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  1. LethargicAcid

    living in a cell

    living in a cell for a year is what i did with hppd
  2. LethargicAcid

    Can’t handle this much longer

    hey i live in s.d too lol. ~4 years HPPD, yes it can get better
  3. LethargicAcid

    well being

    Well since being on this website last, I have felt apart from myself and barely able to leave the house because of mental illness. Kinda going insane for some reason. Feels like stuck in limbo. This website has a cool vibe to it so it helps me feel better I'm gonna try to post some helpful commentz
  4. LethargicAcid

    General advice

    IDK what to think anymore I have bipolar or schizophrenia on top of hppd so I can't even tell which thoughts are my thoughts. Coming to this website is trippy
  5. LethargicAcid

    my success story

    it feels so good to not have DP and all that crazy ass shit going on !! gona expand on this post later ill give u guys the cure in a couple days!
  6. LethargicAcid

    my cure: rough draft

    message I sent to Jay: a sort of organized Rapid Eye Movement in waking state practice exercise, a special form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) that I made up kind of like hypnosis/hypnogogia focus exersize that I made up/induced upon myself from taking acid in jail a few weeks ago I invented a new thing a cure for hppd but since I found the cure, you don't gotta take acid or anything to practice the exersize
  7. LethargicAcid

    100% ***** RECOVERY STORY *****

    to have emotion and feel like life
  8. LethargicAcid

    The Long and Winding Road

    ive reached a stage of enlightenment.
  9. LethargicAcid

    The Long and Winding Road

    ^ its like being stuck in some limbo where there are no transitions and everything blurs into one another, and one sees the world from a different angle I managed to come all the way back. thru holistic medicine, cbt, hypno therapy, gabapentin, klonopin, (I even did drugs which I highly dont recommend), different types of therapies, meds, meditation, yoga, green tea, contemplation, journaling, and other things. I'm gonna write a whole column on this, I'm just recovering from the residual effects of coming back from something so harsh ide say people with HPPD are masters of perception. after coming from this disease, I still maintain the perception.
  10. also meds work for a lot of people but can make worse
  11. LethargicAcid

    100% ***** RECOVERY STORY *****

    mines gone I found a cure that I'm tryig to put together a good cure post
  12. Quick cure: take 2-3 valerian root supplement tablets with a little shot of coffee and green tea. Then sit back; lay back on your bed then relax
  13. agreed. I'm posting some cures soon
  14. nice! I have some ideas I'm just formulating them and them I'm gonna post them such as electromagnetic shock therapy, herbal holistic remedies/medicines, and such
  15. LethargicAcid

    Success Stories

    I don't really think about it anymore ever. so I guess its gone lol. I'm posting somestuff about this once I find my notes that I wrote
  16. LethargicAcid

    Success Stories

    Success story After 4 years; my hppd is finally gone for real this time. Will post more on this later
  17. LethargicAcid

    Overview of HPPD - 10 minute video

    grr why is no1 commenting!
  18. LethargicAcid

    stupid doo doo dumb

  19. LethargicAcid

    Before HPPD

  20. LethargicAcid

    Before HPPD

    so we can dedicate this post to the happy memories before hppd!!!!
  21. LethargicAcid

    Before HPPD

  22. LethargicAcid

    Before HPPD

    and after HPPD more mature

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