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  1. In the beggining i had all the symptoms you decride. But i decided to start studding even though. Insisting on reading and focusing, even memorize things for my exams, made it better. Still hatd though.
  2. hi everyone, i'm new here so first i'll say hello. two years ago i got my hppd. the first year was a long nightmare. afterwards, it started getting better. two years later everithing seemed to be ok. until last week. i did not use any substance except alcohol which i use on regular basis once a week. i just started to think again about my hppd. have no idea why. and than, it's more noticible to me again. all the visuals, less enxiety. what should i do? did any one expeireced this "comeback"? i'm sorry for my english mistakes, i live pretty much on the other side of the world. thank you.
  3. yes. i barely got out of my hous efor almost a year, and did not look at the sky for even more. but after awhile, you relize that you can't live without sky forever. i relize that i deserve to be able to look at the sky. so i do. and as the time passed, the simptoms got better and being outside has no longer effects on them.
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