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  1. grr why is no1 commenting!
  2. so we can dedicate this post to the happy memories before hppd!!!!
  3. and after HPPD more mature
  4. inspiration
  5. I think im getting on Ativan and Adderall
  6. ive fasted for like a couple days before
  7. its called obsession or OCD
  8. ikr I have been thru shit like that
  9. hey I decided I finally would upload a video about hppd gonna upload on youtube WIN_20171117_060240.MP4
  10. i do acid every day lol
  11. hey I snorted glue earlier ....... im fucking fried
  12. whats a cure
  13. btw im on 3,5 of mushrooms and "mdma" (which is really cut with meth or phentynyl or some shit heroine idk) but im not addicted so thats good
  14. i smoke 3 packs of spirits a day lol
  15. 3 yrs.