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  1. I just received this interesting reply (email) from the person facilitating the KAMBO ceremony... hi i feel frog will be good for you - its a great way of detoxing mind and brain and its not psychoactive it also works well with the nervous system what i suggest is we do a one dot test on you to see how you react (so that we can check how your nervous system reacts) and then take your further into treatment if you are responding well there are kambo points which work well on neural pathways which, if on a first treatment having a positive outcome, could be utilised in the future…so i feel it will be a great medicine for you to meet kambo is also great for eyesight, vision etc and there are also auricular points for a second treatment if desired that work on the visual field etc… so…i am confident that we can make some headway with your condition…. i sent you the info about the weekend, right? so you have the address etc…
  2. another interesting article here http://www.secretsofshinypeople.com/kambo-can-a-poisoned-frog-cure-you-of-everything/ and another: http://kambomedicina.com/
  3. This may seem a bit "out there"... anyhow here goes...... I Have had an invite to participate in a HEALING CEREMONY.. Using KAMBO FROG VENOM. Has been shown to be beneficial for many many ailments, maybe it could be beneficial for HPPD ??? There is always the risk that it may amplify symptoms if its a stressor to the CNS.. So im in the process of asking the "facilitator" and making her aware of HPPD, and gathering as much information as possible. It would be amazing if it had a beneficial effect with HPPD... Hers are two Links, the first is with VIDEOS that describe the treatment and ceremony (see below) http://azarius.net/encyclopedia/84/Kambo/ This second document is based on Scientific Research (see below) http://www.heartoftheinitiate.com/files/Kambo-Scientific-Research-Healing-Treatments.pdf Possibly like a Guinea pig.. we don't know until we try... Thoughts..... Cheers...
  4. yeah.. cool thanks i did see that.. I was just hoping because they also said, research into the risks
  5. and another .... http://www.heffter.org/
  6. I just stumbled upon this.. an organization that support research into the risks and benefits of psychedelics It seems people a really waking up and doing more and more research, now more than ever.. exiting times.. We should really link up with this crew ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/user/mapsmdma
  7. hey Tomsk8... I feel for you man.. i know hppd is tough.. i am not in your situation so i don't know what you are feeling now.. tho i can say its usually "darkest before dawn" I personally feel, things will improve for you, as they have for me. I have had hppd 25 years +... and it does get better with time, even when things don't improve a person can adapt to there symptoms in a way that they just don't matter so much anymore, allowing that person to live a full and complete life despite of hppd. I know initially it does take work, tho its worth it. I'm sure with your depth of experience others will benefit greatly form your hearing your experience / story, and how you had the courage to move through and find a new way. When i have been in the darkest of places, that's when i have been fortunate to find resources to help me shift my perspective of the situation, whether that has been through people, information or in general just changing my state. If you would be free to chat over the phone, im here for you. Please inbox me your number, im in australia.. or alternatively i am available via skype.. I made some inquiries about a shamanic journey in the amazon also and actually got in touch with an amazonian shaman to answer my questions about hppd and Ayahuasca etc... who knows maybe we could travel there together someday...?... Im also in contact with a really cool community of traditional shamanic healers here in australia.. Im sure they would be fascinated to hear your story and assist in finding a way for you to navigate your way through this crisis.. for me hppd was the thing that initiated my pathway into becoming a healer myself. Stay strong Bro.. i know it hurts.. tho it will get better and you will feel better and awesome again.. Please trust me, from someone who had had full blowen hppd for over 25 years.. I will inbox you.. Your Bro.. B
  8. Great post Jay.. i have not touched anything in like 3 years.. including alcohol.. it has really changed me as a person.. Would an hppder be allowed to have a few beers.. or do you feel complete abstinence is best? My experience with opiates is that while on it will give some relief from symptoms to an extent... tho exacerbate them afterwards.. I actually like opiates a lot.. i know that's not good.. so just something i will really have to keep away from Cheers
  9. Yeah im ready to rock This is awesome. Now is the time to take action as a group - I believe we can achieve massive things when individuals take action and work within a team / group. Its great to take a stand and do whatever it takes... with an intelligent and consistent plan of attack! I feel we can do this, there has to be a way. Why settle ? I can Advocate, Write, Talk about , Surveys, Whatever it takes.. etc etc If i don't have skills in one area.. i can always learn along the way. i would like to possibly get top Professor Neurologists in Australia involved etc etc Maybe we should set up a thread where we can collaborate ideas and delegate action. Speak soon !
  10. Ok good to know.. unfortunate it did not work.. Cheers..
  11. @ tlehmbecker Sorry to hear, that sounds very difficult. Thanks for sharing. I do hope you find some improvement of your symptoms soon!
  12. Thanks Kellen i did.. Sorry to hear of your horrible side effects. Sounds nasty. I just thought they may have been two different Meds because of the differences in spelling i.e Lamitrogine and lamotrigine Ok well done for making the email.. as far as recommending a med.. well he just recommended lamotrigine as number 1 for HPPD from His perspectiveYou could use the email he sent me to give to your Neuro.. as a recommendation or wait until he gets back to you personally. ho likley best to discuss with your Neuro... Tho..If Kellen member above ^^ is using the same med.. then there maybe be some side effects. Tho kind of supprized because he said to me there were very minimal side effects, and that others have had success with it that has been documented. Im just wondering if its the same med..... ? anyhow Im pretty sure Dr A would do that for you... tho i could be wrong. Likely it would be best for you to email him explaining your situation and ask him, you Can contact him via his web site..
  13. Ok great.. that's great. I recently shared a 3 way Skype call with him for the first time. Thanks very much, i just discovered him on u tube. Ok yes. I dont think Lamotrigine is in the benzo family tho.. is it ? very true I agree with you. likely that was an inappropriate name for this thread. Tho sometimes i just feel like many of these guys are very knowledgeable with all the work and study's they do. I would like to think that they could put there heads together / join forces and have some type of discovery / breakthrough / logic / new understanding that can benefit / facilitate for us the outcomes we are looking for.
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