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  1. first of all you're being extremely condescending, this forum is supposed to help people. A place where people relate to ask questions and talk about it. Yes i do have HPPD, it has caused me lots of anxiety and it definitely affected my quality of life. It's most likely more mild then some people on here thankfully, i dealt with the DP/DR but it past. I asked a question, i just wanted to know if anyone's been able to smoke again. I was a daily smoker for years and it has been difficult for me to quit, it's something i think about all the time. My friends are understanding, they don't pressure me in the slightest. I'm not a drinker, i don't like drinking, i prefer a joint but obviously it's not something i can do but i though i would ask. Also weed doesn't make you do things you don't want to do, it's not alcohol.
  2. I've been really wanting to try well enough again. It's been four months and I've been told it becomes easier after three but it hasn't it's been a lot tougher. I think about it everyday. Has anyone been able to smoke weed again or I'm I pretty much shit out of luck. Have you heard if people who got better from hppd and was able to smoke again?
  3. yeah back at baseline, I wonder why it made it worse for me.
  4. Thanks guys, the song actually cheered me up haha. I'm a little better but it's still pretty bad.
  5. I was improving but over the last week it's been getting worse. I'm having trouble sleeping again, my anxiety is rising and the static is getting crazy. I'm also having extremely Vivid dreams again. I don't get it, it's not like I have been doing anything different. This sucks, very frustrating. Just when I had hope I might get better I get knocked down.
  6. Hard to say, it's been 3 months for me and haven't got much better. I stopped all drugs and caffeine as well. Though yours sounds mild so hopefully. I hoping i get better too and I hear that a good amount do, which i hope it's true.
  7. thanks man i can say some things have improved so i hope it still keeps getting better symptoms >star bursting - still a problem >blurry vision - better >after images (the worst symptom) - still a problem >trails - gone >heightened awareness of floaters - all but gone >spotty vision - a little better >light sesitivety - pretty much gone >static snow - still bad, stays at a base line but gets worse sometimes like today >trouble sleeping - way better >vivid dreaming - gone >slight tention headaches - gone >anxiety - had my first anxiety attack today since about a month and a half ago, only last an hour without using clorazapam >fog - almost gone >shadows seem to become soild when glacing past them if that makes any sense - gone >caffeine, nicotine, weed all make it worse, stop using them for a month now. haven't even tried alcohol since it all started. >Text on computer or phone on white background difficult to read at times. - haven't tried
  8. huh, the last couple of days i discovered i had a smelly belly button(gross i know), i looked it up and it talked about candida being a possible issue. I've been having terrible stomach problems as well for months. Maybe and hopefully this could be the problem, I'm gonna make a appointment with my doctor. thanks for the tip.
  9. My grandma is in The hospital, I'm very stressed about it. I just want a cigarette, does smoking really bad for hppd will it send me back from the progress I have made.
  10. Saw a physiologist today and he prescribed me clonazepam, I'm a little nervous to use it. Should I avoid it since I'm only three months in or should I give it a shot? I'm fearful if addiction and withdrawal.
  11. I've talked to my friends about it and found out three of my friends have gone through it. one has lasted for the past couple years and continues but it barely bothers him now. The other two of my friends are completely cured. Took one of my friends 6 or so months to get better and my other friend got better after two years. Both of these people still use drugs regularly and its never came back. I thought i'd share this to give some people a little hope, i know it did for me.
  12. No I never did, I'm too afraid to make things worse. I actually stop using sleeping pills all together.
  13. yesterday randomly something clicked and it seemed i got slightly better, then today it seemed that that didn't go away. Then all of the sudden my visual snow got worse, worse then it's never been. i don't get it i don't know what happened, i didn't drink or smoke. i got acupuncture today, it seemed to relax me but after taking a nap i woke up to my static being worse then it ever was. this fucking sucks..i don't get it. I'm really hoping that the acupuncture didn't makes things worse. I'm not sure how it could of but damn i hope this is the idea that it gets worse before it gets better. i was in such high spirits today to.
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