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  1. Lexapro gives me a shitty sleep

  2. i have bad after-images too, to be honest i don't think there is anything to fix them unfortunately it's hard, you just have to accept them i guess..
  3. Nothing helps the visuals, but magnesium and B complex reduce anxiety and make me feel a bit better. I am going to try Lion's Mane Mushroom soon.
  4. I just bought a bottle and waiting for it to arrive, it was the tablet form. I read that using powder has a stronger effect, but this was cheap so I thought i would try it. Has anyone tried it? Did it help? I'm hoping if i use it long term it will heal my brain..
  5. Are you from Australia ? You sound Australian haha I don't think anywhere else in the world uses the term cones or am I wrong
  6. Weird, thanks. I don't suffer from depersonalisation so I'll be fine haha. Visuals and this annoying tinnitus are the only things that bother me. So over them
  7. yes i noticed it appeared frozen, it really shocked me but in a good way. miss having normal vision but maybe we'll get it back one day
  8. do u still have visual snow? this might be common but i remember seeing visual snow as a kid, lying in bed in the darkness. now its just more intense
  9. crazy cool
  11. how did it help you?
  12. thankyou this made me feel more positive