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  1. Hi, my name is ashley, I have been suffering with hppd for just under a year, at the start i was ignoring it and taking drugs still, then when my visions got too much I quit everything, apart from alcohol, everything got noticeably better for a while, then when i moved home for some reason i hit rock bottom and my visions got really really bad. Recently they have got so much better, I hardly think of hppd anymore then 2 days ago for no reason at all they have hit a low again. I just want to start this thread for tips, and help and support. My email is ashleighkay_93@hotmail.co.uk and I would really love to talk to someone who is going through or has been through what i'm experiencing. My Hppd get really really scary and intense and horrible, and I would love to speak to someone when it gets like that... Thanks Ashley
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