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  1. How're you doing @Johnlouxsw?
  2. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    & thanks for your advice @MadDoc. I know talk english, but I think I know writte it better. I want to go to Sweden. Until I know, there are lot of people who talks english and this is good, but I hadn't never before go to other country lonely. Just want to go to get relax and looking for new experiences, meet Zlatan house (I love Zlatan Ibrahimovic, football player) and meet a girl from there.
  3. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    Thanks Mad. I mean any bad thing about fly on a plane. I really not feel anxious at all, I've been symptom free for one year now (talking about depersonalization & derealization). I was wondering if fly on a plan could affects hppd.
  4. Jagermeister

    Travelling with HPPD.

    Hi guys. I would like to hear those who have travelled on a plane. I'm looking for a destiny to go in Europe next month, and I'll go on a plane. Any bad effects by traveling or flying on a plane? Ty!
  5. Jagermeister


    Three years later, I have to say thanks you, Shadowplay. I'm now really good. I feel normal again and visuals have reduced to the point I can't notice them. So, one day 3 years before you gave me hope and today I come here to thank you a lot what you said. I didn't even remember this post. But I'm just reading my old comments, now that I feel good again. Definitely, there is hope after hppd.
  6. As Jay1 said. Stay away from all kinda of drugs, and see what happens. Good luck mate.
  7. Jagermeister


    Taurine is like cafeine. I don't know to much about suplements, the only I can say taurine is stimulating substance and maybe it's not good idea for someone who have anxiety. But I hope others who know more about vitamins and these kinda of stuff come here and bring you a better answer.
  8. Jagermeister

    2 realities? (urgent, already in Symptoms)

    You're so young! Try to don't do LSD anymore. You're still on growing process
  9. Jagermeister

    2 realities? (urgent, already in Symptoms)

  10. Jagermeister

    2 realities? (urgent, already in Symptoms)

    It's a phenomenon called "Dejá vú", French words. It does mean people can experiment things they are living as if they had live it before, so, the senstation is weird, seems as you've had lived the same before. It's not HPPD, but as some peple adviced you, I would stop doing any kinda drugs. Btw, how old are you? Good luck.
  11. For me, isn't the better place to talk about take drugs, so, I' won't give you a reponse, sorry. Gl.
  12. Jagermeister


    That's sound amazing! Keep us informated! I take .5 xana before sleep and have "normal thoughts" and plane process of cognitive behavior again, but I feel really tired. Does topomax make you feel a little bit tired? Bless!
  13. Jagermeister


    Oh, I'm sorry! Didn't understand it. So, you're on the correct way. When you notice HPPD, it's practically required avoid all drugs and toxic people. Sorry, I thought you was doing weed still.
  14. Jagermeister


    Stop it. I still have tracers, but I can't notice them, only If I look for them, since I've been sober. That make me to think if it's a normal visual, because, since I'm sober, I have not anxiety (it took really 2 years). And since I haven't anxiety, i don't see tracers if I don't look for them. Man. If you continous doing weed and alcohol and you're fucked, you won't go to any place. Take care & bless.

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