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  1. Y’all remember about this time a year ago we were invited to participate in a 2 hour long survey about hppd by the University of Sussex? (Am extremely triggering survey I might add; I was thrilled that such a prominent uni was researching our plight!) Anyway, did anyone do that survey? They emailed everyone who had an account on this forum. Is the research ongoing? I never heard back about the survey and was really looking forward to it.
  2. I'm undiagnosed but I'm relatively certain I've had mild HPPD for a little over a month now, and it seemed to be improving really quickly, so I smoked about a week ago and had a normal, good time. However, last night I smoked again and had a really bad experience. I couldn't feel my body basically at all, everything was intensely spinning, and I was breathing really heavily. I would have a grounding moment for a split second, and then my vision would warp and get progressively more abstract until I saw nothing but red, blue, and white where shapes used to be. While my friend was driving me home I would see people walking towards our car, when I closed my eyes everything looked like images being presented to me, ect. I know that weed is considered a psychedelic, but this felt like an entirely different drug. Is this just the HPPD mixing really badly with weed, or should I be worried that it was laced? Not to mention that today my usual symptoms were heightened: lasting after images, double vision, halos, snow, and random colors. Thanks
  3. Hey so yeah, stupid teenager here. Sometimes I would get bored and take 250-600mg of benadryl(DPH)(taken about 5 times over the last two months) and three days ago I took 325mg, fell asleep, and the next day in school I was staring at this girl's sweater and it started moving and blobs of it started turning purple. Since then everything looks like static, shadows and edges look like they're glowing, I have floaters, I unintentionally focus on things in my peripheral vision, and when I close my eyes I have dream-like visuals. Also, ringing ears, I'm super tired, occasionally I hear popping noises, I keep twitching, and I keep getting pin pricks. Would that be HPPD, would it be considered mild, and am I gonna be stuck with it? Also, early things that I didn't really think about: the next day/week I would be concerned that I was in a dream. I didn't actually think I was in a dream, but I found everything to feel surreal. if I was reading on a computer, I would look up and still see lines While actually tripping, I always recognized hallucinations as hallucinations(so I guess they were visuals?) If I looked at two similar colors touching they would blend into the same one
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