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  1. Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing good I was introduced to LSD this year (2014) and I use to do a lot of reading on this drug. I've dropped LSD on average of 1 hit per month and this went on for 6 months. I usually had a friend to tripped with and I never once had a bad trip on LSD. I tried dosages from 90-150ug. I've had extremely wonderful experience. I woke up one morning and suddenly I started seeing these annoying floaters that is now 24/7. This was 5 weeks ago. I don't experience any other visual side effect like visual snow, colors changing etc, only eye floaters. I would see flashes of color mostly when I smoke weed. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 4. Its very noticable on white background or outside when it's really sunny. I went to the eye doctor and had my pupils dilated with some eye drops and the eye doctor said my eyes look very healthy apart from the fact that I'm pretty nearsighted. Look people I do understand that everyone has floaters and it's a part of life but I never use to see them every single fucking day from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Before I did LSD I've seen them maybe once every few months to few years. Now I see them everyday. What have I done to myself? These fucking things are annoying but it's not really interfering with my life too bad. I feel like punching my fucking eyes sometimes cause Im so frustrated (yes I know bad idea) I am a heavy weed smoker and I read that if your experiencing visual distrubances to stop all drugs. Today marks day 1 of not smoking and Im going to take a break from drugs for awhile but I don't understand how weed can make hppd worst. Does LSD and cannabis affect the same receptor in the brain? If it doesn't then how does weed have anything to do with affecting HPPD? I'm pretty fucking disappointed cause I fucking enjoy LSD but is the visual disturbances worth the risk...... nope..? Im so fucking confused man. The floaters didn't come on the day after I tripped on LSD but I did smoke heavy amount of weed. (I smoke from vaporizer so the high is 2x stronger than smoking a joint) I continued smoking weed for like 2 weeks then BAM here came the floaters so could the weed of triggered something in my fucked up brain which has caused me to see eye floaters on regular basis? I even asked the eye doctor and they said there's no cure for floaters. So how would valerian root or Aniracetam help reduce the visual distrubances? To make matters worst Im fucking addicted to smoking weed so it's not easy to just stop. Im so fucking jealous, how the fuck can people drop LSD every weekend for months and not having any issues and me I dropped LSD once a month thinking I was being responsible and here I am today seeing floaters right now as we speak. Are you guys absolutely sure HPPD isn't a sign of brain damage because Im beginning to highly disagree with this statement. Before I even tried LSD I asked my parents if anyone in our family was born with a mental illness and the answer was no. The only thing we had in our family was stroke or heart attack. So how does eye floaters have anything to do with mental illness. Im sorry but am I missing something here....?
  2. I know HPPD is not going to kill me, but it's very alarming how it just suddenly happened. Even right now when Im sitting in front of computer, on white background I can see them flying around. It fucking sucks that I have to live with this for life. No one else in my family experiences floaters 24/7 like I do so yes Im going to say it was triggered from psychedelics (LSD) it's hard not worrying about these stupid fucking little things. I even stopped smoking weed and its not going away. I dont know how weed can make it worst
  3. Supplements don't do shit. Otherwise I wouldn't be here bitching about my floaters lol
  4. But do you consider what I have to be HPPD or am I just overreacting?
  5. Was it caused by using LSD?
  6. What do you mean if they're wiggling on their own? I just said that I see them every single day and they fly around in my field of vision. You say it's normal to see them from time to time but I see them every single day. Do you guys think I have HPPD?
  7. I am staying away from them but im Confused has to how weed can make it worst. Do you recommend seeing A doctor or should I wait it out and See what happens

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