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  1. Jagermeister


    Of course fasting helped, but it's not the only thing I've done to got better ?
  2. Jagermeister


    What do you mean with "fasting"??? For example, I fast everyday until 15:00 or 3 pm. I don't eat anything at the morning, I only drink 2 glasses of water and don't eat anything until 2-3 pm. I've been recovering for 1 one year now and I'm feeling almost 99% recovered. Greetings.
  3. Jagermeister

    HPPD at 20 from Marijuana Edible

    Totally agree. Felt a zombie while taking these, fucked and messed up all.
  4. I can't believe people do that... How you guys dam could drink industrial bleach?... My hppd is almost 99.99% gone and I didn't that thing... That's dangerous!! Take care with put that into you body... That's scam.
  5. Jagermeister

    Wisdom teeth removed with anesthesia

    I had a tooth extraction last week. They used anesthesia, I'm not sure about what. 0% effects on my hppd. The meds you should be careful are those which are prescribed for mental and neurological disorders and antibiotics. Anesthesia it's necesary. I was worried too I promise, but all was FINE.
  6. Jagermeister

    Amoxicillin. Antibiotics & HPPD. Help.

    Hello amigo. Thank you for the reply. My doctor did extract my tooth without putting me on antibiotics. I asked him If I could avoid them and he told me the infection I had wasn't no active, so he didn't prescribe me any antibiotics. Fortunately, 4 days after the extraction, I have no pain since the first moment I did put my ass outside the hospital. But it' so good to know Amoxicillin was good for you. Thank you again and take care buddy.
  7. Jagermeister

    Amoxicillin. Antibiotics & HPPD. Help.

    KBFante don't take cipro please. When my hppd started 4 years ago, my doc gave gave me cipro for treat a ear infection and it was like I felt dead. I'm sure there are LOT of kinda of antibiotics for treat that infections.
  8. Jagermeister

    Recreational Gabapentin?

    It's the fist time I've read about take Gabapentin with recreatonal pourposes. It's the first time too I've heard about benzos worseniing HPPD symptoms, so, I don't understand nothing ?
  9. Hi guys. I'm Jose. I've been out from this board. As I said in other posts, my life came back. With time all my symptoms have faded, no dp/dr, only mild visuals (feel free to pm me to ask whatever you want) and I only get a little worsening of symptoms in stress and lack of sleep periods. So, I need your help and your experience with that. I have to take antibiotics 3x7 days = 21 pills, of Amoxicillin next Tuesday for a tooth infection. What do you experience guys while on it? I've heard lot of "nightmares" and relapse histories and... to be honest, I would like to read something coming from one guy talking to me directly. Greetings from Spain.
  10. How're you doing @Johnlouxsw?
  11. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    & thanks for your advice @MadDoc. I know talk english, but I think I know writte it better. I want to go to Sweden. Until I know, there are lot of people who talks english and this is good, but I hadn't never before go to other country lonely. Just want to go to get relax and looking for new experiences, meet Zlatan house (I love Zlatan Ibrahimovic, football player) and meet a girl from there.
  12. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    Thanks Mad. I mean any bad thing about fly on a plane. I really not feel anxious at all, I've been symptom free for one year now (talking about depersonalization & derealization). I was wondering if fly on a plan could affects hppd.
  13. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    Hi guys. I would like to hear those who have travelled on a plane. I'm looking for a destiny to go in Europe next month, and I'll go on a plane. Any bad effects by traveling or flying on a plane? Ty!
  14. Jagermeister


    Three years later, I have to say thanks you, Shadowplay. I'm now really good. I feel normal again and visuals have reduced to the point I can't notice them. So, one day 3 years before you gave me hope and today I come here to thank you a lot what you said. I didn't even remember this post. But I'm just reading my old comments, now that I feel good again. Definitely, there is hope after hppd.
  15. As Jay1 said. Stay away from all kinda of drugs, and see what happens. Good luck mate.

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