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  1. i have hppd too
  2. hey im just really stoned right now and on acid and about ot get shroms...so yeaa. Warnning : do drugs at ur own risk
  3. im smokin a blunt of gas indica and i can barely keep my eyes open lol
  4. I have a bad case. I do enjoy the hppd now, but used to be scared shitless of them. Dp isn't always fun obv
  5. me im on acid rn and smoked 6 joints today
  6. i dont belive in it
  7. i have heavy DP
  8. i hate this stupid website it always brings me down lol
  9. i just took some "acid"
  10. im so dissociated lol
  11. DR is when things look 2D. DP is when you lose your sense of self
  12. same 3 years ago
  13. luck doesnt exist