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  1. Jagermeister


    That's sound amazing! Keep us informated! I take .5 xana before sleep and have "normal thoughts" and plane process of cognitive behavior again, but I feel really tired. Does topomax make you feel a little bit tired? Bless!
  2. Jagermeister


    Oh, I'm sorry! Didn't understand it. So, you're on the correct way. When you notice HPPD, it's practically required avoid all drugs and toxic people. Sorry, I thought you was doing weed still.
  3. Jagermeister


    Stop it. I still have tracers, but I can't notice them, only If I look for them, since I've been sober. That make me to think if it's a normal visual, because, since I'm sober, I have not anxiety (it took really 2 years). And since I haven't anxiety, i don't see tracers if I don't look for them. Man. If you continous doing weed and alcohol and you're fucked, you won't go to any place. Take care & bless.
  4. Jagermeister

    i have hppd

    Hi! Welcome here edguy. Sorry for hear that. In my experience, since I've been sober for one year now. (I tried to smoke ago one year, and I relapsed so bad), all my symptoms are really better, to the point I can't notice them. I hate the fact I've forgotten how I used to ''see'', but I love to get fun and be happy again, since I've accepted my new ''reality". Give it time, and stay away from drugs! I'm 99 % better, I promise I'm not liying. Only tracers. No dp/dr or anxiety anymore! Cheers & bless. Give it time to see how things can going withouth any meds and withoung put more chemicals on your brain First, try to let the body recover on its own. Then, you could see for any meds help, if you need it. Try yet to don't put any more chemicals in your brain first and try to stay away from drugs, please! it's the best advice I can give you, from my own experience. You'll be better. Take care, and cheers it up.
  5. Jagermeister

    Long and personal Hell. I need help

    Hi, Mark. First of all, welcome to here. The only way to bet HPPD is cope with it. Stay away from drugs (you're doing so well if you are being sober) and give it time to see how things are going withouth any meds and withoung put any more chemicals on your body. It's a long way but you're on the correct way. If a time passes, and you still need pharmacological help, then you can plan to take some medication. First, try to let the body recover on its own. but be careful. Benzos are effective, but very addictive, there may be people here to help you with that, strategies and more. Lamictal, Keppra and other convulsants have been successful here with some people. Take care & best wishes.
  6. Jagermeister

    ״Cant belive”

    xDDDDDDDD Man, have u done pshychedelics o any drugs?
  7. Jagermeister

    Question to those suffering for many years

    I'm here to bring you hope. After 4 years, my dp/dr has almost completely gone. Anxiety is gone. I'm fighting with depression (because I've lost lot of time and have family problems.) and OCD. I'm good, because, before HPPD, I wasn't so good either. I mean, of course I wish I hadn't had hppd, but I wasn'tt a particularly mentally healthy boy before I had my HDPD. Take care and cheers.
  8. Jagermeister

    My Story.

    (sorry)to welcome you here. Time and being sober, the best you can do to. Give your body the chance to recover itself by itself with no drugs and then look for strategys to cope with it. In my experience, I've been really good for lots of month now, almot 99% good, only xanax when I need. Look for any kinda strategies and stay away from drugs. Pm if you need. Greetings!
  9. Jagermeister

    i know iknow ive been here already

    ... I'm really recovered, and take the risk again of try any drug, is the last thing I would do. I tryed once, gave me months of rellapse, so, no, definitely not
  10. Jagermeister

    Can’t handle this much longer

    Hi Jay1, amoxicillin made me really insane. I could say now I'm good. Not dp/dr, only afterimages if I remember it. I took one pill last year and that sent me to the start of my hppd, start to the fucking hell again. Took almost 1/2 year to feel as I feeling right now. Only my two cents, obviously each person reacts differently.
  11. I know what you mean. I felt really amazed in that kinda drugs pre-hppd, but as other people said there above, If I would take drugs having HPPD, it's pretty serious and exactly real I could end up in a psychiatric center, lol, Btw, I feel 99% me again, and... Never in a million years I would take any kinda of drug again. I really love and appreciate my cured mind now for take a risk and play russian roulette again. Not for me.
  12. I can't understand how people could talk about take shrooms having hppd... really
  13. Jagermeister

    Starbursts, Halos, Light Sensitivity

    exactly. give it time and you'll enjoy things. mp me if you want to talk.
  14. Jagermeister

    Scared for the future

    Hi, mate. Back on the site for a bit. I was worried about it too. I live in a town where people smoke hash and cannabis a lot. We live near to Morocco and there are lot of hash which came from there, there are lot of people of all ages smoking everywhere. When I started my job as a kitchen assistant, I was afraid to get these strange sensations or exacerbating symptoms or what would happen if while I was walking down the street, I was exposed to these fumes. A lot of people smoke in my neighborhood What I did? As I said, I needed to know what would happen to me If one day, going to my work, I was exposed to these people who normally smoke here... Although it may sounds stupid, I exposed me gradually to places o situations where people are smoking. Yeah,dangerous, I know, but was a inversion to know how it could affect me in long terms. I gone to my friends again, to their houses, where they smoke a lot, usually more than 4 joins burning all time in the same room. That was to much. I was drinking beer (I'm able to drink alcohol again) and I got really stoned, but was really fine to see, although I was feeling really stoned, I hadn't no anxiety. That did mean, if I was OK in a room where lots of joins were being smoked, I should be OK if I was second hand exposed to cannabis outdoor, going to the work or every place where I wanted to go (bar, pubs, festival, parties). Objetively, I was exposed aroung 4 hours for lot of joins (3-4 friends smoking has, cannabis in a little closed room) and I felt weird only for that same night. Next day I woked up feeling normal. In my opinion, HPPD brings with it lots of symptoms. When you can discover them all, know which affects you the most and which affects you least, situations or factors that may negatively affect, you manage it and understanding what you are doing with that condition. You can get little relapses, or times where you'll got exacerbating symptoms, but you got it. If you beat HPPD, HPPD won't never control you. I would like to say that I consider to have surpassed my hppd. I will post my story and my current situation later, for those who are interested can read it. My best wishes for you. I hope I helped you with my answer.

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