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  1. ... I'm really recovered, and take the risk again of try any drug, is the last thing I would do. I tryed once, gave me months of rellapse, so, no, definitely not
  2. Hi Jay1, amoxicillin made me really insane. I could say now I'm good. Not dp/dr, only afterimages if I remember it. I took one pill last year and that sent me to the start of my hppd, start to the fucking hell again. Took almost 1/2 year to feel as I feeling right now. Only my two cents, obviously each person reacts differently.
  3. I know what you mean. I felt really amazed in that kinda drugs pre-hppd, but as other people said there above, If I would take drugs having HPPD, it's pretty serious and exactly real I could end up in a psychiatric center, lol, Btw, I feel 99% me again, and... Never in a million years I would take any kinda of drug again. I really love and appreciate my cured mind now for take a risk and play russian roulette again. Not for me.
  4. I can't understand how people could talk about take shrooms having hppd... really
  5. exactly. give it time and you'll enjoy things. mp me if you want to talk.
  6. Hi, mate. Back on the site for a bit. I was worried about it too. I live in a town where people smoke hash and cannabis a lot. We live near to Morocco and there are lot of hash which came from there, there are lot of people of all ages smoking everywhere. When I started my job as a kitchen assistant, I was afraid to get these strange sensations or exacerbating symptoms or what would happen if while I was walking down the street, I was exposed to these fumes. A lot of people smoke in my neighborhood What I did? As I said, I needed to know what would happen to me If one day, going to my work, I was exposed to these people who normally smoke here... Although it may sounds stupid, I exposed me gradually to places o situations where people are smoking. Yeah,dangerous, I know, but was a inversion to know how it could affect me in long terms. I gone to my friends again, to their houses, where they smoke a lot, usually more than 4 joins burning all time in the same room. That was to much. I was drinking beer (I'm able to drink alcohol again) and I got really stoned, but was really fine to see, although I was feeling really stoned, I hadn't no anxiety. That did mean, if I was OK in a room where lots of joins were being smoked, I should be OK if I was second hand exposed to cannabis outdoor, going to the work or every place where I wanted to go (bar, pubs, festival, parties). Objetively, I was exposed aroung 4 hours for lot of joins (3-4 friends smoking has, cannabis in a little closed room) and I felt weird only for that same night. Next day I woked up feeling normal. In my opinion, HPPD brings with it lots of symptoms. When you can discover them all, know which affects you the most and which affects you least, situations or factors that may negatively affect, you manage it and understanding what you are doing with that condition. You can get little relapses, or times where you'll got exacerbating symptoms, but you got it. If you beat HPPD, HPPD won't never control you. I would like to say that I consider to have surpassed my hppd. I will post my story and my current situation later, for those who are interested can read it. My best wishes for you. I hope I helped you with my answer.
  7. Excellent post. It's really useful for people who have hppd to have as much information as possible, faced the possibility to get worse. Myself looked for that last week. I had to get anesthesy in tooth surgery, and I was wondering if it could affect me on bad way.
  8. hay whats happened?? I mean, its another skin right? I like it
  9. I would like to participate... but I'm working as well until night uh...
  10. Estoy muy contento de ver a su historia. El mío es bastante similares que usted !!!! :)Estoy trabajando como chef en un restaurante de mi barrio ... y mi jefe y los socios de trabajo (que son 3 chicas) están muy contentos conmigo. Cuando empecé, yo era el ayudante del chef. Yo estaba muy ansiosa y tenía mucho miedo ... cómo hacer algo ... ¿Cómo Damm yo hacer el bien mi trabajo, prestar atención a todas las creaciones de alimentos, mantenimiento y supplu de casas almacenes, pedidos, incendios ... y todo lo que puede imaginar estar director / primer chef ?? Ahora, después de 3 meses, lo estoy haciendo muy bien mi trabajo, solo trabajando como chef. Tengo ascenso . Y ganar dinero. He estado aprendiendo lo que comentas, vivir otra vez con mi perspectiva. Por supuesto que todavía tengo problemas cognitivos, pero se jodan, yo me prometió volver a vivir y eso es lo que estoy haciendo. Ahora tengo dinero, me quedo con mucho ... Quiero volar, quiero de nuevo los viajes, la compra de ropa bonita, que tiene momentos realmente divertidos y belleza con mi hermano pequeño, mi familia .... También tengo momentos en los que pienso, lo Damm que estoy haciendo aquí? Lo que llegué aquí lol, pero es sólo unos minutos ... normalmente me controlo. Trato de hacer mi día withouth ansiedad y paso a paso para no perderse a mí mismo a través de tareas difíciles y .... La ansiedad puede hacer que se sienta realmente desconectado. Estoy de acuerdo con el deporte y dormir bien. Puedo ejecutar todos los días 15 minutos (En mi opinión cuando se tiene HPPD que tiene que hacer pequeñas cosas, todo en exceso es malo ...) y dormir 7-9 horas . Im muy feliz de ver que está recibiendo su espalda en vivo, y muy feliz de ver que se casaron! :PTambién espero algún día para conseguir una relación ... y enamorarse de nuevo ... Ahora voy a salir de una relación tóxica que tuve con una chica de mi país, que tiene HPPD :)Ahora tengo mi dinero y lo uso todo forme mi tiempo y mi familia lol. Ya sabes, Casino. Unas copas con mis pequeños bro / amigos. Comer bien y deliciosa comida. El pago attetion a mis aficiones (He comprado un buen PC y jugar de nuevo en línea, la compra de ropa agradable de llevar y deporte) y ser feliz. No más. Eso es suficiente por ahora. Déjeme que le diga. De su niño futuro, que no tendrían un mejor padre. Usted es un buen hombre que está haciendo realmente el mejor está en él las manos, por lo que, no tienen miedo. Me repito todos los días. No nos estamos haciendo mal, así, no vamos a ser un vegetal. Estamos cada vez, lo que significa que usted tendrá más estrategias para afrontar la situación, e incluso le haremos caso de todas las mierdas de HPPD. Es extraño para mí y es interessting para mí mi pequeño secreto, nadie sabe mi condición, eso me hace muy seguro de mí. Casi me siento disconfort cuando estoy con otras personas. Soy yo. No más. Soy lo que soy y nada ni nadie puede decir nada Buena suerte a todos ustedes amigos y FELIZ CHRISTMASSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XX PD: i'm spanish boy. sorry if i wrotte some bad words in english! :^*
  11. same here as argentino. que pasa bro estoy muy de acuerdo contigo. creo que de alguna forma nos liberamos de lo realmente trivial y... tenemos esa capacidad para valorar y aprovechar lo que realmente importa... siento como si mi inteligencia nunca se hubiese ido es una percepcion maravillosa. i think we have a different view of the world. we can focus in real interesting and important things. hppd teach you how bad you can feel and when you beat to manage it you really know how to feel good Actually i'm working as chef in a kitchen of a restaurant from my neighborhood. I'm realizing me. I'm earning money.. looking for places to visit. Wanna travel again. Wanna fall in love. I enjoy moments again. The best way for me is do simply and not get anxious for nothing. We are here alives to be good. I smoke daily few cigarrettes, really like it. I suppose all of people who aren't here is doing the same. Living their lives... some need to get out from that board (because they could remember the hell) and some as like me simply read and look sometimes that pages. I'm agree with the buddy who said vs/hppd board of facebook is more easy and active, althoug I would love hppdonline continues always. It's the pioneer page of HPPD. wish you all the best
  12. Update. Hey mates. I'm back again. How are you all?? I'm really good. Today, I can say I'm really happy. I broked up with the girl I told you and I'm back to my town. So, I live now with my parents and my little bro. My hppd is so diminished by now. I could say I haven't dp/dr, I still get it only when I get cold, have migraines (a big numb sensation) or when I take antibiotics. I took amoxicilin, which make me felt really insane for few weeks, but I came to my ''hppd's basseline'' thank's good. I would advice you all to take care with all meds you have to take, even it looks safe. It took me lot of time to feel real again and I suffered a big relapse when I took antibiotics, which apparently didn't seem harmfull. Please, take care with all meds. Well. My life now is good. It took lot of time and... I had to work really hard.. but the present day I'm having my reward!!!! I removed all bad habits and bad people (you know what I mean).. So it was difficult. All people here know the happy is one ''losing'' the time with few friends in the park.. and smoking shit. Now, almost every of my friends do drugs. Part of them are living their normal lives (working, studying, partying) and part of them simply watch how live passes in front their eyes.. but all of them had something in common.. They chose their destiny.. so I took the choice of choose mine. My choice was do everything it's in my hand to be mine, myself. I leave them. I still have contact with some buddies but I'm cutting. One of my gold rules is STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. Even if it's only smell. I simply don't want get involved in nothing which can make me feel bad. I'm working again. I've found work as kitchen assistant Found a job in my town have been a good experience, because we have the higher unemployment rate, here in Spain. By the way, have routines and been focusing in tasks it's good for your mind. Now, I'm living good, being happy and relaxed. I resume my relation with my dad (we had bad relation lots of years... prehppd) and until today, we can have normal relation, with respect. My mon who have pass a really nightmare with cancer.. and thank's good, she is cured 100% and my little bro, who will have him entrance exams to college soon. So, I can live in my home with armony, my salary allows me pay my little vices (I still smoke few cigarrettes and... play poker) and my things, and I can help with money to contribute my house's economy. My dream is keep money and finish my university grade of psichology, which I leave in my 3 year (more than a half). Well, I don't know what exactly I made to feel good again. I would advice stay away from drugs, do sport, and hear your own internal voice. Found her. You are still here. You have to trust all will get better and you can get fun and relax again. Just child and work hard and remove all it's making you feeling bad. Move your ass and found a job and do things you like. I love do sports, onlinegames and chill outside. If you are scared, do it until you won't be not.
  13. Fucked has hell. Lol. So... I'm not a doctor and I wouldn't advice you to dont follow any treatment... which your doc wanna prescribe you.. but i'm a person who have HPPD and I share my history... I've been months feeling 100% my oldself.. and now I'm fucked like the first day. I'll report you tomorrow. I hope it finish quickly ... or get symptoms vanished fast. Good night mates. PD: I'll never take it again... I'll look for natural treatments.. I think antibiotics are prescribed in a lot of situations which could be solved with easy or natural ways. So, I stop it. I took one pill last morning and... that's nightmare. Prominent halos, hard afterimages and the whole yard you can imagine. Regards!!!!
  14. Hi. I'm back again. My HPPD are 90% better, and I come here, to help and share my history and talk about I made to feel better. Now, I'm scared. I have gone to my doctor and she told me I have a big ear infection, so, I have to take amoxicilin (antibiotics) for 10 days. I'm wondering if antibiotics can exacerbate symptos or... kick my ass to the point I started with HPPD, because, I'remember 2 years ago, when my hppd started, I was on ciprofloxacin (for ear infection again), and it was unbareable to cope with HPPD. I repeat, my HPPD is 90% better!! and I wouldn't like start again... I'll report you and... I hope that helps in the future all people who need to take antibiotics. regards
  15. I do have it my friend