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  1. Guyindubai


    Ya well things are okay now.. still suffering from a bit of anexity.. I do plan on upping my dose to 1,000mg per day soon will keep you'll posted
  2. Guyindubai


    Hey so I decided that I'm gna go back back on the keppra as it was doing me more good then being off it. I stopped it as I didn't think it was benefiting me but I was wrong.My liver was acting up due an SSRI trintlex, but I stopped that now and my liver is back to being fine even with the keppra. I am considering upping the dose from 500mg once to 500mg twice. I defiantly can feel more focused and sharper and have a better memory when I'm the medicine although it's been making me feel sleepy...
  3. Guyindubai

    Keppra Trial

    any update on your trial
  4. Guyindubai


    Had a head rush with an DR/DP attack evergtbig around me was moving very very fast and I've had a migraine since then...
  5. Guyindubai


    Day 4, feeling so much unfocused and somewhat this feeling of being lost and having brain fog. Feeling like I lost my balance and my visuals are stronger then usual...
  6. Guyindubai


    Day three off the Keppra... I feel a sense of anexity and paranioa kicking in... just feel weird right now... feels like things aren't so well... dunno if this is keppra withdrawal or not being on keppra. I stopped the keppra over a two weeks from 500mg to 250 to 150 down to 0 since Tuesday.
  7. Guyindubai

    Keppra Trial

    Did your visuals decrease or increase? Any brain fog before after Keppra?
  8. Guyindubai


    So I smoked this for about 6 years? It's very nasty... It's hard on the lungs and it's deadly, also that 20 second high you get from the Dokha? That's fucking your brain up, you visuals go up for about 1 hour or so after hitting the dokha .. Quit while you can, they mix that stuff with God knows what.. The rush you get is a rush of drugs and nicotine... I mean you might As-well be smoking weed.. Honestly this stuff can fuck you up... Stay away from those childish things. Oh https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dokha
  9. Guyindubai

    Keppra Trial

    How's your DR/DP? Visuals? And anexity and deppression? Also how's the mood and emotions?
  10. Guyindubai

    Keppra Trial

    How's your DR/DP? Visuals? And anexity and deppression? Also how's the mood and emotions?
  11. Guyindubai

    pharmacogenomics test

    Has anyone done pharmacogenomics test? does this work for us?
  12. Guyindubai


    Doctor answered, he said to stop brintlex and not Keppra.. he said cold turky since im on it for 22 days.. time for hell...
  13. Guyindubai


    Headaches kicked in... Noticed this after the first day of reducing from 500 to 375Mg also my visuals increased... Maybe it was to much to reduce?
  14. Guyindubai


    My liver enzyme came back very very bad and I need to get the keppra ASAP, my doctor is not returning my calls. Iv been on the Keppra for 5-6 years now. No seziures took it for DP/DR. Since im on 500mg do I tapper off 62.5mg every week or just 125 per week so I can get it out in a month.. I dont wana risk any seizures or such things..
  15. Guyindubai

    Elvated Liver Enzymes

    it was the brintlex

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