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  1. My hppd and dp went away today. I used thianine and valerian root and my meds. meditating, I resolved a lot of unresolved issues after therapy. Meditated for 5 hours to deal with some ptsd and psychosis and dp and straightened my posture
  2. LethargicAcid

    Psychedelics documentary (UK based)

    Yes!! i just emailed them so I can be in the show
  3. Nice I don’t notice my hppd much anymore not much anxiety about it. Been 4 years. I think it’ll go away in a couple years
  4. invega has no side effects which i take for schizoaffective and depakote is nice i also takae hydroxizine for anxiety and celexa for depression invega was neccesary for me because risperidols side effects were making my DP worse
  5. LethargicAcid

    what the Psychologist said

    also, he said that it doesnt mean that just because HPPD happened to someone that they are weak minded. just that everyones brain chemistry is different. so u dont have to feel bad
  6. LethargicAcid

    what the Psychologist said

    he said that these substances dont mix well with my brain and that the best thing i could do is stay off drugs to give my brain a chance to reheal. to get on a good path so that i can live life normally without obsessing. he said that the dissociation and depersonalization is from anxiety. so get on a path that is positive without drugs so that i can have a chance at recovering. he said that something went wrong with the wiring of my brain when i took those drugs. so i shouldnt do any more drugs because it wouldnt mix well with my already damaged and disordered mind. also, he said that they affect me in bad ways and that drugs affect everyone differently. im going next wednesday so ill keep updated on what he says. he's gonna work with me to recover my brain. feel free to comment
  7. LethargicAcid

    My theory : HPPD is PTSD induced by hallucinogens

    Also, in the link I posted, ptsd sufferers often feel that their nervous system is out of whack which is like how we feel
  8. LethargicAcid

    My theory : HPPD is PTSD induced by hallucinogens

    I agree that it’s ptsd like u said. Good post. I think it’s CPTSD which is complex ptsd and the hallucinogenic experience triggered that trauma by a mental breakdown. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.helpguide.org/articles/ptsd-trauma/ptsd-symptoms-self-help-treatment.amp.htm that ptsd article would fit the hppd / depersonalization explanation. I think emdr therapy is a good treatment for it though I’ve never done it.
  9. so i go to intensive group therapy now for mental illness we went over a paper. heres a paragraph:, ENMESHMENT / UNDEVELOPED SELF Excessive Emotional involvement and closeness with one or more significant others (often parents), at the expense of full individuation or normal social development. Often involves the belief that at least one of the enmeshed individuals cannot survive or be happy without the constant support of the other. May also include feelings of being smothered by, or fused with, others OR insufficient individual identity. Often experienced as a feeling of emptiness and floundering, having no direction, or in extreme cases questions one's existence. It's a list of dysfunctional schemas / core values So basically theres a loss of identity, and then the drugs used when aquired HPPD caused a existential crisis from a previous feeling the way that was listed above
  10. LethargicAcid

    VIDEO LIVE STREAM - Going to the Doctor!

    cant wait to see this
  11. LethargicAcid

    living in a cell

    living in a cell for a year is what i did with hppd
  12. LethargicAcid

    Can’t handle this much longer

    hey i live in s.d too lol. ~4 years HPPD, yes it can get better
  13. LethargicAcid

    General advice

    IDK what to think anymore I have bipolar or schizophrenia on top of hppd so I can't even tell which thoughts are my thoughts. Coming to this website is trippy
  14. LethargicAcid

    well being

    Well since being on this website last, I have felt apart from myself and barely able to leave the house because of mental illness. Kinda going insane for some reason. Feels like stuck in limbo. This website has a cool vibe to it so it helps me feel better I'm gonna try to post some helpful commentz
  15. LethargicAcid

    my success story

    it feels so good to not have DP and all that crazy ass shit going on !! gona expand on this post later ill give u guys the cure in a couple days!

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