, and I kept getting the feeling bugs were crawling on me, I also didn't experience feeling any emotions, as if everything happening was normal or something, just didn't feel like myself This happened about a month ago and since then I've been seeing these tiny white dots, almost looks like snow, objects having movement out of my peripheral vision, outlines of something that i just looked at, auras around pretty much everything. Things change size if I look at them for longer than a few seconds, overall my vision is just blurrier than usual, floaters are on any solid color I look at, designs flow, reading is often difficult.. I feel really detached from everything.. I don't really feel emotions, I just kind of go on through daily things without much thought of anything I looked up some of these things and what I've found has lead me to HPPD, I'm honestly scared because I don't know how much longer this will go on for, and I'm too scared to tell anyone because I'm afraid they wont take me seriously. also, I should add, I smoke weed almost daily, other than that I havent done any other drugs since then any advice, or tips would be appreciated
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