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  1. hi guys, is somone here who has expirience with DP, what can i do? is it possiple heal it, or exist any treatment? regards martin
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    hello my name is martin i am 32 and live in bern swiss! since the 24. oktober i had a bad trip with lsd (the first time) and since 8 years i have multiple sclerosis. since the 24. of oktober, i cant feel my emotions anymore, my fear from the ms is desapeard thats in one way great, but the problem i don t have anymore pleasure and i feel very disconectet to humans and even my lovely pets.... is anybody here who knows this symtoms? if yes is it posible to recover and how you treat that? martin
  3. hello my name is martin 32 years old i tuk some lsd 24 oktober, and now i can t feel my emotions Does anyone know the symptoms?
  4. hello everbody i tried lsd 2 week ago. it was relly a bad trip without sleep a real nightmare after the trip i realized that i don t feel any emotions, i feel very numb and i am in panic when iam thinking about hppt. is it possible to come down from state? i am to numb to hate me because this, but im shure i would! please have anybody some advices for me?
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