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  1. tomsk8


    Why anti psychotics umit? Do you suffer from psycosis?
  2. tomsk8


    I did the Ayahuasca, it was cool but it didn't fixed me. This is not our psychology that's fucked, it's are neurons, like brain trauma. I figured that out with Ayahuasca. Well, psychological problems like depression, anxiety come with the decease.
  3. tomsk8


    Thanks K.B. but I really thought about this and I took a decision. I know it's not prudent to post suicide methods here. If someone wants to help me please send me an inbox.
  4. tomsk8


    You can speak to my by inbox Mr.50's, but believe me, I've tried everything in the past 12 years. I'm not looking for "don't do this messages", I think everyone has the right to choose when to end their lives and believe me, this is the most rational decision at this point of my life and I wont be harming anyone. I'm trying to get pentobarbital or any of this medicines used for euthanasia, can someone help me out please.
  5. tomsk8


    Hi, I don't even feel like writing much right now. I want to know witch is the easiest, most peaceful way to commit suicide. I took a serious decision about ending my life. I was looking for nitrogen tanks but they are extremely expensive. Please help me, are there any pills that can guarantee a peaceful death? I think euthanasia is a right for everyone, you just know when you have suffered enough. Thanks
  6. tomsk8

    one way in no way out

    After 12 years of this shit I think the best option is suicide, honestly. Sorry
  7. Missjess got cured with Ayahuasca, I think
  8. So you didnt kill yourself, thats good
  9. tomsk8

    Can LSD/mushrooms reverse Hppd?

    Please tell us how it went for you. I have the same theory as you, but apparently is not a very good idea.
  10. Do you think it could go wrong some how? People go there with mental illnesses and get a cure, why not me? I see this as my last hope. I'm looking for a moment like this, a moment of relieve, an epiphany:
  11. So I tried Keppra, didnt work for me. I'm going to do an Ayahuasca ceremony, its do are die at this point.
  12. I never took meds until know. I'm in crisis because I broke up with my girlfriend. I'm taking Paxil, antidepressant. I take benzodiazepines sometimes on the weekends to sleep well, because my mom use that. Other than that, the only thing that makes me feel good is skateboarding (or exercise in general) and sex. In any other moment I feel like I'm living in a dream, numbed, disconnected, with no emotions and with anxiety, mostly with social interaction.
  13. Ok, I believe you. So, we are fucked.
  14. So you believe is all chemical? Not psychological. When I took the microdot another friend took it with me. He is OK, but he was 22 I think, so what happened? He has a strong brain? Did it really fucked up my brain neurologically? I don't want to believe that.

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