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  1. I believe it is true that caffeine will slow the HPPD reduction visuals. There was a time I went to a coffee shop and had espresso shot mixes, and it changed my outlook completely that day. My hearing felt louder. My visuals got stronger. It was very unpleasant.
  2. I gave into it, and learned to cope with it. Hoping it will soon come to a clear end.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiahgrMr4vE Watch this, it's a motivational speaker. He has great things to say that I forget to do sometimes.
  4. All those symptoms is revolved around the term Visual Snow. Doctors believe that migraines cause 40-50% of visual snow problems.
  5. Hello man haha, mine faded and disappeared. Surely I tried using again. That was a mistake that I shouldn't have not done ever. Relapse is the best word for coming back to visuals. Mine came with more, assorted ones. I do not know what is reality or not anymore from all these movement illusions. It throws me off course, especially at home. I always have to tell myself, that these images are my eyes playing tricks on me. When smoking weed causes confusion big time for me. It gives the same high, but less anxiety as the usual effects it should. With confusion, do not smoke and do anything productive, because it will not work out the best. We are better off sober trying to get less anxious than getting more confused than we really are haha. Trust me on that.
  6. I had the same problems with the sun too, and tingling in hands in feet. I have pain problems right now. All over random pain points. I have shaky hands and muscle twitches, I just feel awkward in front of others. Pressure of the chest could be from having a panic attack. I get those, and easily I get told I'm having it. Right now I'm sick, I have a runny nose. I do not know what it is from, and what to do anymore. I understand with the sex and the dehydration though, the more a sufferer exceeds their body to higher levels I bet the HPPD symptoms get worse. What I'm doing now is watching what I eat and taking vitamins every day. Right now my body does not like meat. I am forced to become a vegetarian, and I feel better because my stomach does too. I suggest you pay attention to what you eat and take vitamins too. Keeping your body in check, is always good. Stretching before sleeping makes sleeping better, study suggests. I have problems sleeping. Stretching eases stress during the day as well. So much tension relief, you will notice it. Help yourself as many ways possible. Live well, Amy
  7. i have this terrible feeling that the moment u take that mdma it will trigger a flash a wave of "I never wanted this" realizations. After that some of your hard work will crumble, just from your bad habits returning. but that is my opinion, it is only fiction.
  8. They prescribe medication. Why? Because it is more expensive and it pays them. Professional therapists are profoundly are paid less. Those who suffer with anxiety, with the help of sessions in therapy get just as much improvement as with medication. With both they make more. Why is the prescribed medication rising? We can not force people to go to an office to explain their feelings and accept help. Not all can do that, but some have not tried. There is no problem in getting help. These counselors have studied all the workings in the mind, just to help others and I bet themselves. With that, they will try their best to get as close to pushing us to accomplishing every goal we have in our lives. No one wants to fall. No one wants to see us fall. Overcome your problem, do not let it win. I wanted to conclude this on the site, because not once did I come across recommendation to see a counselor. I was distraught for those who are licensed to see this and not be introduced for those who need help. Well here I am.
  9. It takes a perhaps a few weeks for your body to adjust to the medication, and soon you will start seeing the real effects.
  10. The time is approximately ten o’clock at night. The darkness outside is still and peaceful. I am in my bedroom with lit variety hanging lights. My room is cleaned up and sanitized. A music playlist I created is playing aloud on my laptop. I gather my cup full of juice along with my ecstasy. Down they both go. I sit down on my bed and adjust the pillows to support my back. My mind travels off in my readings. As the night grew, so do my senses. My spirit opens. My mind is awake. Every moment I concentrate on a playing song, it persists slower. It becomes creepy, because the voices of the vocalists got a bit deeper. The lights around my place seem to be bursting outwards. I can see more into my peripheral vision than I ever have before. I can see more out of my eyes. If I stared at the walls, they will seem like they are breathing. I know I am not in my dimension anymore. Looking back at my keyboard, the keys are switching places by shifting side to side. Or curve to the screen. Good thing I know how to type without looking at this keyboard illusion. Typing suddenly is a difficult task. The words will slip right out of my mind, and back in with a few letters. I do not care; I feel Zen. I look upon articles online for research over harmful effects of what I am on. Organizations reveal that MDMA, the active chemical of ecstasy, causes liver damage and possible neurotoxicity. The screen of my laptop begins to double outwards and the words become difficult to read. The reading session ends there. Setting my laptop down, my arm has it’s own trailing images following it. Looking back up, I notice a fly is in my room, because there are long black lines with a fading tail swirling all across my vision. I kill the nuisance with a fly swatter. This makes me wonder, does this drug, make us see more frames of vision than the average human? This music, how time-consuming it seems to be, but when I look at the time the song plays the same seconds as it should. I get up to walk to the restroom. I practice walking, because my sight of my feet appears unreal. Displaying unreal that my legs seem taller than they once were. Shuffling to the bathroom I look in the mirror and I notice my eyes are dilated. It was clear; I was on an illicit drug. I go back to my room and all my lights are swirling uncontrollably. I look away and look back and it stops. I lay back on my bed. Closing my eyes, I lose myself in the display of moving lines intersecting with one another. Slumber arose suddenly and unexpectedly. I wake up early in the morning. The brightness of the room follows as I move my eyes. I get up quickly in alarm. Never in any trip have I still tripped in the morning. Every color in my room is not a solid color. The color has different shades of itself as the color displays. This leads to color confusion. My vision has burned in negative images from where I look and look away. The more I uncover the more I notice. The blankets on my bed would not seem to stay still, but look like it is going in waves. That goes for every object I concentrated at. The list goes on for what my eyes endure. Anger fills me. I feel like falling asleep while hallucinating caused all this mess. I fix my hair. Walking downstairs in disbelief and despair, I find myself breakfast. Days and nights go on. A year passes. What I see have never disappeared. The images keep coming back assorted.
  11. Stress aggravates visuals. So can sleep deprivation and caffeine. The better the feel, the less your head has to work to make you feel better.
  12. I suggest seeing a counselor. Atleast every two weeks. They try to get to the root of triggers of your anxiety. Because everyone is different with their triggers.
  13. I got migraines every day that It got in the way of doing what needs to be done. I began taking topamax twice a day. Ever since, the visuals are still there. Less of an ache. Haha.
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