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  1. also meds work for a lot of people but can make worse
  2. mines gone I found a cure that I'm tryig to put together a good cure post
  3. Quick cure: take 2-3 valerian root supplement tablets with a little shot of coffee and green tea. Then sit back; lay back on your bed then relax
  4. agreed. I'm posting some cures soon
  5. nice! I have some ideas I'm just formulating them and them I'm gonna post them such as electromagnetic shock therapy, herbal holistic remedies/medicines, and such
  6. I don't really think about it anymore ever. so I guess its gone lol. I'm posting somestuff about this once I find my notes that I wrote
  7. Success story After 4 years; my hppd is finally gone for real this time. Will post more on this later
  8. hey man, how you doing?

    I've seen that you continue to use drugs after the hppd.

    What are your syntoms, do you thing it go worse with the continue use? 

    I really want to smoke some weed, but I`am afraid that my hppd gets worse

  9. grr why is no1 commenting!
  10. and after HPPD more mature